And now for something completely different….

As  you  know  today  we  have  some  news,  which  we  hope  will  let  us  make  a  game  that  is  cool,  fun  and  has  wide  appeal…  but  more  on  that  later  😉 .

Before then I wanted to give you all an update on everything else we have going on to show you that our existing games and ranges are continuing to get our full support with some exciting new developments and releases we are working on this year.

Obviously  it  goes  without  saying  that  everything  Mantica  is  going  like  a  steam  train  at  the  moment.  We  are  already  on  the  3rd  print  of  Kings  of  War  and  Uncharted  Empires.  Just  before  Christmas  we  shipped  the  Abyssal  and  Nature  Armies  along  with  the  Destiny  of  Kings  book  to  Kickstarter  backers  and  this  completes  the  physical  part  of  the  KoW  KS.  I  have  seen  these  arriving  on  Facebook  and  already  funky  paint  schemes  and  painting  options  are  underway.  The  Destiny  of  Kings  book  and  the  Abyssal  army  will  be  in  stores  late  February  or  early  March,  but  you  won’t  be  seeing  the  Forces  of  Nature  in  store  until  the  middle  of  the  year.  Work  is  well  underway  with  the  app,  and  throughout  the  year  we  have  new  additions  and  unit  fillers  planned  for  every  army  in  the  range  –  and  with  a  global  summer  campaign  the  future  looks  good  for  the  realm  of  Mantica.  3 Books


We  have  about  160  people  who  backed  the  Dungeon  Saga  Kickstarter  (out  of  nearly  6000)  who  don’t  yet  have  their  pledge,  and  about  400  with  some  missing  items.  While  160  missing  pledges  is  not  a  huge  percentage  of  6000  it  is  a  horrible  experience  for  those  that  backed  and  haven’t  yet  got  their  items.  I  am  personally  working  with  the  new  full  time  Customer  Experience  Manager  (Zak)  to  get  this  sorted  asap.  Some  of  the  missing  pledges  were  people  who  didn’t  fill  out  the  pledge  manager  (and  you  are  very  naughty  people!),  a  small  few  are  the  pledge  manager  failing  to  save  the  completed  pledge  or  other  strange  IT  issues,  and  the  rest  is  mostly  postal  and  mail  issues,  and  a  couple  of  the  premium  painted  pledges  too.

We  are  prioritizing  the  people  with  no  pledge  at  all  and  we  will  be  sending  these  out  this  week,  even  if  there  is  a  missing  item  or  two  we  will  resend  the  base  games  and  as  much  as  we  have  so  you  can  get  playing.  We  will  await  the  returns  or  order  more  components  for  any  out-­‐of-­‐stocks.  We  will  then  switch  back  on  to  the  missing  items.  As  you  can  guess  when  there  are  so  many  individual  choices  and  lots  of  resin  and  components  working  through  these  to  get  them  right  takes  a  bit  of  time.  Please  don’t  worry,  if  you  have  filled  in  a  missing  item  form  we  will  get  to  it  and  send  out  the  missing  bits,  it  just  takes  a  while  to  do  it  properly.  We  have  a  team  of  five  on  this  and  I  am  sure  they  all  be  sorted  by  the  end  of  January,  hopefully  sooner.


Finally  we  have  Deadzone  and  Warpath  well  underway.  The  hard  plastic  kits  have  been  rattling  in  and  I  think  everyone  has  seen  most  of  these.  Personally  I  am  astounded  at  the  quality  generally  and  the  Enforcer  bike  in  particular.  The  final  draft  of  the  Deadzone  rule  book  has  now  been  sent  over  to  layout  and  will  be  formatted  in  the  next  couple  of  weeks.  We  intend  then  to  get  it  out  for  some  proof  reading  before  printing.  The  main  Warpath  rule  book  is  close  behind,  and  rapidly  approaching  completion  too.  The  Firefight  book  is  currently  in  development  but  we  hope  to  have  these  rules  out  for  comment  in  the  next  couple  of  months.  The  pledge  manager  for  this  is  still  open  and  we’ll  leave  it  open  for  as  long  as  we  can,  certainly  into  March  before  we  have  to  close  it  down  to  start  getting  ordering  volumes.

