Updated Warpath Alpha Rules Released

Yesterday we told you a little bit more about the design intentions behind Warpath; now it’s time to see them in practice!


These rules have had lots of little tweaks since the earlier release back in May, and a couple of larger ones too! Have a read, and let us know what you think. However, before you do so, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Layout: This document is a work-in-progress version of the rulebook, including notes and directions for graphical layout in green, page references in yellow, and additional text to be added in blue. Once all of the rules are finalised we will get this laid out properly and start to fill the gaps with art and background, but for now it’s in a bare-bones state.
  • Discussion Point: Unit Hubs: These rules were written before the Firefight edition was conceived, and therefore contain a few compromises with regard to how units move around the table – hubs and unit coherency and how they interact with line of sight, model placement etc. We know that there are clunky elements to these rules, and are still working on them.
    • As a mass-battle game, the rules may be slicker if it used some sort of unit stands, like Kings of War or other smaller scale games out there like Dropzone Commander. However, some people were not keen on the idea, and so to cater for as many people as possible the rules were written to allow for individual model placement.
    • Now that we have Firefight, we do have the option to make Warpath use these unit stands – those who aren’t keen on the aesthetic have another option instead. Using stands as a core part of the rules means that the rules on hubs and unit positioning can be massively simplified, with knock-on streamlining effects to other areas of the rules.
    • What are your thoughts?
  • Points Values: Please be aware that these points values have had minimal testing. They are educated estimates, and as such, some of them may be quite wrong. Once we finalise the core rules and go to open beta, these will refined to properly balance the game.
  • Army Selection Rules: These have not yet been written, and will come once the rules are solidified. For now just use what you’ve got that feels balanced. We are also aware that the unit upgrades are a little inconsistent – these will be clarified later.
  • Alpha/Beta?: This release is still an alpha, and will remain so for the next couple of months until we are more solid on the points listed above, and have incorporated all of the feedback. Towards the end of the year we will have a long open beta period to firm up all the special rules and balance the points values.

Right, it’s time for the rules. You can download them here…

DOWNLOAD: Warpath Alpha Rules

We have set up a forum thread to collect all of the feedback – please head over there and post your comments.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!


  1. I love the idea of “mandatory” unit stands, I would love to play a games that finally moves away from the 40K standards

    • I agree – there are lots of great unit stands available commercially for skirmishing units which would be perfect for the warpath alpha rules. Or, one can very easily create them using thin (~2mm) craft plywood and a 1 inch diameter drill bit. Glue a thin layer of magnetized rubber underneath, and you have a customized yet simple and inexpensive unit stand.

  2. Loving it so far! Just seems to be missing the Sphyr list…:)

  3. Im still hoping for 6-10mm range for the epic rules (with stands) as the rules seems to be shaping up it should work just as well with 28mm 5 models units as with 6mm stands!

    • Use CMs instead of inches for all your measurements and it’d be pretty much bang on for 6 or 10mm games. Could be fun for really big games, but I’m not sure we’ll see Mantic release them any time soon (unless there’s an upcoming Warpath: Apocalypse Kickstarter………)

  4. I’m heavily against movement trays for a sci-fi game. These are not blocks of troops marching, they are loosely arranged squads. Stands will strip the feel from the game and drive away potential 40k converts. Firefight rules are not enough to cover this kind of change, since it’s for a different scale of engagement entirely.

    • Like you, I’m not keen on the idea of abstracting and unit basing in a sci-fi game, it doesn’t feel right to me, but clearly a lot of people like the idea too. One of the Pathfinders told me the feedback on individual models vs. unit basing was roughly a 50/50 split, so Mantic decided to do two variations on the rules:

      Warpath – unit basing, designed to handle really big scale battles (think Dropzone Commander)
      Firefight – individual models, designed for smaller scale platoon-level battles (think 40k)

      From what I can gather, the two systems will share the bulk of the rules, so you don’t have to learn two different games. The main difference (I’m told) will be in Warpath units are made up of several ‘teams’ (on multibases) each with their own statline, and in Firefight units are made up of ‘troopers’ (individually based) each with their own statline.

