Warpath Kickstarter Launches 21st September

Hi all,

Ronnie here. I’m pleased to say every single KoW order has shipped – most of them a week or more ago, a few stragglers this week. But first up – apologies. Why I hope you might ask?

Let’s consider that we have sent out over 6000 packages in the last 2 months, fulfilling DBX entirely and a large portion of KoW too. I feel these parcels were on the whole well packed and accurate (well they were when they left – although some took a beating along the way!) and were filled with gorgeous books, dice, counters, expansions and lots of great models – new and old.


We have also just launched Kings of War 2nd edition via retailers to much critical acclaim and a growing fan base and tournament scene – and Dungeon Saga is just around the corner (well just about to get on a boat, but more on that later!). So it should be that everything is wonderful in the world of Mantic. However, I have the feeling we managed to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory. Yet again a few hundred backers got their orders after the general release, and for all the positives above, that is still unfair. So to all those who got a big box, well packed, on-time and perfect – thank you for supporting Mantic once again. To those whose parcels have not yet arrived, or were damaged, missing something or after the general release, I apologise. We have been closer than any Kickstarter since Dreadball to getting it right first time and on time, but we have fallen short again. Sorry!

Ok, now on with the show!

A few updates:

– The first of 3 boats is just about to set sail from China to the UK, America and Australia with (literally) 1000’s of copies of Dungeon Saga onboard, and 2 more boats set off next week and the week after – add about 4 weeks to sail round Africa and you can see we are on to ship Dungeon Saga in October. Because this is another enormous undertaking (and the first single-shipment KS since Loka – which was 10% of the size) we have taken back over the Mantic bunker on Greasley Street for 6 weeks – which will be dedicated to the dispatch of DS through October. The game is looking wonderful and getting rave reviews, including on Board Game Geek, in the comments of the Beasts of War Weekend videos and also inspiring vidoes like this instructional how to play video from watchitplayed.com.

– Work is progressing well on lots of digital assets – with the DreadBall Rankings, Kings of War App and Mantic Digital all underway.

– Combine that with organized play for Kings of War, DreadBall and Dungeon Saga all coming before Christmas and we really have a chance to bring new gamers to the party and make sure there are more opponents for all us veterans to crush – bwah ha ha!!!

– And the Clash of Kings final has just topped 40 attendees – a fantastic number – and a record – but only until Adepticon 16, right?

We are going to add a few new faces to the team to make sure we can get enough support out there too, and I will cover that next week.


Finally a Deadzone update. Jake has done a great job in streamlining the game – keeping the same feel but speeding up game play. I have been sharing his early work with the Gen Con Deadzone tournament winners, and with JP and Pat too – plus a few other hardcore Deadzone fans. I wanted their honest opinion – did we retain the feel of the game but improve the game play? All of them have been very excited about the developments. The game is faster, more intuitive, but still true to the original ideals. We’ll get some proper beta tests out in the next few weeks and you’ll all be able to get your strike force out and have a go. I think it will be great for a really quick (and WAAAY more violent) skirmish game – and a small game will be played and done in under an hour, with clear rules and exciting victory conditions.

The other great news is that the first shots of the plastic are coming in – and they look amazing. We are finally getting back to the standards we want with our sprued plastic, and when you look up close everything is there. The miniatures, small vehicles such as the jet bikes, and the additions to the scenery range are all top quality. A big well done and thank you to the sculptors and tool makers. Great work.

Which segways beautifully into the next topic – Warpath is nearly here!


If you cast your mind back we had a go a few years back at this and we didn’t get it right. The ideas and intentions were right – but I was not able to get the quality and depth the game needed. We went away and licked our wounds.

We started building slowly this time – DreadBall, Deadzone, perfecting hard plastic – both infantry and vehicles – and we kept on building up the Warpath universe – a story, an expansion and a race at a time! We would only go forward when we could do it properly, when we genuinely felt we could make an interesting game and a great miniatures range. Thanks to the support of our Kickstarter backers, we’ll be able to go into Warpath with a wealth of hard plastic infantry, characters, and specialists with which you can build your armies.

