Warpath: Your Questions Answered

Earlier in the week we asked for your Warpath Kickstarter Questions. You’ll find our answers below!



Q1) how long will this KS last, 30days?

A1) It will be shorter, Monday 21st September until Sunday 11th October.

Q2) will some of the model funded in this KS get rules in DZ??

A1) Definitely, I wouldn’t expect any of the big vehicles to make it across, but certainly any new units or heroes.

Q3) are all the factions from DZ planned for WP?

A3) Where we go wholly depends on where the community can take us, we can only do as much as the funding we get. We will be starting with the Enforcers, Forge Fathers and Veer-myn, as they have the most miniatures available to form up armies with, and we’ll aim to cap them off with vehicles, and a new unit or two. From there, it’s up to the community – we’re seeing a lot of support for Plague, Corporation and Asterians, and if we get far enough we’ll be able to tackle them.

Q4) are there plans for more battlezones in this KS?

A4) There isn’t, no. Would this be something you’d like to see?


Q1) What TIME will the Kickstarter launch?

A1) 1:30pm British Summer Time.


Q1) Will Plague be a main faction?

A1) Yes – they are one of the greatest threats to the GCPS as we know it, but don’t put it past us to beat them. The Enforcers, Forge Fathers and in particularly the Asterians are very experienced in fighting them.

Tony Hopkins

Q1) Will there be rules for the big gun turret from the Battlezones Defence Line sprues?

A1) We can certainly add some, if people want to see them added.

Q2) Will there be rules for scaling buildings and taking the high ground?

A2) We think this is too complicated for people would play, however in the advanced rules there are additional mechanics for how to interact with buildings.  Firefight will almost certainly have it. For taking the high ground, that’s covered by the Height element in the line of sight rules.

Nic Evans

Q1) Will both these rulesets be included in the rulebook?

A1) Both rulesets will be included in the pledge levels, as two separate books.

Q2) are you going to honor the vouchers for the warpath rulebook that you gave out with warpath army boxes a few years ago? (i’ve been saving mine just in case.)

A2) Yep, customers who have a voucher will be able to go in store when it’s available and get it. There’s no way to make them apply to the Kickstarter sorry.

Drew Williams

Q1) Will warpath have a separate rulebook to firefight? or will the game (and hopefully some of the stats & rules)be folded into the one rulebook.

A1) There will be two separate rulebooks.

Q2) there has been previous rumours concerning a marine vs z’zor starter set, any news on this?

A2) This was an idea we had for a future edition of Deadzone.

Q3) Essentially with warzone we would be getting miniatures that can function in 3 different games (deadzone (if rules are included which I can only beg repeatedly for), warpath and firefight. What about rules that could be played over various miniature ranges? How does warpath scale up to ‘BIG’ battles? Would mantic consider producing a 10mm range?

A3) Warpath scales up quite neatly due to the system of building squads out of teams, we’ve played games with as few as 30 miniatures aside, and as many as 150 miniatures a side, and it stays rapid, it’s very enjoyable. It’ll go bigger than that quite comfortably. Regarding a 10mm range – that’s very interesting! We’ll have to see. Regarding a miniatures line, well, if there’s every enough demand for something, we generally do it!


Q1) Could we please have a 6 x 4 mat like the Deadzone 2 x 2 ones?

A1) Interesting! I’ll have to set the studio boffins off to investigate that one. If you’re wanting a decent playing surface though, I recommend the Tablescape Secret Weapon plastic boards!


Q1) Will we see at least some sort of presence from the “expanded” races like the cyrstallans, Sphyr, etc? Understandably they may not be separate armies, but will they have unit options?

A1) In the rules, it is likely that there will be unit options to represent some of the more obscure races in the Warpath universe. There are no plans for new miniatures for these races during this Kickstarter however.


Referring to the Warpath Rules and the Warpath: Firefight Rules –

Q1) So this still uses same scale as firefight?

A1) Yes, both games use the same range of 28mm miniatures.


Q1) Are we going to have an open beta?

A1) Yep!


Remember, the Kickstarter goes live at 1:30pm BST on Monday 21st September.

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  1. Pâtrick the Betrayer September 18, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    All very nice but I’m missing a name here: Marauders!!!
    They WILL be one of the factions, right?

