The Walking Dead: Someone with Character…

The survivors of the apocalypse are integral to both the story and the game in The Walking Dead: All Out War. As a player, you will take control of straggling groups of these wayward souls and fighting for their survival.

Every Character in the game will come with an associated Character card. This will list their name, abilities, health and role within a group. Let’s take a look at Rick Grimes – although please note that all of this is subject to play testing and may change.

Rick 2

Rick is a ‘Leader’ which is relevant for gang building, and also grants him a special ability. Once per game, he can distribute a randomly determined number of actions amongst the other survivors in his group. He has a points cost –fifty- for gang building, too.


The stats in the game show how good a model is at fighting in melee, firing a gun or defending themselves from attack. Each of these stats is represented by a coloured dice. The dice are six-sided, but specially marked to show different levels of skill – red dice aren’t as good as white dice, for example. Rick has a white dice for all three stats – making him a good all-rounder.

Each survivor in your gang also has a nerve level. As the fighting gets fiercer and more survivors fall, or more Walkers arrive, characters may become panicked. The game uses a Threat Level, that is modified by events and the state of play. This can either be ‘All Quiet’, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’. Rick’s Nerve is high, so he will only become panicked under extreme circumstances – keeping a cool head the rest of the time.

Rick 3

Some characters have special rules to represent unique abilities or character traits. Rick’s is ‘Blood Ties’. If Carl Grimes is in the same gang as him, and is removed as a casualty, Rick gains a bonus to his attacks for the rest of the game – fitting if you’ve read the comic in which Carl is injured and Rick looses it towards his assailant.

Finally, each card shows a character’s health, using survival points that are tracked throughout the game and are removed each time the survivor is hurt or bitten. They also have Pack slots, which shows how many different items they can carry – we’ll be covering these later.

What Characters are you looking forward to playing – what abilities would you like to see?

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  1. oh……my……..I cannot wait.

  2. This sounds good Mantic. What characters I would like? Besides all the important characters of the comics I think it would be cool if Lee and Clementine (from the Telltale pc-game) will be included!

  3. Can’t wait for this game !
    My favorite character from the comics are Ezechiel and his tiger, Negan and the one i prefer: Andrea, ‘love her 😉
    Are the whisperers going to be in the game ?

  4. Should make home have a removable hand.

  5. I think it would be great if there were generic people, as well. When I played Warmahordes, it felt kinda weird when every battle involved a major character. I think it would be great if there was a mechanic to design your own character to help you to get more into the game (metaphorically and literally). Plus, it would let me use my Ronnie the Jester model to fight of Z’s!

  6. The character I am looking forward to appearing in “All Out War” the most is one of Negans’ crew member from issue 107. The one holding the crow bar next to Carl on page 8.

    (I know that character is extremely unlikely to actually get a mini but I also thought it very unlikely that I would ever be drawn into the Walking Dead in the first place so having a matching mini would be amazing)

  7. Jesus had better have some great special abilities! Grenade catching for one.

  8. First person that says Daryl gets best with Lucille…Scott

  9. Beat, not best

  10. Would like to know more how to create original characters. Thanks!

  11. Yes making original characters is a must for me. The fastest way to make me lose interest is to make it into a glorified board game.

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