As  you  know  Kickstarters  with  Mantic  are  genuinely  part  of  the  creative  process  of  new  product.  Therefore  it  always  feels  like  we  are  on  with  the  next  thing  before  we  have  properly  finished  the  last  one.  It’s  one  of  the  few  things  I  don’t  like  about  them,  however  with  a  nearly  18-­‐month  new  product  cycle  there  will  always  be  a  slight  overlap.  Before  we  dive  into  the  bright  and  shiny  new  thing  I  just  wanted  to  reassure  everyone  where  we  are.  The  customer  service  and  dispatch  teams  are  all  over  it.

Dungeon  Saga  and  Kings  of  War,  Deadzone  and  Warpath  are  nearing  the  end  of  the  creative  process  and  heading  for  packaging  and  layout,  and  that  means  it  must  be  time  for  something  new….  hmm…  now  what  can  it  be?  Well  I  can  promise  it’ll  involve  toy  soldiers,  and  I  have  been  dropping  lots  of  clues  for  YEARS  now  😉

Tune  back  in  later  to  find  out!

Best  wishes



Ronnie Renton


  1. Perhaps you guys should focus on finishing the projects you already are committed to.
    Perhaps the Warpath Firefight rules for public alpha.
    Perhaps the 19 dungeon saga missions that you have delayed the release of some of up to a year.
    Or maybe you guys should take an extra minute to proof read and test the material in your books before sending them to the print.

    • I agree with Eriochrome, a name I recognise from many a Mantic Kickstarter.

      It’s great that you’re on the third reprint of KoW, but since I am still waiting for my wave 1 from the kickstarter it sounds more like an indictment than a bragging point. Despite being told it was sent for delivery just before December I am now in the interesting position of having received my Wave 2 but still not having the book to play the damn game. And of course, as usual, my emails go unanswered.

      There are still no firefight rules for warpath and the time is ticking away before the pledge manager closes and those backing for firefight are left to guess what they will need.

      The value question for the DZI material switch is still unanswered despite vague reassurances that it will be looked at.

      At this point I have no more benefit of the doubt to give Mantic Games so I will have to pass on the kickstarter for the Walking Dead game you are about to announce. There is simply no way to justify me giving you any more money in good faith or in you needing any money to develop such a game – seriously I thought the whole point of a franchise game was you already have a player base willing to buy in.

  2. is it Fishmen, I hope it’s Fishmen. Ronnie has been talking about Fishmen since the old times BM (Before Mantic), i bet it is Fishmen *mumbled whisper* Oh, we have Fishmen now… then I’m stumped, Menfish maybe?

    PS can you tell Justin at BoW he isn’t allowed to use ogres with his dwarfs against my ogres?

  3. I just hope to receive what I pledged for still missing box a and missing bits from box b. Never received any response or anything. Doubt I’d ever back again

    • Hi Tim – I’m very sorry to hear that. Assuming that you informed us of those missing bits, I can promise you that our team is working through the missing bits requests that we have. This takes some time to sort out, each one has to be individually checked and we have received a few forms. That being said, I’ve passed your message higher up the chain to see if I can move up a response for you, and hope to get you your bits soon.

      I hope that you’re enjoying what you have received.

  4. Anyone thinking about backing Mantic’s next Kickstarter project should really take a look at the Dungeon Saga comments section, their Facebook page, and ESPECIALLY take a look at how they handle the Dungeon Saga debacle.

    If they seriously start another project BEFORE fixing the many issues with KOW and DS…it shows how much they care about their backers.

  5. As one of the backers missing my entire Dungeon Saga pledge, this is much better news than the April date we were hearing before. Thanks for making this right and I look forward to playing !

  6. i have to agree with Eriochrome, i like mantic but i would not recommend starting a new kickstarter.
    Finish what you are commited to, after everything is properly released and proven, people will be more comfortrable trusting you with their money.
    Doing to many kickstarters while delivering slowly will result in people slowly losing interest in supporting you, no mather how cool or fun the game may be.
    Please, play it safe, release everything before you start another kickstarter, prove people can trust you

  7. apocryphal_lore January 5, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Ok, I was just pleasantly reading this article, getting all excited about things and I wasn’t going to post; but I feel these comments need some love. I love Mantic; they are a great company who produces great products for, best of all, a great price! I have complete faith that they will deliver on everything they say they will; they always have. And I appreciate that they are using crowdfunding as a tactical weapon to push their production years ahead of where it normally would be – we don’t have to wait 4 years for a new faction to fill-out; we only have to wait 12 months – that’s insanely fast!

    Can’t wait for what you guys do next!

    Mantic! Mantic! Mantic! (everybody!)

