Mars Attacks is coming!

We’re pleased to be working with Topps on a new licensed Mars Attacks tabletop wargame, due for release in 2014! Here’s the full story:

Is your tabletop ready to be invaded?  The Topps Company and Mantic Games have joined forces to bring MARS ATTACKS to life as a miniature-based tabletop war-game!  Combining high quality sculpted figures with fast and fun tactical gameplay, Mantic will deliver an exciting new dimension to the resurgent sci-fi property.

Mantic Games, makers of the popular WARPATH and DREADBALL tabletop games, will make MARS ATTACKS their first license.  “MARS ATTACKS is a cult classic series that fans have been falling in love with generation after generation,” says Ronnie Renton, Mantic CEO. “Its oddball blend of retro sci-fi visuals, dark humor and over-the-top violence will make for a unique tabletop experience… our team can’t wait to bring the Martians to life in ways no one has ever seen before!”

Set against the backdrop of the new and expanding MARS ATTACKS universe, the game will feature all of the fun and thrill of the classic series, plus new characters and factions that will see action in upcoming comic books and toys.  It will also tie-in closely with Topps’ just-announced all-new trading card series, Mars Attacks: Invasion, releasing in October.

“MARS ATTACKS is a world where giant robots, mutated insects and hordes of Martian soldiers face off against Earth’s military and innocent civilians— how could you not want to see a game out of that?” says Topps’ Adam Levine. “Mantic has quickly become one of the best in the business, and they’re the perfect team to adapt our outrageous visuals into this exciting new form.”

Mantic plans an early 2014 release.

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Mantic Games is bringing fun to sci-fi and fantasy gaming.  In just 4 years, they have already released three complete gaming systems- Kings of War®, Warpath and Dreadball® and many supplementary products, such as Dwarf King’s Hold and Project Pandora.  Their obsession for detail, simple but challenging games, and great value- for money has made them a rising star in the hobby industry.

With sales offices in the USA, UK and Germany, a fully staffed studio and a global supply chain supporting a dedicated finance and production facility in Nottingham, England, they are well set for future growth.

To find out more, please visit

Or contact Ronnie Renton at [email protected]


Founded in 1938, The Topps Company is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery. Topps leading sports and entertainment products include Major League Baseball, National Football League, English Premiere League, Bundesliga, Indian Premiere League, WWE, UFC, Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids and other trading cards, sticker album collections, and collectible games. The Company’s top confectionery brands include “Ring Pop,” “Push Pop,” “Baby Bottle Pop”, “Bazooka” bubble gum, “Sharkies” and “Juicy Drop Pop” products.


  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

  2. Mars Attacks! wargaming rules and miniatures….Jippieeee! Retro 1950’s hardcore scifi wargaming should be a …..BLAST! (I do hope you do the martians like the pictured drawing above)

  3. What scale will the models be?

  4. I don’t get it…. Is it April 1st….

    I’m having flashbacks to the starship miniatures game by mongoose.


    So very excited to see this. I’m sure there will be quality minis, a wacked out cast and a good reason to make some more ‘weird west’ scenery.

    Is this a 28mm range as the rest of Mantic’s minis are?

  6. So how many Jack Nicholsons can I field on the human’s side?

    Really looking forward to this, roll on next year.

  7. Next get the licenses to Stargate SG1 and Atlantis!

  8. Counting down the days till this one is launched. You know how to extract my money mantic

  9. While I’m quite stoked about the game itself, I’m sadly more thrilled by the prospect of there being some 1950s era U.S. Army figures possibly being available that I can steal for other projects too.

    Say that is so… please!

  10. been there.
    done that.
    got the ‘T’ shirt.
    desinged, built, played, took to shows, years ago all in 60mm.

  11. Wolfgang Piranhafishthethird May 20, 2013 at 7:24 am

    “Don’t run we come in peace”

    Loved Mars Attacks for a long time and have no doubt that Mantic will more than do it justice.

    As for Wally’s comment- Why feel the need to comment when you simply don’t get it!
    What is is that you have added to this????

    It is a shame that whenever great news is posted on the net somehow and somewhere there will be one idiot who needs to undermine it.

  12. People keep mentioning 15mm scale…….please say it isn’t!!!

  13. How on Earth (or Mars, for that matter) will they sculpt tiny Martian figures with their head in the clear bubble helmets????

  14. Please Please Please 28mm not 15mm. Even if you make the game 15mm still make 28mm Martians.


  15. Tried following Mantic on Facebook from this page, but the link is busted! I don’t think I’ll remember to check the website often enough…too bad. 🙁

  16. @MDSW

    The clear bubble for the helmet will more than likely be an additional plastic piece that is transparent, much like the green rods that come in packages of Necron troops in Warhammer 40,000.

    Don’t you worry one little bit! It’s easily done!

  17. Is there realy someone who needs this game?
    You better bring KOW and Warpath forward!!!

    I´m wondering and wondering and wondering about such a nonsense!!!

  18. Mike – Kings of War just had a MASSIVE wave of releases, and Deadzone (released next month!) is introducing a heap of new Warpath models.

    And now we’re doing Mars Attacks as well! It’s a case of “both, and” rather than “either, or”. 🙂

  19. So let me ask the next question:
    Who needs Deadzone and Dreadball?

    Please do games for Men and not for boys or gits!!!!

  20. Well, at least 7000 people according to their Kickstarter campaigns – plus plenty more since! 😉

  21. @Mike:
    What did I just read? “Is there realy someone who needs this game?”
    Nobody “needs” games… we just WANT them!!!!

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