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So… website.

In my kind-of weekly update on how progress is going, I’ve been busy plugging away at getting some of the finer points right.

The Mantic Points section now has Gabe, Nightshade and Wyn added, so if you’re busy collecting our free points and are eager to get a fantastic looking MVP in exchange, we’re going to make you very happy there. The rest of the range is being fleshed out too.

Mantic Points

Mantic Points are attached to nearly every product in the range, and can be exchanged for free rewards in return. Collect ’em, send ’em in and let us know what you want!

Digitial products are getting a tab, so the link to our digital distribution partner Wargames Vault will be easier to find. Also, Stockists and Events have moved to the front page, making them readily accessible. After all, our retailers are very important to us!


All in all these things are taking a lot of time in the evenings!

The other thing we’re working on is Kickstarter delivery – where are the LOKA campaign counters in the schedule? What does the Deadzone rulebook look like? Those sorts of questions.

One big thing we’ve done is dissect our campaign – and many others too. I always do a lot of research on the most successful campaigns whilst planning ours, and one of the big things we want to improve is the way we use concept art. As Heath explained in his blog post, concept art/character sheets are used to show sculptors what the details look like. They may include loose ideas for poses, but ultimately it’s up to the sculptor to take this art and pose it so it’s more interesting.

Moving forward, because we’re using more and more art for Kickstarters, we’ll be posing the concept art in the pose we want the sculptor to use, as you can see in this piece here:

Buddy & Brandi

But what’s it for? Better keep watching the blog to find out!


  1. I am guessing that concept art is for civilian humans in Mars Attacks. That is my guess. We will see if I am right.

  2. Glad to hear about reworking the way that concept art is being used. The bulk of the complaints on your previous Kickstarters can be reduced down to final models not matching the concept art. TBH, I was disappointed in the trolls since the concept art for them was amazing but the models themselves looked like the concept art was ditched in favour of the sculptor doing their own thing (which ended up looking a lot worse than the original art which everyone loved).

    Whereas with the Ogres, Remy produced carbon copies of the concept art, and those turned out brilliant. Definitely the way to go.

  3. Thats a gun in his pants, he is not happy

  4. @ Mark – the Trolls were based on the concept art the sculpt was given.


  5. I’m not seeing the Dreadball MVPs in the Point section? Is that work not done yet?

  6. They’ve been added to the new website’s Mantic Points section – once the new site goes live they’ll be available!

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