Protocol: Assault

We hope you enjoyed the Enforcer treats last week… because we’ve got even more for you today!

Assault Team members are all equipped with wristblades and pistols, which they use to deadly effect. Their ferocity in combat is matched only by the Marauders, although they are far more disciplined. The sight of an Assault Team rocketing into an enemy position, pistols blazing, is enough to unnerve the staunchest enemy, and so these units serve a valuable propaganda purpose, intimidating friend and foe alike.

Enforcer armour have in built jets that allow them to “jump” across the battlefield. Couple this with one of their wristblades and pistols, and the Enforcers have a deadly close combat unit indeed.

The Enforcers are now available to pre-order both as great value army sets and as individual unit, and will be released on the 17th September.


  1. They look cool. Since the built in jets were mentioned I was hoping for a back picture where I could see the jets. Maybe you guys could post a picture of the jets on the back of an enforcer at some point.

  2. You can have a look at the back on a previous post

  3. yes this is exactly what I need to lose weight, if you keep releasing stuff like this I won’t be able to waste money on fatty things like food.
    Thanks Mantic I shall recomend you to all the fatties I know who need to shed a few pounds.

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