Serve and Protect

We think there might be some growing excitement about the Enforcers!

If you want to read more about them and their role in the Warpath universe, then we’ve now added about 6-7 pages of background to our Corporation Hub.

This week is all about showing off what goes into making new units like the Enforcers. So far we’ve hit background and we’ve now got some pretty concepts to start showing off as well.

Whenever we create a brief, Roberto Cirillo often comes up with a couple of different ideas for armour and helmets. For the Enforcers, we choose these:

Clearly we’ve gone for some stark lines (excuse the pun!) and hard edges to make these guys look defined – and this has carried across the weapons and accessories that we’ll show off later in the week!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

The Enforcers are now available to pre-order both as great value army sets and as individual unit, and will be released on the 17th September. More photos will be revealed over the week.


  1. Pathfinder Andy July 24, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Freakin Awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Will they come in crimson and gold? 😛

  3. Man, these guys like Iron hard. Good to see the Corporation Warmachine moving into high gear.

  4. I love the powered armor.

  5. Excellent, I wasn’t expecting anything like this!

  6. WOW Freakin Awesome!!!!!

  7. gahh! I’d finally decided to use red and bronze/Iron Man look for my FFs and now these are on the horizon, back to the paint pallet for something else, I’ll need to hold off on the reds and golds for these guys it’s lucky that I love you guys or I’d be miffed at having to pick a new colour scheme again 😀

  8. Looks I’ll be able to recycle my Mongoose Starship Troopers models…
    With some 200 Mantic gobbos inbound, I’ll pass on these figures, no matter how fine they might look

  9. Like the Iron-man style.

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