Deadzone: Infestation

In a blog a few months ago we spoke about whether there was an appetite for a Deadzone 1.5 as an expansion Kickstarter – not a game in its own right, but supporting the core system by adding more units and factions to what’s already there. The idea was for it to build on the solid foundations that have been established but add a new faction (Veer-myn) to the mix. This would give us a chance to clean up the core rulebook (I think everything is in it, but it could be presented in a way that makes it easier to reference).

It will also give us a chance to add extras to the scenery range (such as pipework linking through all the cavities) to add another dimension (oh, and wait until you see the Octagon Fortress we built this week with the extra sprue, it’s an awesome armoured Battle Base) Sorry, got distracted there! We can also get a couple of new units to the existing factions. All the units would also be compatible with Warpath too.


We are thinking of adding some more industrial components to the Battlezone range. What sci-fi scenery would you like to see?

Since we kicked off the discussions I have picked up on a number of themes:

a) There is massive desire to go back and add on to Deadzone, for some doubly so if it is also developing Warpath

b) Actually most people would like to see 2 new factions, not just 1. I think that’s a great idea and while a few of the suggestions are my favourites, please let me have your ideas below (but not Zz’or or Corporation Troops – we are saving those!)

c) Can we prepare a way for new backers to come in if there is not a base game

d) There is a big appetite for the KS, but please can it go after Christmas because people want to give this their full support and it will not be a mini kickstarter no matter how many times we say it!

I also think it is not right to look again for funding until everything for the first kickstarter has been delivered and backers have had a chance to have a look. If we had managed to get the hard plastic sprues in the second shipment then any time from now onwards would be fine.. However, with those still waiting to ship it feels before Christmas would be wrong.

This is the new hard plastic Deadzone Enforcer Sprue. Kickstarters backers will be getting this in December. Click the pictures for a closer look:

Enforcer-Sprue-Part-1 Enforcer-Sprue-2

As always Mantic listens. And so taking on board all the feedback here is the plan. We will look at doing 2 new factions, we will create a new backer pledge from DZ 1 to let people get into the game, and we’ll go live at the latter end of the KS window we had and do it after Christmas. This way we can go as far as you want to go!

We will use the time to prepare lots of ideas and concepts so if it goes past the funding goals we need, then we will have great ideas to tool and add to the warpath universe. It will also give backers time to prepare. I still think it will be gentler on the wallets than DZ1 because there is no base game and everyone already has the scenery in bulk. We will also come up with a way for new fans to jump on board too. Before then we will get a free rules/ quick start guide and reference sheet written and available to build up the number of people playing so we can talk to as wide an audience as possible.

If you have ideas for faction 2 add them in the comments below or on our Facebook, and prepare for Containment Protocol – Infestation in early 2015.


If we push DZ back into the early 2015 slot we push Kings of War out of it! If we push Kings of War back further into 2015 then we will not see the new book released until 2016, which from talking to the community it is too late.

So we’ll let you know on Monday what crazy plan we’ve concocted!! 😉


  1. I would prefer an alien faction. We already have three human factions counting the US Troops from Mars Attacks. There are lots of new aliens in DB and DBX that could be expanded on. If Zzor (my fist pick) are out of the question I could live with Sphyr, Tsudochan, Portal Spinners, Nameless, Teratons…

    For new players, how about a simple “necessities pack” – the mat, dice, token sheet and one battlezone – that could be added to any pledge containing at least two faction starters? A “build your own starter” sort of deal?

  2. I think the campaign system needs work it feels very lacklustre. Also please please please balance mele vs shooting. Mele is so much more effective than shooting that a rarely bring a gun anymore! And don’t go to fast with deadzone, you went and released far to much stuff in a to short a time frame for dreadball that I got overloaded with it and lost interest with it for now. I don’t want this to happen with deadzone. Oh and no restic on anything smaller then a strider!

  3. I am glad you guys decided to do the KS after Christmas. I haven’t started painting the Forgefathers faction, yet. Awaiting the Forge Guard delivery.. I cannot wait….

    My first thought was the Zzor for the other faction, but you ruled that out.
    On second thought, I guess the second faction could be tied to the artifact that is causing the Plague. Who or what created the artifact? Is it acting like a beacon to draw this second faction to Nexus Psi? Is this race artificially intelligent, demonic or psionic like the Chovar.

    That is all I got. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. We were discussing on the latest Deadzone the Podcast that a United Alien Force (sort of intergalactic League of Nations) might be a fun faction. Lots of variety from all the new races introduced in Dreadball Xtreme and the Mars Attacks Corus’ Bounty Hunters.
    Also a more underground tunnel/asteroid series from Battle Zones would work in both the new Infestation and as a bases for 3D terrain in Dungeon Saga.
    We can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  5. Nathan Flanders October 31, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    I have two factions suggestions I really like, but one is my favorite:

    Scavengers – criminals, survivors, and abandoned civilians running amock in the now-lawless deadzone. It’d give an excuse to have post-apocolypse raider / Borderlands video game bandit type minis!

