No Ref. No Rules. No Mercy.

You think you know DreadBall? Bunch of so-called athletes getting paid millions of credits to run around a sealed arena and knock each other around? You wanna see a real sport, come to Perestia Prime next cycle. Then you’ll see what DreadBall was always meant to be…

The DGB don't take kindly to unlicensed games...

The DGB don’t take kindly to unlicensed games…

It’s nearly time – DreadBall Xtreme is just around the corner! Xtreme is DreadBall’s evil twin, a nasty, underground sport that’s easy on the rules and heavy on the violence. Teams duke it out across a cluttered makeshift arena, ducking past stacks of crates and hazardous equipment to score Strikes while bloodthirsty fans cheer from the sidelines. Wealthy Sponsors bring players together with promises of fame and wealth or threats of pain and death.

DreadBall Xtreme is a whole new standalone game which builds on the basic DreadBall rules to give players a whole new experience, both in pick-up-and-play games and leagues – and it’s coming to Kickstarter this week! Make sure you check out the GCPS Central infosphere site – it’s been hacked by a particularly malicious DBX Sponsor and has a new hidden image every day! While you’re there, it’s vital that you sign up to the mailing list to get the latest DBX news. There’s also plenty of discussion happening over at the Mantic forums. Why not join in the speculation and post your thoughts?

Who could this be?

Who could this be?

We’ll be showing you more later in the week – don’t miss out, because this is going to be a phenomenon!


  1. Having subscribed to this list, the Corpo will not allow me to engage with infosphere.
    Is it necessary todo so?

    • Sadly, a malicious attack by subnet hackers has compromised infosphere functionality. Operatives are working to restore normal service. Corporation Central thanks you for your patience!

  2. ok….ok….
    i have to ask its been bugging the crud out of me.
    who or whome dose your dreadball, warpath, deadzone, and now dreadball xtream…art.
    who dose the art because they are just beautiful and really make it look kick @$$.
    personally i would love to see more pictures that would make great posters or at the very least good wallpapers for someones computer.

  3. Finally mean arena !!!!!

  4. Really excited for this. Aces to mantic!

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