The Walking Dead: All Out War – Did You Get Bit?

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game plays out as two opposing groups of survivors fight over the valuable resources. However, fellow man is far from the only threat in the world. The landscape is populated by Walkers; what’s left of the population of Georgia.

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They’re slow and unarmed, but are much more dangerous than they first appear. They won’t go down easily and when attacking in numbers can be devastating. The only way to permanently deal with them is to score a head shot or to crush their heads once they have been knocked down.

The Walkers in the game are controlled by an AI system. There are three ways in which a Walker can be made to move. If a player gets too close, within the ominous ‘kill-zone’, then the Walkers will lunge to attack, biting and clawing at their precious survivors.


Secondly, the Walkers are attracted to loud noises – gun shots and running mostly. Creating sound will draw any nearby walkers in. They advance in a straight line and will stop at any obstacle they meet – including other survivors. A favoured tactic developing in play testing is to put your opponent between you and the Walkers and start firing your weapon – drawing them in to your unsuspecting foe!

Finally, event cards in the game allow the players to alternate moving the walkers. You can either move them towards your opponent or lead them away from your own survivors. This adds a tactical aspect to the Walker’s positioning and, when under your opponent’s control, makes them much more aggressive.

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Beware the Walker’s bite. Anyone caught in close combat with one of these shambling assailants has a chance being bitten. These wounds will slowly drain the victim’s health over time.

Did you get bit?

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  1. This sounds a lot like the “Artificial Stupidity” rules from Deadzone: Contagion

  2. I love the sound of herding them onto your opponents! Apart from that it sounds rather interesting! As with another Z’s game there seems to be some nice tricks to distracting and attracting them. Player control over them as a sort of wild card thing seems cool also. Makes them just a tad less predictable.

  3. I remain bite free. *yawn*

  4. This sounds like great fun,can’t wait.

  5. I’m gonna be that guy! By the time of the All Out War storyline, they’re in Maryland, not Georgia!

    I am totally that guy.

    • You are that guy 😉 All Out War is the name of the game, and we’ll be tackling pretty much all of the early storyline. If we generate enough interest, we will go from when Rick wakes up probably as far as the prison/woodbury story 😀 And who knows where in the future!

  6. Yet you continue to read & post Mike G…….yawn….

  7. I for one think this is great and can’t wait to see the fruits of Mantic’s labour hit the table top.
    @Chad K – I agree – perhaps Mike G is one of those sad GW fans who can’t take it when people criticise GW and then proceed to contrast GW to Mantic to highlight how a great games company should actually work.
    I’ve seen similar posts to Mike’s on several forums now, from GW fanboys with a massive chip on their shoulder trying to spread negativity about Mantic in a sad attempt to get even.

  8. Having played the game at the Mantic Open Day in November last year, I can state that the AI system does work very well. The board is deliberately quite small in the version we played so you have to be very sensible about the noise you create and how to try and use the zombies against your opponent.
    That said my character got trapped by four zombies and took them on in a fight to the death and was still standing by some miracle dice rolls after the game was concluded!
    This will be on my purchase list for sure.

  9. Please do the miniatures in 28mm metal!!

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