    The other suggestion is some sort of Apocolypse Cult, but that’s mainly because I want *someone* to make multi-part plastic hooded, robed cultists. But honestly, I think such miniatures would go better in the Kow/Warpath ranges, with sci-fi and fantasy variants.

  6. I’d be interested in seeing a full Nameless faction, but only if they are brought more into line with a “cosmic horror” / Lovecraftian vibe.

    Nameless as a “poorly understood but actually quite friendly Space Seafood Smorgasbord race” has zero interest for me. It’s sort of canon via a few paragraphs from Dreadball, but honestly, what kind of a sales pitch is it? How many Lovecraft fans are really dying to see their favorite tropes subverted and parodied (they’re actually nice guys under all those tentacles!), or rationalized and streamlined (they only look that way because they come from ocean planets! So let’s have Nameless Octopus men, Nameless Crab men, Nameless Shrimp men, etc., etc. The Sphyr already cover the star-faring aquatic race thing better than the Nameless do, anyway.) I would argue that most gamers interested in a Lovecraftian race would rather see their horror expectations fulfilled than sent up. Otherwise, you’re targeting a small niche within a large niche.

    And as done-to-death as Cthulhu is:

    1. It’s done-to-death because it sells. Especially on Kickstarter.

    2. It actually hasn’t been done-to-death in science fiction wargaming. Right now you need to want to channel your Cthulhu fandom through a Nazi Germany fetish to even come close (Achtung! Cthulhu.)

    3. The Nameless could easily fill the void for gamers who’d like something sinister and mysterious but are tired of full-blown, cartoonish 40K Chaos daemons.

    4. If you really feel Cthulhu has been done to death, the answer isn’t subversion, the answer is to do something else. Cthulhu is stale? So is post-modern satire. Skip the Nameless and show us something entirely new, then.

  7. If this new KS is vermyn and tunnel ed, how about some kind of spider or insect race? Where the rats scuttle about, so do other things scuttle and creep and crawl

  8. Re: DZ2. Can you not just do all the add-on stuff you planned and offer the original game (with a new rulebook) as a cheap addition for new backers who haven’t got this without the need for existing players to have to get a new starter set all over again?
    Otherwise, make a starter set with new buildings, a new mat, and both new factions which works out of the box for new players but existing owners will want all of the stuff from that box. The latest Zombicide kickstarter did both of those and I’m sure you know how successful that was.

    As for KoW… If the old rules are in dire need of an update, is it not possible to just get cracking immediately with a new rulebook in house without the need for a kickstarter. Get it out as soon as possible to keep KoW (especially tournament) players happy until you go with a KoW kickstarter to get new figures, plastics, whatever, after DZ2 KS.

    PS: Thanks for going with the DZ kickstarter after Christmas. It’s great to see a company listen to its customers. <3

  9. nameless strike team please! tentacles everywhere! XD

  10. Nameless horrors. Big ones. Tentacle-monsters that need to be punched in the face by striders!

    Squid Squads and Crab Cripplers!

    Psychozoans that have been liberated from prison and worhipped as gods.

    And of course the humanoid cult-mafia that worships them all.

  11. New aliens with some kind of new gameplay. Maybe Crystallans, which can crawl out of the ground within the game, like the Hammerfist Drop Armor just without the Shockwave.

    Some kind of undying stuff could also give a great new character of gameplay. Stuff that is easy to kill and not that strong, but it can come back, kind of the undeads in DKH. Robots with an enigneer to repair them could also work and fits better in the sci-fi scenario.

    A faction in which all units have the Glide ability could make a great game experience.
    I espect the Veer-myns to be the sneaky guys, so that should be covered.
    Another new gamplay conzept could make a faction with a lot of units with the Psychic ability. Something completly new would also be great ;).

    Modelwise I like to see exotic designs. In the new dreadball kickstarter were many interesting designs, that are good, but many of them are based on a human stature. Leave that behind and go crazy! 😉

  12. I’d like to see Tsudochans as a faction : bring on some seriously crazy action by allowing them to mentally throw some elements and even move some walls (under restricted conditions of course).

  13. William Bidleman October 31, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Hello Mantic,
    Why not do a Mantic Multi-Universe Kickstarter for both Deadzone and Kings of War and have pledges base for each and both. Make each stretch goal contain an item from each universe?