  2. Javier Pio Gutierrez September 18, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    And what about Rebs? Will they get at least a full Army list? And is there any kind of plastic sprue in the distant horizon?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Are those Plague from the picture existing miniatures? I don’t think I have seen them before…

  4. Really sad that the marauders are left out, especially as they were in the previous starter (so I have a bunch of them). I would love hard plastic marauders that fit with the fantastic Deadzon sculpts (yes, the current ones do not hold up at all).

    • So would we – though there are other things we want to do first. If peeps really want Marauders, then we’ll need to get beyond those goals!

    • So just to be clear, when it is said you “won’t be tackling marauders”, this is purely from a new miniature stand-point, correct? There will still be support and rules for marauders and other races like perhaps Rebels with this new version of Warpath just without this Kickstarter designed to fund their models. Is that what I’m hearing?

    • That is what you are hearing!

  5. No Marauders? I have a marauder army from your previous Warpath starter box. You are not going to support them in Warpath now? Well, then you won’t be getting my money. 🙁

    • There will be an army list for them, just no new minis unless the KS blows through a bunch of stretch goals.

    • Are you guessing, or do you have a link to some comment from Mantic to that effect?

    • I suppose I am guessing- I could have sworn I saw a list in an earlier alpha release but I’ve gone back to check and I think I was imagining things. That or wishful thinking. 🙂

    • We will be supporting them, there just won’t be new miniatures in the Kickstarter unless it really explodes!

  6. Mantic,

    Will the Warpath kickstarter be structured like the KOW 2 kickstarter? For example: $50 for both books, $100 for Firefight starter army and both books, $150 for Warpath state army and both books.

  7. That’s very disappointing to hear there won’t be Marauders in the initial factions. I really was looking forward to getting some of them. Hopefully you guys can sort that out.

  8. Will there be lists for people to use with their existing miniature collection from other companies, like the minor races for KoW?

    • It’s definitely on the horizon – if the game goes well at launch and it’s something people want, then why not? Of course, some armies already have cross-over potential!

  9. “Will there be lists for people to use with their existing miniature collection from other companies, like the minor races for KoW?”

    Seeing the Rules Committee get their teeth into Uncharted Empires so quickly after 2nd edition I would be surprised if they didn’t get on to this quickly. Its due out Novemberish from memory.

    I imagine the Warpath core rules would have to be nailed down with the first four factions first.
    Get stuck in on the forums, put some models on the table and feed back your experience.
    Actual playtesting accelerates rules development.

    As soon as I see the Fire Fight army lists I’ll be working on a fan-made list for Sisters of Battle. It would have to be a subset of the Enforcers list at first to be useful for testing.

    • Based on comments made in the past by Rich and the rest of Mantic, I’d be a little surprised if they made official lists for other companies armies in Warpath. They have stressed over and over that they want WP to completely stand on it’s own, where they fealt they could adapt various races from other companies to fit within their KOW world of Mantic.

      That doesn’t mean it’s impossible or that it should stop you from moving forward with working on your lists, I’m sure alot of people(myself included) would be interested in the results. Not sure if you have seen this, but there is a sticky thread or unofficial alternate army lists here: https://manticforum.com/forum/warpath/general-discussion-ab/110-compilation-of-warpath-army-lists-and-rules It includes an older SOB lost you may want to use as a starting place, or maybe throw out. Either way good luck, I’ll be interested in the results!

  10. Pâtrick the Betrayer September 21, 2015 at 8:56 am

    Ok, considering the Marauders won’t get new toys now I’m switching to the Veerm-Myn.
    The things I saw on the sprues look absolutely great but I’ve noticed an absence of the round ‘bases’ undrneat the model’s feet.
    Will you still use the old round bases with the insert or wiil you switch to the ones from Renedra?
    Also: will the Marauders get SOME muchneeded luve and get a playable list in the rulebook?

    • The last few hard plastic kits we’ve made drop the circle base from the miniature feet – the Warpath bases have inserts on one side, but are totally flat on the other, so they perfectly fine with the new kits.

    • Pâtrick the Betrayer September 21, 2015 at 10:32 am

      Thanks Cris, I was hoping on that one since a store I know still has some Veermyn on offer and i’d like to get ahead on the release of Warpath :-p
      Any idea when the ‘Furry Freaks’ will get an armylist?

  11. Right, the challenge has been thrown down, a 10mm range of figures for warpath if interest is high enough, what interest is out there for a sci-fi flames of war scale game?

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