1. Those look great! I can’t wait until the 2nd Kickstarter package arrives next year! Keep up the great work Mantic!

  2. The crossbow look a bit small in his hands, need something meatier to match the blunderbuss.

  3. Hey! They’re ogres and they’re not fat mongols. Well done!

  4. simply stunning, I’m absolutely loving the ogre concepts, no longer are they confined to the fat, stupid stereotype.
    roll on 2013 and my Ogres and Angels, so many armies do Mantic take children in leiu of payment do you think?

  5. Really beautiful artworks.

  6. Really beautiful artworks.
    I would have separated the torso from the legs for more variability of poses and parts combination.

  7. Awesome! Realy liking the hairy head the most, can’t wait to add some of these to my KOW armies!

  8. Horay for Ogres! They’re beautiful or rather… hideous.

  9. Wow! Those concepts are really, REALLY great!
    Especially the ballistas they carry!

    Excellent work! Don’t change a thing!

  10. Liking the heads and beards, the mohawk ogre is great, but careful with the proportions, over-exaggeration with massive arms and tiny little legs might look cool on a 2d sketch, but often doesn’t translate well to a 3d miniatures when it comes down to sculpting them.

    A touch more bulk around the waist and legs or a slight toning down of the “heroic scale” of the arms by the sculptor would go a very long way towards improving these.

  11. I agree with the comment that the lower half is not bulky enough to support the top half. Please put more muscle/fat on them legs! Otherwise toptastic stuff.

  12. Christian Madsen August 9, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    I agree… the legs are too small for my liking… too cartoonish.

  13. Mark is spot on with his proportions comment above. You don’t want an otherwise great looking mini to have such silly cartoon legs.

    Can’t wait to get them..

  14. They look like the ogres from D&D. Not sure if I like them yet. Will reserve judgement until I see them cast.

  15. I like the way these are looking, especially the giant crossbow. I’ll add my voice to the chorus though, they need to have bulkier legs

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