    For Deadzone, I want to see an Allience force of Sphyr and Teratons. I want the scale kept as they are now. The Sphyr to look as you have them from the Rebs Faction. Do not like the Dreadnall Extreme Sphyr look. Add the San-Gar also. I also would like more Forgefather units, like the hammerfist drop armoir units and multi-pose infantry with lots of options to customize. Vehicles are a must, at least 3 types (aircraft, APC,, and tank).Also need more Mechs.

    Do these things, you will (Jedi Mind Trick)

  14. If Z’zor is not an option my first vote for another faction is probably Nameless, they look the have a variety of different subspecies which would make them interesting. I’d also like to see some the existing aliens in new roles, could be as an expansion to rebs or totally new faction. I’m thinking of the treatment the Sorak got. So maybe a ranged Teraton or melee Grogans or marauder hulks.

    I also think this one should try to use as much hard plastic as possible. I loved the zombies and am really excited for the upcoming Enforcers and forge guard. If they are as good as I expect I would totally go crazy for some plastic rebs(especially sorak, yndig, kraaw and teraton)

    Not a big fan of veer’myn but still really excited to see where this one goes. I suppose even more now that you guys are looking at including a second faction!

  15. Full Yndij faction would be awesome. Planet of the apes!

  16. Actually after having another look at DBX, I would like the change my vote to either Cyrstallan or mechanites for the second team. I’d also like to point out that mechanites and Z’zor could also be an infestation and are cooler than veer’myn 😉

  17. Maybe a stretch goal for additional Plague versions of other factions. Plague Forge Guard, Plague Brokkr, Plague Kraaw, Plague Grogan, Plague Asterian…. not Orx obviously.

    Also Plague Giraffe. Stage 3G.

  18. I think that a conversion between Deadzone and Warpath would be nice, especially if you could make a campaign that switch between small information gathering (Dz) and big battles (Wp).
    Veer-myn is a given in my opinion.
    As for a second race, my 50 cents would be for the nameless.
    I do think that Kings of War can stand to wait, you should ride the wave of deadzonesome success!

  19. Thanks for listening to us, especially about holding the KS after Christmas. I can’t wait for more factions, more hard plastics and new scenery!

    I agree with a lot of what James said. I love the mechanics of Deadzone but the game has a lot of balance issues (e.g. Rebs) and the campaign rules are pretty weak.

  20. I would like to see a Robot faction in DZ, plus would like the following:
    1. Large vehicles (The 3 in Mars Attack turned out great, DZ needs some)
    2. Dead Forge Fathers, Asterians, and what ever other factions you add.
    3. How about civilians maybe 2-3 sets from different worlds.
    4. PDF card templates to create custom factions & missions.
    5. Printed cards for the stuff we only got PDF cards for on first KS.
    6. Scifi civilian zombies.
    7. Official Mantic pdf art posters for adding to the Battlezone terrain. (Have fan made ones, would love Mantic HD versions)
    8. Oh yeah…More Blane, maybe and alternate sculpt or a vehicle.

    Just a few off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll think of more between now and then.

  21. If this really is becoming an all out Kickstarter you will need a human like faction to bundle with the Veer’myn. I love the aliens myself, but I know the majority of people love their space cowboys.
    Possible human based factions–>
    1. Cooperation High Command– we’ve seen the regular troops, special troops, but not the guys who run the show. A James Bond type might be fun, but I’d suggest going with some kickbutt enhanced humans who look like Chuck Norris.
    2. Rebs Ultimates!– getting pulverized in most every game, the Rebs employ some new tech they found and create a new kind of armor (basic troop type, I’m thinking something like Tron suits?).
    3. Nishii Devotees– Space Samurai troops headed by a faction of Monks who employ mind control to giant lizards that breath fire. The mercenary Space Samurai could be called Ronin and used with other factions.
    4. The Far Flung Magi– a group that fuses magic and tech into one. Defensive close combat troops, canon type pure magic users, and steampunk themed controller ladies who run the show.
    5. Hell Angels– biker gang with Lobo and every sort of dangerous type possible riding in their crew.
    6. Mayans– where did they go? Out into space and created an army in the outer rim of the galaxy, which is now being invaded by the Plague. How cool would Mayan themed tech be? super cool!
    7. Space Engineers Guild– being used as cheap labor and abused by the Corporation too long, they broke away and now use their skills to bring hope to the universe. Invisibility, huge Golem constructs and all sorts of inventiveness define the small group of geniuses.

    Yes, the books do need easier reference and better coordination. Plus, having rules and rules faqs spread far and wide, a clear and concise compendium may be in order? I would suggest trying to find a bit more balance in the game and with scenarios as well. Help the Rebs Ronnie, you’re their only hope!