    • Don’t misunderstand i love mantic, that’s why i critisize, that is why people critisize(mostly), because they care.
      They have provided us with fun games, are open and understand that games are suppose to be fun, they do their best to balance their games(which can be very difficult), affordable, challenging, and ‘easy to learn but hard to master’.
      My friends and i have a lot of fun when we play a game of KOW, Warpath and deadzone. (really looking forward to those two, especially for those new Forge Fathers)
      The main problem is simple that we have seen enough examples of people on kickstarter trying to do too much while delivering little and failing and this has made people wary when they think it is going to happen again.
      Simple put, we don’t want mantic to go the same route so we critiseze because we know they read these comments, because we know they care.

    • apocryphal_lore January 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Simon, I hear what you’re saying; but I’m also missing what you’re implying but not saying. Come on man, I get it, you’ve said your piece, now where’s that love?!

      Mantic! Mantic! Mantic!

    • whoops, should slap my head for forgetting.

      Mantic! Mantic! Mantic!

    • As one of the people obviously targeted by the comment, I will respond that I really do not have anything personally against mantic. I had hoped that they might take the place of a certain someone in my life. I was very excited by the teased concept of Warpath Firefight that I promoted their kickstarter on my blog with suggestions about good pledges to work with that system.

      Mantic has let me down very much on the Dungeon Saga kickstarter. I should not be able to make a list of like 20 parts of that campaign that were changed, dropped, or delayed without timely notice. Mantic should not suddenly find like 5 more missions that were promised only after people start complaining. My personal favorite is that mantic should not write:

      Not only that but we will add a second bonus scenario, giving you a total of eight new missions to play with the Infernal Crypts expnasion!

      in Dungeon saga update 43 with the eight even in bold then deliver it with only 6 missions to backers. And then just pretend like they did not say it. I have seen mantic misinform backers directly in the kickstarter comments then go silent when called on it. They fix that stuff and maybe the earn some love.

  8. A Walking Dead minis game would be AWESOME! I AM IN! 😀

  9. Murderbirds Are Awesome January 5, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Whoa, this comment section is seriously a bad case of the bummers. Honestly, I understand Mantic’s position on the Kickstarters and I have to respect it. These days, being a wargaming miniatures company is not really incredibly viable in the standard way that the Great Satan GeeDubs operates by. The income is hilariously unstable and typically isn’t enough to really promote a lot of innovation without a long history.

    By working of a steady chain of kickstarters, Mantic is able to get steady and pretty big gulps of capital to keep trucking, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by their products. The miniatures might have started off somewhat shaky, but over the past few years, they’ve become absolutely amazing while the prices are still crazy cheap. Mantic is a young company, but you cannot argue that they aren’t learning as policies change, whether it is growing to have a dedicated customer support position or the whole Chinese plastic situation that led to the Goblin fiasco.

    Side projects like Mars Attacks and if this is a Walking Dead game / Mad Max game simply help to energize capital into the main lines without any real drawback. They also serve as a really nice vehicle for getting Mantic a wider audience, and I’ll never say no to that.

    Mantic! Mantic! Mantic!

  10. Emergencyoverride January 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    A mad max style game would be awesome. Im really zombied out.

  11. Emergencyoverride January 5, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    Amad max game would be awesome. I am seriously zombied out.

  12. having purchased old Warpath retail, and then backed DZ:I kickstarter to get the new stuff as well as catch up with the $100 add-on they provided, I can only speak from my own experience so far. (Disclaimer, I’ve backed around 30 other boardgame/miniaturegame kickstarters, so it wasn’t my first rodeo) Currently, as far as a KS company, I’d give them a ‘barely meets expectations’ based on a couple of things, with the (maybe mistaken on my part) assumption that they’re in KS to make this a cooperative collaboration with the backers:
    1) On the DZ kickstarter, once they realized they were missing items in the add-ons, they made unilateral decisions that creates a very unfortunate “my way or the high way” or “too bad, so sad…” vibe. If they truly intend to be collaborative, they could’ve easily asked the vocal backers (the ones more vested in the company as a collaborator). They didn’t.
    2) Similarly, they’ve made unilateral decisions on change of materials (that could potentially result in loss of detail and value) and then provided another “too bad, so sad” non-collaborative vibe on “and we’ll just toss you some extra dice” as if that would be enough. Mostly, it’s the principle of it.

