Primed and Dangerous

More painted goodness from the guys at Golem Painting Studio – the rate they churn this level out is outstanding:

Enforcer Strike Team

Enforcer Suppression Team

Enforcer Assault Team

Simply outstanding we think!

We’ve seen a lot of you saying that you’ll be painting them red and gold for some reason, and we think a lot of you will try to emulate the Golem scheme and go for the off-white so we’ve teamed up The Army Painter to produce a Wolf Grey and a Pure Red bundle (and bundles involving Ultramarine Blue, Angel Green and Daemonic Yellow as chosen by members of our Pathfinders!) – check them out on the website!

The Enforcers are now available to pre-order both as great value army sets and as individual units – released on the 17th September.


  1. Easily the best set of models made for Warpath so far. Keep it up!

    Thanks for making an army box available, I’m definitely buying one.

    Now, about those Corporation vehicles… *poke*. :p

  2. I really love what the Golem painters did with the energy blades. Those blades look spectacular. Those things look like they would cut a light saber in half. That’s how sharp they are.

  3. The Army Painter bundles can only be shipped within the UK? Aw 🙁

  4. Sorry Michael – spray cans are dangerous goods and can’t be easily shipped.

  5. Outstanding! These models are so nice, will most certanly get some of them.

    Will also be looking forward to how the forge guards will turn out.

    Keep up the good work Mantic.

  6. @ Mantic – Fair enough. Looks like I’ll have to do this separately.

  7. Cerberus Trooper August 19, 2012 at 12:22 am

    Is it just me, or does that look dangerously close to me? Awesome looking models I must say.

  8. Not sold on the energy blades yet, they just look too big to be carried around on the arm since you’d figure the reason the’d be carrying them that way was to have the hand free but with a blade that big it’d just get in the way IMO.

    Love the armor and rifles though!

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