    Can’t wait to know what you’re planning for Kings of War. It’s my favorite of the Mantic games.

    • Love the idea of Space Mayans – that could have so much awesome stylings it would be crazy! like to see a swampy aztec mayan army with lizard/animal support for KOW too 🙂

  22. As long as I get my Veer-myn I’m happy

  23. Robots. The corporation decided to stop wasting manpower while simultaneously increasing the ranks of the plagued and designed a strike force of robots to send instead. Originally thinking something as biological as the plague would not affect the robots, this turned out to be wrong. Instead of mutating the machines however, it just corrupts the AI. Sometimes the robots become completely anti-life with the goal of eradicating everything and sometimes they join the plagued forces so it is unknown exactly what is happening to them.

    I think something like that would be fun. It would also I think add the most variation. You don’t often see a fully robotic army in miniatures games. So there would be human based factions(Enforcers), alien factions(Would say the majority of the factions fall here…), a totally mixed race faction(Rebs) and now a Robotic faction!

    If going with another alien race, I’d probably vote Nameless since they seem the most unique of the options and most of the other races seen in dreadball have been featured as part of the Rebs faction already. The Ada-Lorena team looks pretty cool too but I haven’t seen much about them so I dunno. Still would rather see the Robots faction.

  24. I like the idea of a Mechanite infestation – robopocalypse on a frontier world (or even a more advanced world!) where a rogue AI takes over networked robots and begins to eradicate the “biological debris”. Perfect circumstances for declaration of a Deadzone. Bonus – what if somehow the root of the rogue AI was plague infected bio-computer?

    Also, combat aboard starships! Someone is trying to break the Deadzone quarantine! For whatever reason, the ship can’t simply be obliterated. Time for a boarding action! I think it would fit perfectly with the small form factor of the DZ tables.

  25. This sort of response to customer/player needs, and seeking fan input is typical Mantic- carrying on winning ways. We are currently just finishing round 2 of our DZ campaign. There’s a lot of excitement about next semester’s (We’re a university group) one with added Martians. As for the next KS, the group is excited about new factions- the rats in particular based on DB and the fluff from warpath. People are discussing everything from tunnelling-deployment to toxic “flamethrowers”. The other main points are the ability to get the core game in a ‘deal’ (important for the students! 🙂 and a consolidated version of the rules, where all abilities, items etc are included together. There’s also some issues people would like to see addressed, like detailing exactly how something like CSW works when levelling up, reviving etc. New factions need to be better balanced than, for eg, Asterians who are hard to use in 70 pts, or new troops like the very average striders….

  26. Why not some sort of Reptilian race?

  27. Either Nameless or Cybernetics (robots) gets my vote,

  28. Hi folks!
    Couple of thoughts:
    Always liked the idea of Allies in wargames (regardless of the size) as this allows me to customise and balance my force. So ideas for factions would be-
    Plague + Kovossian Mutants (new, perhaps adding some defense/unintended side effects to any toxic weaponry – also very much in line with Infestation)
    Marauders + Hobgoblins & hobzees (hobgoblins from dbx looked hilarious – put them in. Also why not have some miniature clones?)
    Enforcers + corporation (enough said)
    Perhaps we should start talking about the retrieval of original plague devices? Who would want to do that?
    Crystallans + ada-lorana ( do-gooders! Extremely tough cryatallans and the Ada-Lorana teleporting about more than a hyperactive Teraton)
    Veermyn + Nameless (of course we all know the nameless created the veermyn!)
    Rebs + robots (they already have drones and like to scavenge! Mechanites!!)

    New game concepts- poison, artifacts with random effects, multi layer maps (eg start at the top and you need to go further down into a complex).

    Two battle zones could be indoor industrial and underground science lab. A third could be a ship as someone else suggested.

    Also more in depth trait system for characters or the ability to purchase different weaponry. Traits could be conditional modifiers (eg Lone Wolf – add 1 to shoot when not within 3 cubes of an ally) or Last Stand (when this model is killed it may move one cube, if this engages the model in a fight it adds 2 to the number of fight dice) this system could be relatively simple and would add brilliantly to campaign depth
    Anyway, good job so far guys!

  29. Ooooooh please be a kickstarter for KoW pre christmas…. i need that greater obsidian golem =o

  30. I have to agree that the robot infestation idea would balance nicely vs the high-tech asterians (and moderately high tech forge fathers and enforcers)… you could have a lot “build your own” robots, or you could add things like upgrades to speed, armor, melee, or shooting, or even one off “items” like turbo-boosters or smoke launchers so as to mix up the robots some… the nameless I do like if as mentioned above they get some cohesion and aren’t just funny squid men.. the downside is that makes Oberon not nearly as cool… I think we all would want to see some multi-pose plastics for any of the factions and as those would be great in Warpath there is no lose in that scenario. another option is an upgrade kit for striders (different weapons? un-piloted robot AI strider kit) or new weapon combinations for Rainmaker and Melee Orx Battlesuits. I would love to see some new rebel models (male teratons, sphyr not part of the weapon team) and a bigger Asterian “walker/strider” although maybe one that hovers? so all the base factions have a big battle bot !!!

