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The new website is coming along nicely and is taking all of my time during the evenings to get completed. What am I working on during the day then you might ask? Well, newsletters, blog posts, Kickstarter updates, meetings and planning for a new Kickstarter keeps me pretty busy!

Mars Attacks

I do enjoy a good invasion yarn

One of the things we’re really striving for with the new website is ease of navigation. The current site was great for what we intended it for when it launched but as it’s grown and the range has gotten ever bigger (we always said we’d just make miniatures, who’d have thought we’d ever have five games and a sixth to be added in November!), it’s gotten a bit unruly, a bit slow and a bit out of hand. Ronnie told me just this morning how much he didn’t like the Mantic and Hobby sections. And he’s right, it’s confused and a bit of a muddle, not to mention hugely out of date.

So that’s been my challenge with the new platform, an evolution of the existing system: streamline the journey so it’s a more satisfying place to visit. And you know what? I think we’re on to something…


I haven’t long finished populating the DreadBall hobby section with content – in fact all it needs now is a lick of pai – I mean, some pretty pictures of our great DreadBall miniatures.

The shop too is nearly done. I have a lovely assistant tomorrow who will be helping add the related items to each product (as well as updating our stockists and events list) but with the exception of some more graphics, some launch deals (oh yes, you’re going to want to be around for the launch weekend!) and fleshing out the Mantic Points selection, it’s near enough done!

With some kinks to iron out and a few bits of content here and there (as well as a new section), we’re hoping to launch the new site in mid-August. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Tristan Coulson August 1, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Will there still be background on there? Sounds good about making it easier to Navigate.

  2. Simon Campbell August 1, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    From what I see of the screenshot it looks pretty ace

  3. New layout looks great. When is getting some love?? Cant wait for further developments there! 🙂

  4. Hoping our Dreadball stadium will be in the shopping part? Ronnie told us to remind him…jane from Amera

  5. Good stuff, a free rules section is a good idea! Navigating to it at the moment is tricky.

  6. Good move. Navigation on the old site is a pain. Drop down menus would be really useful.

  7. I am eager to see the new web site. I keep checking back every so often.

  8. Knight of Infinite Resignation August 2, 2013 at 8:32 am

    hope it works OK with mobile devices- or at least gives the choice to toggle between mobile/web views.

  9. @ Tristan – that’s the plan. It’ll be introduced over time once it’s launched. We’re refreshing it to meet the current background in the KOW book.

    @ Adam – that’s next on our list for when Ultimate’s out, I’m hoping October, November when it’s quietened down a little!

    @ Jane – yep 🙂

    @ Knight of Infinite Resignation – A mobile site is due for the next iteration I think 🙂

  10. The preview seems really good!

  11. PLEEEEEEESSSEEEEEE dont launch it on the bank holiday weekend, I’ll be camping in a field in sussex where the phone and ‘net connection is notouriously bad.

    Oh and horay for new mantic points items 🙂

    looking good thanks for all the hard work.


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