The Enforcer Jetbike was funded in the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter and like all Deadzone miniatures, can be used in Warpath.

The Enforcer Jetbike was funded in the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter and like all Deadzone miniatures, can be used in Warpath.

Early this year the rules went out for alpha testing. We are trying to create the experience of a futuristic mass battle – with a low starting point – where 20 -30 figures get you going, but with the ability to scale up as far as you want to take it. We are trying to create the clean, slick mechanics – just like in KoW – but ones that feel relevant to a sci-fi battlefield. How to take and hold buildings, how vehicles play and how do you chip away at your enemy until you can swoop in and destroy them!

The response we got was on the whole excellent and as always very informative and useful, much of it has been taken on board, all of it has been considered. There was also a group who wanted a smaller squad-based game – and you speak, we listen – so we have a great writer working on that too.

Over the last few days I have been seeing the art, sculpts, vehicles, 3D renders, logos and background coming in. It just looks amazing.


Enforcer in Peacekeeper Armour

Over the next few days we will be featuring and focusing in on Warpath – the worlds, the armies and the background. Hopefully you’ll help us breath life into this game as you have with some many other projects before.

We are taking Warpath to Kickstarter on the 21st September. First off we want to fund the rulebooks and source books – but you always seem to encourage us to go a little further than that 😉


Best wishes, enjoy your gaming,



  1. I agree that mantics hard plastic has improved leaps and bounds! I have the basilean spearmen and they were so smudged i didnt even bother gluing the entire box, but I also have the newer forgefather forgeguards and its hard to belive they come from the same company considering how great they are! Cant wait for the warpath kickstarter 😀

  2. But, but, but my budget for Spiel 2015 in Essen!!! Noooooooooooooo!

  3. YES! The kickstarter Ive bean waiting years for is coming. Thank you Ronnie. Ill be very impatiently waiting for the 21st.

  4. Can’t wait to see how far the Kickstarter goes, been waiting for a game to replace Warhammer 40K, GW are too expensive to be practical.

  5. Alot of spin going on here. This reads as if you started shipping KoW before you released the book to shops. This just isn’t true. You didn’t start shipping until after, and saying ” Yet again a few hundred backers got their orders after the general release” is just a flat out lie, when (almost, if not all) backers received theirs after, or, like myself, are still waiting.

    Also “fulfilling DBX entirely and a large portion of KoW too.” we were told ALL the kow were finished shipping in yesterdays update, but you’re now saying that’s not true. Which is it? Assuming mine was the last out of your factory yesterday, I should have it no later than Tuesday. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

    The lateness isn’t what annoys me, it’s the at best, poor choice of words, and at worse, flat out lies. It happens, I understand, but please, just flat out tells us. As it is now, there’s no reason at all for me to back the warparth kickstarter, I may as well wait for the hardback book at retail and a) get it sooner, and b) get it cheaper (this not true for people who want all the stuff bundled with it, but people like me who don’t, retail is a better deal).

    • Wow, for someone complaining about word choice you sure are pushing your argument:

      ” b) get it cheaper (this not true for people who want all the stuff bundled with it, but people like me who don’t, retail is a better deal).”

      How long did it take you to find a way for that argument to be true? Technically, you are correct. I did find a site that would ship the rule book to me for $38.94. So you wanted to play KOW enough to back the Kickstarter, but you feel the extra $11.06 you paid for the $50 level was NOT worth the:

      Softcover Players Book
      Tyrant King Blaine Figure (Put that on ebay, see if you get more that $11 for it…)
      Counter Set
      Future Campaign Book.
      Future Army App.

      You really didn’t want all that stuff? Even if you are not int the US/UK you probably came out ahead.