  31. Big love on the pledge for new backers as I missed out on the KS and never started DZ as I was butthurt from not having access to so many mercs and better prices.

    As for faction ideas, Nameless yes….

    Or perhaps take the Zombies approach and zombify existing races, add smart-zombie leadership and elites to the new zombies which just came out recently in Contagion. Then collect all these dead things into one scary swarm army.

  32. my vote is on the nameless faction, as i remember some old fluff saying they have a empire of their own and could easily have a force and goals in mind for a deadzone. for all i know they could be the ones behind the plague.
    and so hyped for a veer-myn faction.

  33. Nameless seem out of place for at this point. They would be there just to be there because people like them. I think their role in the universe needs a little more thought and work before they get a full-fledged presence in a game where they are actively making enemies as a whole.

    Sphyr seem to have the better place here. Keep in mind a couple of their choices could double with the Rebs (I’m a fan for one of their troops as a Reb specialist and one specialist as Reb rare, both found as options on a plastic sprue that can later be used for Warpath). I feel this a good angle and gives Deadzone an extremely unique faction to hang their hat on. Sphyr could have a similar set-up to Rebs except shift the focus to melee (Mauraders may be a better comparison actually as Sphyr would be a bit more organized and have more reliable leadership).

    Rulebook getting reorganized is good to hear, though I would hope that even if you didn’t do a KS this would happen. In addition, I would like to see “Army Lists” aside from cards so even if you don’t have certain cards, you don’t have to find the right supplemental file/deck that has the rules for this or that unit. There needs to be a one stop shop of what all is available for a faction, even if there is no model out, or even planned, for a particular option.

    More shotguns!!

    Please please please work on the campaign system. This is where people will get a lot of mileage out of the game. It seems to have tried to improve on other games, but in the end, adjusted a lot of the wrong areas and took out some needed safety nets in other systems. There are some big positives (if a unit gets a negative result on the Rez table, it’s cost goes down), but negatives are just a bit strong.

    More fixed campaigns would be largely welcome. Not only can a couple additional campaigns let people game with little hassle, it gives you a deeper bag of “official” tricks to grab from when putting your own together. Having more scenarios written up would be great as well. Just as above, it gives you some options to break up just drawing everytime and let’s you react to results of previous battles. For example, it would be nice to have a scenario that a player can ambush the forces of the player with largest SF. Or a scenario where another player can ambush the winner of skirmish they weren’t apart of. That player isn’t allowed to make any adjustments or add any new items, and all wounds stay intact. These are only rough ideas of course, but it would be nice for people to have opportunities to interact with opposing forces a little better.

    As a final note, I hope there is actually discussion for even a third faction late in the campaign if things get a little crazy. Is hate for you to run out of ideas. If timed right, this could surpass the first with dollars pledged. The end rush is always exciting, and I’d hope contingencies were in place!!

  34. Let’s think what are we missing?

    Catastrophe hits planet and shatters civilisation.
    Various groups come to the planet to fulfil their secret objectives and encounter the plague victims.

    What about:

    1. The robotic servants left untouched by the plague. A chance to sculpt some cool figures here ranging from different types of security droids to domestibots to pet bots to robot butlers to the likes of Robby from Forbidden Planet /Lost in Space…..”Danger, Ronnie Renton, Danger!”

    Not an area well served by other games manufacturers either. You have GW’s servitors and, if you can file off the skulls, necrons but these are creepy. Heresy have their shoeboxes with antennae and there are a few Robocop rip offs but good robots are hard to find.

    One proviso: please don’t make them look humanoid! If mankind is going to have mechanical companions in the far future, I don’t see corporations wasting design time on getting the human foot perfected. Give them wheels, hover skirts , tracks or propellers.

    I’d suggest different genres too.

    A 60s retro Cadillac bot…..”robots with fins”?

    Steampunk? Perhaps but Malifaux already have some nice ones there.
    I did mod some of my Warpath Veer myn with the Malifaux mechanicals.

    Pimped out robots? Go Faster stripes, furry dice, twin exhaust bots?

