War Head

Today we want to bring your attention to some of the work going on at mygamestore in Finland – just check out this awesome hobby goodness!

These Veer-myn have been used to create a Games Workshop Dark Eldar army – on the left, Nightmares and the Night Spawn have been converted to become wracks, whilst the Raptor and the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm have been kitbashed to create a Dark Eldar Venom – more pictures here.

Used as Chaos Daemons, these zombies have been kitbashed with the Corporation to create a plethora of daemonic units. Check out the rest of the post here for loads more photos, including the two beasts of Nurgle converted out on Veer-myn Night Spawns!

For more on these armies and projects, check out gowarhead.com


  1. Those are very creative ways to use Mantic models. That is fascinating stuff.

  2. In the first zombie picture the second zombie from the right looks like Bruce Willis.

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