    Anyway, lesson learned: some companies are more interested in collaborating or engaging with their backers. Some aren’t. I won’t list other companies that are, or aren’t… that would be rude and inappropriate. What I will say is, right now, with how Mantic has handled (or mishandled) things… I’m purely going to treat them as a pre-order company; in which case, I’ll wait for retail/online instead of giving them any future 0% interest unsecured loans. Again, just my two cents.

  13. Mike Kirkham-Ingram January 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Again Erichrome has a massive point. I have backed all the kickstarter to date (except KOW) and I have been lucky to receive everything with no problems. But seeing the amount of issues that are still outstanding, sorting these out should be your first priority which is what you are doing. The next thing is to make sure that the next 2 projects are the best you can by making sure that everything that was promised in the kickstarter is fulfilled. If this can not be done, then be upfront about it and not wait just before sending the stuff out.
    I think as a company, your use of kickstarter is over and I think that now that you have a lot of products out there and still stuff coming out for the next 2 years, I think you should now release items as they become developed, after rigorous play testing and quality checking. You have already lost a lot of fans and customers over the last few issues with kickstarters. I would stop with the kickstarters now before it damages your reputation as one of the best game company’s out there.
    I’m still a fan and i’m looking forward to where you go next, but just slow down and make sure you put out a quality product instead of the silly mistakes that have happened in the past.

  14. Mike Kirkham-Ingram January 5, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Oh yeah….Mantic!Mantic! Mantic!

  15. So what the hell is that big news?

  16. @chris there’s nothing to enjoy never even received the base game

  17. Mantic. On a less critical note, I saw in the warpath comments that the solution for people who just want pdfs and do not want to be charged shipping for them is to not fill in the pledge manager.

    Given the events of the DS kickstarter, this does not seem like a good solution as it will bloat your unfilled in pledge manager tallies making it harder for you to make sure people who planned to fill them out but had issues or forgot can get be found.

    • Traditionally those who only want the PDF copies do not fill in the PM. They never have – this is the first time it’s ever cropped up. The PDFs are sent out via the Kickstarter messaging system, we know who they are and who they need to go to. We do not chase $1 backers who have not spent more than $1. If a backer spent $1 for a $1 pledge and wanted more but does not fill out the PM, there is nothing we can do about it – we will instead service those who did fill in the pledge manager.

      In short, if a backer only wants the PDF books and does not want to spend more $1, then don’t fill out the Pledgemanager.

  18. Fix the broken stuff.
    Honour the promises and pledges you can in the existing kickstarters.
    Own the promises you made that you can’t keep (ie hardback Adventurer’s Companion COMPENDIUM).

    Then. Then consider a new kickstarter. Because I actually got my carton A- presumably complete but hard to be sure with no contents list- by mid October- and yet I still wouldn’t consider taking part in another mantic kickstarter until I see this happening.

  19. Any chance of some clarification on the “tweaking” of the Steel Warrior sprues? The silence regarding this issue is deafening and maddening.

    Will someone at Mantic PLEASE offer some clarification on this? It’s been asked about many times, and still nothing!

    • Hi Jim – sorry I’m not sure what isn’t clear about the sprue. What we showed in the picture in the update is what is on the sprue. It’s one sprue and one bag of separate components (because our toolmakers made the sprue too long for our packaging…) The configuration is the way it is for a variety of reasons, including the best configuration for gameplay and the addition of some fun extras. Almost everyone has as least two sprues, and will be able to make entire squads up for Warpath, or a unique group of figures for Deadzone.

  20. I still am waiting on my core game and strech goals. U gave me some bullshit reason that my pledge manager didnt go thru. But u took my money for add ons. Andsent them to me. Will i be one of the people getting mine sent out soon??

  21. Looks like I fall into the missing 160 Dungeon Saga KickStarter pledges category. Does this mean I will receive it in January instead of April?

  22. Kickstarter is ONLY part of the creative process when companies communicate and discuss the product WITH rhe backers during the design process…you dont so for mantic it isnt part of the process at all….

    Such as the hearts being subbed for skulls….part of the process would have involved COMMUNICATING with backers BEFORE you pulled the switch not oh opps sorry about that finding out only once we have received it

    The BS really is getting to be too much.

  23. Any chance of ever getting my pledge or a response to missing my whole base game and my missing items. Worst customer service ever

  24. All this talk about warpath rules almost ready to print, how about giving a link where we can actually get the latest rules. Also what to do with older armies of forge fathers and marauders is kind of vague, like thorgarim…. Then there are the now useless marauder auxiliaries with a nerve of 2 and defense of 3 …. just use them for target practise

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