    From the pages of literature My thoughts turn to the following as starting points only
    some Azimov style robots ( real Azimov as opposed to Will Smith with his androgynous buddy movie),
    Robby (naturally), (to avoid IP issues perhaps “Ronnie the robot”?:-) )
    the floaty death probe thing from Star Wars and its big brother from Empire Strikes Back. Heresy already did the messenger bots and who wants a whistling dustbin as their sidekick in the universe?
    Andy Cabs from Total Recall
    Hughie, Dewie and Louie from Silent Running

  35. 2. The local fauna and flora.
    There is an absolute dearth of alien plants and animals in the models range.
    For flora, you have to visit the local aquarium supplies storer although Irregular do have their G’riffids.
    For fauna, Figure Makers have either taken the Barsoomian option of sticking extra limbs on a stock animal or assumed that the vast panoply of life in the universe will look like badly crafted Labradors with twiddly bits.
    For those of us fed up of taking green stuff to toy hippos from Toys r Us, give us some critturs!

    In the event of a collapse of civilisation and putting aside 12 Monkey wannabes opening zoo cages, what sort of crittur would inhabit a Deadzone?

    Terran animals like dogs and cats certainly. However, there are plenty of models on the market. We could do with animal reaction rules though.

    If you cannot afford a dog, what’s the alternative? A domesticated sand hopper called Skippy? Rover the Astrosloth?

    Meat animals? Okay, okay, let’s put aside the DNA compatibility issue and assume we don’t eat the things for nutrition but just because they taste good.

    Local predators?

    There’s a lot of possible inspiration here.
    Starting with roleplaying games, look at Jorune or Space 1889 of Traveller 2300 for ideas.
    In video games, the weird stuff in Fallout New Vegas.

    3. Private Transport!
    Does no one in the entire GW Imperium of Man own a car?!! A bicycle? A Segway?
    If I step outside my house, I see cars and bikes and all manner of trailers. I hear the hum of aeroplanes and see the occasional microlight. I’d really like to see some vehicles. I’ll create the ruined highway car chase, dodging plague guys if you give me the cargo hauler.

    4. Street clutter. Some other manufacturers have started on this but they are expensive. Video booths, advertising stands, vending machines, utility substations… more barrels or cargo crates….got ’em already.

    5. Time to come out of the mat. The Plague are trying to get offworld! Give us starship floor plans to fight them on please. Can the Pandora plans have a grid overlay and be sold separately? An even simpler option would be to do a gridded acetate that could be overlaid on top of floor plans….hmm, why didn’t I think of that before?

  36. For whatever it’s worth, here’s my opinion on the new DZ kickstarter:
    – Introduce a non-tyranid non-borg/matrix alien that is NOT humanoid and is actually a viable choice for a strike force, (viable meaning they could win as easily as the other factions).
    I am disappointed and tired of every viable alien race being either a faceless horde of some type or being humanoid to the point that you could fairly easily dress a real person up as one.
    Make them look very different and have unique strengths/capabilities because of their different physiology. The Zzor are an ok choice but would prefer something new.
    – No additional human faction please (we have more than enough humans)
    – Was hopeful about the Sphyr after hearing them mentioned… but after looking them up… they are merpeople… with legs… not very alien
    – Not particularly excited about the veer myn though their origin story is fun
    Keep it up, Deadzone seems pretty great so far.

  37. Would love more Yndij models.
    The Yndij models and the Rebs Commander sculpts got me into Rebs. More please.
    Depending on how the crystal dudes from Dreadball Xtreme come out they would be original and cool.
    Nathan’s idea of robed…somethings would be awesome. Alternate hands to allow Rabble and Penitent Mobs as well as futuristic weapons for mysterious robed space ship hijackers…that could even be Nameless thralls or something else.

  38. How about Elastopod refugees.

    • I’d love to see robots!!! Also as a second choice…. Kolossals… Zees?!? Apes with assault rifles. Damn you dirty apes!!!

      I haven’t got into kings of war yet but am looking to. A kickstarter would help.

  39. Well since you’re doing ratmen why not do their obvious enemy… catmen.

  40. A civilian faction would be so awesome. I would love to play an initial outbreak. As far as I am aware there are no plastic sci-fi civilians available anywhere on the market so this is a huge niche Mantic could fill.

    Civilians with small arms like pistols, plasma cutters, flamers, the odd rifle would make a character force.

  41. I think an extra faction (Nameless or, to fit the new AI rules, Robots) and for that second faction to be included in an alternate but stand alone core game with the tidier rule book. Great work, Ronnie! Oh, and a KS exclusive of a giant robot or Evil Engineer would be fantastic! I’m glad that you listen to fan feedback, unlike some other corporate companies… Cheers! Coach Syko.

  42. Walter Wedenbine November 1, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    There has already been some crossovers to other IP’s with Mars Attacks and Judge Dredd. What about a Stargate/System Lord/Jaffa faction?

