The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game on Kickstarter!

The Walking Dead

Hi there,

Ronnie here. It’s been nearly three weeks since we announced The Walking Dead miniatures game and the response has been somewhere between amazing and frightening!


We’ve never seen a buzz like this before – and as most of you know, we like to keep things exciting! This looks to go off the charts.

That said, we don’t want to make any of the mistakes of the past. We neither want to underfund this and therefore be limited with the range and support we can give it (as happened with our first try at Warpath back in 2011), nor do we want it to go so big it becomes unwieldy.

To ensure we can support this volume of backers, and our general community, in the next week or so we will be launching a new customer service platform called Freshdesk, headed up by our new Customer Service Manager Zak.

This will replace all of our existing systems so we can better support you. Watch out for more info on this soon.

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I think it’s clear we can get ‘normal’ sized campaigns and launches such as Kings of War and DreadBall right and delivered on time and accurately (even when the postman loses boxes, or pledges go missing), once we go over the $1m mark with huge and complicated ranges, such as with Deadzone and Dungeon Saga, it means it gets hard to keep the accuracy levels and customer service at the high standards both we and backers expect. As always, we fix every issue but it takes too long.

There’s no doubt that to deal with the demand, not only help with tooling, but also to bring in the quantities we expect to print, Kickstarter will be needed.

But we want to keep it simple – so the backer will still get a great deal, and it’ll allow us to focus on accuracy and right first time shipping and customer service. We also want to make sure there is lots of demand left for the retailers to share in this product, especially with a starting MSRP of just £35/$50, and £12.50 and $20 boosters.


I feel The Walking Dead has the potential to reach a size that we’ve not dealt with before. We do have experience with big projects like Deadzone (4,000 backers) and Dungeon Saga (6,000) and we’re applying the lessons we’ve learnt to The Walking Dead – because we might even get more backers on this campaign!

And so there will be one great value for money reward level for backers to pledge at – which will be shipped all in one box. It’ll have everything in the first wave of releases – so the game, the minis, lots of freebies and all the upgrades (as long as we hit those stretch goals!). With just one package we can make sure it is assembled accurately, with miniatures supplied in trays so that they don’t break or are missed from the packing, and other trays so everything has its place.


If the campaign goes really big (and that means we think it will finish right up there with our biggest ever campaigns) then we will look at 2 or 3 simple expansions which you will be able to add-on to your pledge. These will allow us to move into the later aspects of the storyline, introduce lots more heroes – and baddies 😉 – and offer interesting new variant play, such as a Prison setting. However, so they cannot interfere with the accuracy of shipping wave 1, these expansions will be shipped at a later date. Secondly, each will also be a single add-on. As always, the further we fund we’ll add in every stretch goals we hit, which means those add-ons will also get better value as newly funded boosters and accessories are included.

All of this is our plan to offer an easy, great value for money way into The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game – and we hope you’ll join us on the journey. Your support will allow us to make this game all it deserves to be.

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is launching on Kickstarter on the February 1 at 05:30 PT, 08:30 ET or 1:30pm GMT. It closes on the February 29 at 15:59 PT, 18:59 ET 11:59pm GMT. Shipping Wave 1 is expected to be dispatched in August 2016.



  1. How much will the buy in be?

    • Main pledge is $125, but there is a strictly limited number of discounted early birds available too.

    • Andrew Fothergill January 25, 2016 at 6:43 pm

      So the main game is £30 but you have to pay 90 in the kickstarter ?

    • The main game at retail is £35, whereas the pledge level includes the core game and a suite of extras and kickstarter exclusives. For your $125 on Kickstarter, you are also eligible for stretch goal rewards, which improves the value of the pledge level over time. The value of what you end up with will be much much higher than the value you start with.

    • Still dont see how youre going to add enough stuff into the pledge to make this worthwhile… Especially if shipping is extra, like it was with the last two campaigns. At 70-90$, I could see it as a maybe… at 125, not a chance, sorry. :/
      Good luck though!

    • Yes, you’re paying $75 for SG’s. After the OLGS discount, you’re paying *even more*. DS had this situation as well, with the base game worth much less than the $100 they were asking for. DS is $55 from $80 MSRP, so you paid $45 for the DS SG’s (free shipping for US and UK), which still wasn’t a bad price if you wanted the miniatures. I still think only two main characters in the $50 MSRP base game box and $20 MSRP for the retail-only boosters is a money grab. I think any TWD fan who finds only Carl and Rick in the base game box will be disappointed. We’ll just have to see what Mantic offers and make our own choices.

    • I think that buy-in seems like a deal. $50 for the core game, and 4 boosters at $20 each passes the $125. Presumably backers will be getting more than just that.