    • I’m heavily in favour of movement trays for a sci-fi game.

    • We’ll see how it goes, but what I want is something in the 50 to 100 models per army range with individual models. I don’t feel like either game, as pitched, would cover that.

      I think movement trays should just be optional in Warpath. Make the rules so you can move individual models, but don’t NEED to.

    • Hi Jason – Firefight will cover that number of miniatures for sure. 30 is kind of a minimum. Obviously it’ll be slower than the Warpath rules, but Warpath: Firefight will scale up.

    • Actually it’s about 60/40 slightly in favour of mass battles with unit rather than individual model mechanics.

  5. Hey There! I am a small business owner just north of Toronto, Ontario. Canada! I am interested in bringing in product for resale into my store but I cannot figure out what company is distributing it here! This is a very cool looking game and I have a lot of local gaming groups interested in trying it out but I need product! I have been told that it’s a fast paced economical mini game and the armies are FANTASTIC looking and the price is right! Can you help!?

    • We can definitely help! I’ve given your email address to our US and Canada trade rep, he’ll get in touch and sort you out 😀

    • Hi Kimberley, please contact
      [email protected] – he will get you sorted with the options.
      We don’t have great coverage in Canada yet, but we can go direct and there is good channels with US distributors. thanks for bringing us in.

  6. When do we get the alpha rules for Warpath: Firefight? I have no interest in Epic Warpath.

  7. Great initiative, sharing these alphas. Good attitude, Mantic!

  8. Is it practical to have an army on individual bases which can also connect to a unit stand, maybe with magnets? If I can have the option of using an army in both ways rather than just on unit stands I’d definitely be more likely to try it out.

    • Yep, you can get some magnetic material to put on the bottom of the bases, and ferrous paper to line the tray – dead easy to do. Some folks I know do it with WW2 minis to give them the option of grouping up their models to speed things up in larger games.

    • Of course. Just build your unit stands with slots or magnets built in, that way you’ll have the choice.

  9. No unit stands/movement trays!

  10. Liking the look of these. This KS may be an expensive one for me.

    I’m fully behind using 5 model bases for the large scale game if it’s aimed at more than 100 models a side. Speeds up movement hugely, and would leave a lot of room to declutter the rules in a lot of other places too. I think it would make things scale much more cleanly than they are at the moment.

    It’s not difficult to find bases which can cater to either individual minis or grouped (Sarissa precision to do a nice range just now), so people would still be able to take individuals out to play Firefight when desired.

  11. I would like to see the unit bases for the Epic version to speed up play. Firefight can handle the 40k sized games and the individually based models.

    I love the idea of the ferrous paper on the unit base and the magnetic model bases. This would allow you to play both versions with the same models.

  12. Firstly, well done for putting up the Alpha Rules, lovely touch and wish more folks would do that.

    Secondly, I’m certainly not in the Unit base camp, as I prefer to have all my stuff based for single-figure skirmish, but with steel/magnetic paper, it’s no major hardship to make unit bases if needed.

    Thirdly, L-o-S (Line-of-Sight). Sorry, totally not a fan for Sci-Fi combat. Would have preferred something completely opposite, in that, anyone/anything can shoot at anyone else, except (a) special locations/cover that provides serious protection, and/or (b) special kit/skill/ability that provides Shielding/Screens. In this genre, and especially for Corporate Wars (guessing well-sponsored, well-paid, lots of logistics?) a Mk1 Eyeball and a Mk2 Gunsight would be ancient stuff – we’d be onto Mk 6+ Satellite/Trace-linked multi-spectrum imaging.

    And that dovetails nicely into weapon ranges too. It’s sci-fi, so weaponry would be seriously linked together to ensure the right system covers the right aspect/task required for assault/defence action.

    Knocking L-o-S on the head, and standardizing ranges (after all, measuring is allowed at any point) would speed up game-play even more.

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