  43. Robots, like terminators controlled by a rogue AI created by the corporation as a virus to infiltrate the Rebs systems but it got into the Asterian net and evolved.
    Asterian drones are each controlled by an asterian on the mother ship, so I’m talking autonomous robots like the dreadball team but nasty.

  44. Robots, like terminators controlled by a rogue AI created by the corporation as a virus to infiltrate the Rebs systems but it got into the Asterian net and evolved.
    Asterian drones are each controlled by an asterian on the mother ship, I’m talking autonomous robots like the dreadball team but more nasty.

  45. Third times a charm.

    I personally think the Nameless faction is NOT the direction you should go. Yeah they look cool, but do they have a reason to be there as much as Sphyr, a merc band, survivors/hold outs? I feel the other faction should try to add to the flavor of the universe and the Deadzone game itself and not just “these guys look cool so let’s do them!”

    Sphyr – weakened empire with their own subsidiaries distraught over grievances from the Corp (the initial story needs work……a tongue in cheek story during a meeting needing a bit more fine tuning). Using the opportunity to get intel on new tech, ambush elite corp units, scout the landscape to see if they could expand their own power base again are all reason they’d show up. They’d also have the benefit of a couple crossover units with the Rebs (my vote would be for a trooper to be a Reb specialists and a specialist to be a Reb Rare. Should transition nicely). With a possible Warpath army planned, a plastic sprue with sufficient options might also be in order (with the Rebs options apart of the sprue, tripling up availability).

    Mercs – yeah the Marauders are mercs higher by corporations, and you got the Rebs, but part of what made games like Necromunda and Mordheim so fun and immersive was the multiple takes on the same flavor. Teams are picking over the scraps of the battlefield and having a more generic merc group would be a welcome addition. Grogan and zee pirates could join the fun here, maybe even a Brokkr or two, shuffling old units into a new flavor, but different leaders, base troops, and objectives/card deck could make them different enough to add more options and really push the flavor and immersion of the Deadzone.

    Survivors – locals stuck in the chaos trying grab anything they can to survive. This could include AWOL Corp troops, Judwan, Orx guards off a stranded Dreadball team, and just desperate people now starving due to no new shipments of supplies coming in……except for what those Rebs, Mercs, FF and various others are bringing in.

    So I would like an attempt at some Deadzone flavor factions, or in the case of the Sphyr, just more appropriate factions.

    Campaign system needs work. This has GOT to be the focus. I was far to busy with my new assignment/relocating with no acces to a personal PC/laptop to get in on the rules committee otherwise I would have cleaned up my DB venue and shot it to ya. With that said, I’d hope you’d be able to task those guys into kicking ideas for DZ scenarios/doing the write ups. Even using the base objectives for your faction, it’d be nice to the “defender” given a specific task, with the attacker drawing from their deck as to what they are trying to accomplish.

    Post game rewards. Force management is a HUGE draw to these games. What stuff did my gang get even though I got my clock cleaned? What kind of weapons did I find? Was there some kid at the settlement that wants to join the club? This is all stuff that isn’t there currently that should be. I think they got left out because they may need to be faction specific. But this can make up holes for some of the struggling groups. The Rebs can be looting tanks and finding new willing and able bodies to and from the meeting with the other force. The Enforcers might be getting some intel. The Plague may have infected a Teraton somewhere but lost one of their 3rd gen units in the scuffle. I really think you gotta look back at what made those games great and incorporate a little more of it into Deadzone as opposed to doing things differently just because. The post battle wrap up should tell the tale between fights to include finding usable salvage, new units, and additional clearances depending on your force.

  46. I like the back story and concept of the Koris. (Portal Spinners)

    “Malicious tricksters hailing from an alternate dimension, Koris have maintained a vendetta against the Asterians ever since the two met, and take every opportunity to blame their erratic malevolence on the elder race. They make use of otherworldly technology to open unstable wormholes in reality, an art they refer to as “portal spinning”. This lets them blink between dimensions and cross great distances in the blink of an eye, or seemingly vanish into thin air. More worryingly, they are not above using it to snatch unwary travellers from their ships and leave them stranded in the pandemoniac dimension they call home, for no reason other than to appease their cruel sense of humour. ”

    Yes please.

  47. I like the back story and concept of the Koris. (Portal Spinners)

    Extra dimensional evil cyborg spider aliens with a hate on for the Asterians?

    Yes please.

  48. Could we use a race from Dreadball? How about the Crystallans from Dreadball xtreme, maybe their planet wasn’t total destroyed just shattered in to shards and the Crystallans on it have been dormant until one of the shards drifted close to a sun, now they are awake and want revenge on the forge fathers.
    I would love to see a DZ kickstarter as I missed out on the first one but I am loving the game now that its out.