  6. 4 weeks till dungeon saga. Nope literally cant wait that long. Going to have to fly to china, hire a speedboat and chase my copy down.

  7. Meanwhile I’m kicking myself for not having ordered a bunch of models as part of my KoW kickstarter. Thanks for letting me redeem myself with the Labor day discount.

    I’ll probably jump in on the Warpath Kickstarter for fear of missing out on a good deal 🙂

  8. The Jetbikes are really cool. Gave me a little Star Wars feeling, even if they do not look really like Speeder Bikes. I want them to fly on Endor like the speeder bikes. 🙂

    I think it would be good if Mantic does make every year a Kickstarter for Warpath and KoW, to get many massive armies.

  9. sorry Ronnie what you’ve said is not quite correct, I placed an order on 11 July and followed it up just over a week ago – still waiting for the unis

    • Eddy, please find me on Facebook and let me know some details on your order via a PM and I will find out what has happened – and sorry!!!

  10. I have to agree with Chris above,

    mantic you are putting a string PR spin on many of these kickstarters and once again trying to run before you can walk once gain launching yet another kickstarter with 4? Outstanding! DBX has multiple digital items outstanding and backers being regularly ignored, KOW shipping ongoing with multiple issues, deadzone ongoing with poor communication, Dungeon saga running late with no firm dates.

    Time to slow down take stock and see out your commitments before adding more, while I realise and respect you have a business to run and need a product pipeline but you are clearly overstretched and the poor customer service, mispicks and delays are some of the visible consequences.

    • Unhappy Gamer – I recognize the points you raise and we have been a little stretched. We are trying to get past that and we have given it nearly 6 months between DeadZone an this Kickstarter -as we try to move to just 2 kickstarters per year.
      However, if we don’t get started on this now we will have nothing for the middle of next year.
      I can confirm that the first Dungeon Saga boat has now left the port (there is an update coming this week!) so 4 weeks on the sea – add a few days and we will be despatching the Dungeon Saga in October.
      thanks for bringing this up, we are making big strides forward with the delivery side of the KS’s, and I agree there is still room for more improvement. cheers, Ronnie

  11. What exactly happened with this ‘go at it’ a few years back? I’m curious about the history. It wasn’t a kickstarter obviously.

  12. Sooooo excited!

  13. Woof. It’s just too soon. I’m in for KoW2, Dungeon Saga, and DZ2, and haven’t even seen my KoW delivered yet. Warpath would have to be a real bells and whistles Kickstarter to get me in this time, and it doesn’t sound like that’s what’s planned.

  14. Christopher, concerning the KoW comment: There are still the Abyssal and Nature armies that will be shipped later (November if I remember correctly). Everything else has been shipped. A few packages came back as not deliverable and they are investigating each of them individually to ensure they get a new/proper address.

    • CK – that’s what Mantic said, but I increasingly doubt that it was honest and true. I’m still waiting for my basic KoW pledge, and lots of others are too. if some parcels (including mine ?) really were returned as undeliverable, surely Mantic should follow up with a quick email so buyers know what is happening ?

      Ronnie says they”snatched defeat from the jaws of victory”. I’d be more succinct – it’s a right royal screw-up. And following up with yet another KS so quickly will just make a really bad situation much worse.

  15. I think Kickstarter needs to have a rule change.
    No company should be allowed to start another project until all previous ones are fully met and dispatched.

  16. “There was also a group who wanted a smaller squad-based game – and you speak, we listen – so we have a great writer working on that too.”

    Oh really?

    That group was every one of the half dozen people I playtested with.
    No-one wanted to look up a unit entry to find out their 5 guys shot 6 dice for no reason.

    There are thousands of ex-40K players hoping to use their miniatures.
    The core rules we saw were appropriate for 15mm or lower scale games as was pointed out again and again and again during alpha.

  17. What TIME will the Kickstarter launch?

  18. How do I get info to setup Organized Play in my local store?

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