  49. Deadzone to me means horror. I say to keep with the horror aspect and since Z’zor will be saved for later, maybe have the Nameless as a faction. Those tentacle faced guys are scary enough as it is.

  50. Nameless or Sphyr would probably be my choice… possibly with some units available to rebs?
    Underwater rules might also be fun with these guys.

    Terrain… Industrial sounds good. Maybe some large generators? Computer consoles? (maybe with some rules for hacking stuff, like the current door rules, except with some more options… delaying enemy reinforcements, activating generators, Pressurize (and blow up) pipes, that kind of stuff…)

    Definitely happy about pushing the date back, thanks! 🙂

  51. Another idea for infestation is to have other non-zombie mindless horde type scenarios, bugs or some other sort of non-sentient horde creatures. Something along the lines of Starship Troopers, Pitch Black, Critters, etc. Preferably with non-anthropomorphic baddies.

  52. I would like to see the Ada-lorena as a faction personally.

  53. Well okay, if you’re only putting two factions in, and they can’t be Zzor or Corporation troopers, then why not an armed Mechanites force?
    They could be a kind of “Common Mercenary”, where you can take an entire force of Mechanites, or add individual Mechanites to an existing force (maybe certain forces which have a “controller” figure?). Think about it, who better to scourge out a Veermyn infestation than a bunch of expendable bots? They also seem to fit nicely both with and against most of the other factions: They are a natural fit for Corporation and Enforcers; Rebs, Marauders, Plague could use hotwired bots. Any faction could rock up to a Deadzone to find the local security drones are executing an order to purge all infestation – either directly or by exterminating potential plague hosts, or the faction in question is entering an automatically-secured area, prompting a Mechanite response.

  54. Combining a few ideas above… How about a nano-infestation of races… As an enforcer/zombie/nameless becomes slowly taken over by a new nano micro-robotic virus, the “victim” actually grows stronger with evolving robotic mutations such as super strength arm, steady sniper precision, sprint legs, etc. “Nanites”

    • Nice idea, make me think of the creatures from Stargate fighing the Asgard people.
      But I think this would be better an own story line.

  55. Personally, I think Nameless vs Teratons would be a great addition.

    I’m very interested in Kings of War though and would hate to see the release be pushed so far…

  56. Pâtrick the Betrayer November 2, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Veermyn and robots, we definitly need evil angry robots… and evil angry ratmutants too.

  57. I think you guys want a “easy” second faction here (probably), not something new and shine (we have warpath coming, right :P). So, i really dont know, i want Plastic Vermyn for sure, easy second choice for me (im a beardy Forge Father at heart). I hope this KS come with two new plastic sprues (for elite troops on Warpath). If i had to choose, i would say the scenary still need a “killer robot” faction, and i would love if they went far away from the “humanoid” pattern (matrix-like machines, not terminator-like).

  58. +1 for robots faction – we know from DreadBall fluff that the Corporations use military robots, so the faction could be ‘good’ or ‘evil’ or both. Though a Rogue A.I. going wild on a planet is a great reason for declaring Containment Protocol in itself….

  59. I would like to see expanded psychic rules and abyssals for the warpath universe included in the next deadzone ks.

  60. SPHYR! Or Crystallans….or Robots….or Teratons……

  61. Non-unique Hirelings. As in, hired help that could be considered Specialists or Rares in an existing Strike Force (No Troopers or Leaders though, to make it so there’d have to be at least a proper foundation for the Strike Force). They could be there for the long haul or otherwise like the Unique Mercs, sort of acting like Dreadball Free Agents.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Robots in this kind of role. after all, got enough money, you could just hire, rent or “procure” them for a mission pretty much irrelevant of what faction you are (with maybe an exception for Plague).

    Crystallans could be cool to see how their racial buff ability would work. Not to mention what their weapons and technology would be like.

  62. I would love to see a Kalyshi raider faction!

    Other than that, the Nameless are really fitting with the large amount of races in the coalition.

  63. Either some sort of werewolves as a new race or the fish dudes :p

    Also it would be an idea to have a chart with events that can happen between each game in a campaign mode.

  64. I’d like to see more interesting mutations for plague and possible other factions. Many of the mutations are very vanilla and boring like +2 AP or +1 AP. Think of the most insane mutations, balance them somewhat and put them into the game and let players have fun.

    Also updated rulebook would be nice with all the FAQ updates and cleaned up existing rules.

  65. Following AdmiralS, a hard plastic mutation sprue (to modify plague zombies and 3rd gens with) would be a very good idea.

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