  2. Nope, I don’t trust you guys after dungeon saga

    • Hi Tyler – that’s fair enough. Hopefully we can win back your trust in the future.

    • How did you get burned with dungeon saga?

    • Mantic, instead of try another game to win back trust in you, why don’t you simply complete Dungeon Saga with the missing information for the companion? Why don’t you support your game, answer the HUGE amount of questions about DS and then think to milk us with other games? Why do you think we’ll give you another chance after the mess with DS?

    • I was $400 dollars in the whole, and spent months trying to get missing items from my pledge level that are required to even play the game.

      On top of the extra shipping charges that don’t seem to stop, as they keep sending things randomly.

    • Also I did the Mars Attack, which Mantic has all given up on. I don’t think there been a single faq or rule update since it came out.

      Just saying.

    • The Living FAQ for Mars Attacks is here:

      We have also released at least two expansions, a compendium with additional rules content and a full and supported plastic retail range for Mars Attacks.

      Mars Attacks is coming to the end of its time and it’s unlikely we will produce anything more for it going forwards however.

  3. Will be it released in french?

  4. Mantic, will it be shipped via DHL to Brazil as it was with Dungeon Saga? If yes, please reconsider. DHL is a fast service, but at extremely high cost to us. For delivery, it charges us more 110% of the total we pay in the pledge manager. (It includes import fees, I know, but it adds a lot of extra taxes). When you send to us via standard postal service, the taxes are much less. Please !

  5. Yeahhhh. Now I´m all in !! =D Thanks

  6. I’m glad you guys led with customer service and a Walk-through of your plans to keep this licensed game under control. I am a huge fan of Mantic and it is mostly based on the transparency and spirit with which it is run, it doesn’t mean mistakes haven’t been made, but I have always been impressed by your willingness to own them and continue forward.

    I was recently(this month) involved with another KS from a different miniature company. I have to say the experience was night and day. The communication seemed insufficient, they seemed to take feedback personally and ended up cancelling the KS even though it fully funded in the first couple days, because it “wasn’t enough”. Anytime you buy a product from a company, but especially when you buy into a KS, you enter a social contract with that company. Mantic has consistently held up their end for me.

    Thanks guys, see ya on the 1st.

  7. Good to hear you are using Royal Mail for shipping. In my own experience still the best and most convenient delivery service in the UK.

  8. Will you be starting at £35 on the Kickstarter? I would of bought in the Dungeon Saga set if you had it like the retail package & price

    • No, there is a basic level of $125 on the Kickstarter, similar to the Dungeon Master pledge on Dungeon Saga.

  9. What is included if the base game is £30 at retail and the Main Pledge is $125 (£90)?

  10. Will Blain be part of this KS?? maybe as a zombie? or better yet, with a crossbow ;-P

  11. For a retail of $50 for the retail box I’d like to know why the main pledge level is for $125 – which is 250% more. Is there going to be a vast amount of extras to make it worthwhile “investment?”

    • In a word, yep! The pledge level includes more to begin that the core game, and as more funding is added to the campaign, the value of the pledge level increases. The more backers there are, the more stuff you get, the better your discount is.

  12. Will it have solo play integrated? (Hopefully better than DS which i burned over $300 on… I still think you guys have it good in heart to making awesome products.

  13. Any chance you’ll be at Walker Stalker London with an example of the game?

  14. NO BLAINE? That’s it, I’m out of this one! Only kidding, I’ll be right there at the kick off.

  15. did you ever consider NOT to have any early birds? those are the most UNfair options running the kickstarter. Whatever you do this harms at least one timezone.

    Did you think about it?

  16. Any chance of seeing the rulebook, an example of play or an online video?
    FFG’s model of showing you how the game looks and feels is a real winner before handing the £90 over..

  17. still waiting on my missing black fortress tile furniture etc, befor ei even think of getting in on this kikstarter,and really no blaine aaaaaaw

  18. +1 to Stu’s comment.

    It would be great to see a video of both regular play and solo play 🙂

  19. Terrain, how are you dealing with that, and will we be able to see game play or rules prior to the end of the kickstarter? I supported KOW and Deadzone, but have yet to put games on the table.. not your guys fault. But I know if they system fits, I can get this to the table with friends.

  20. No. It’s wait for retail and see how mantic manage communication and overpromised rewards on this kickstarter before I would back another. So much of Dungeon Saga has been switched to digital and/or still yet to materialise. The base game is great, and the add ons were definitely worth the £14 above the 50 the base game cost, but ultimately I have a lowered opinion of it I wouldn’t have had if I had just picked up the nice retail packages and enjoyed them without the drama. Sorry.

  21. Everyone worried about previous KS, this is a licensed product, a different beast entirely.

    Good or Bad Skybound are going to have their finger on the pulse with this. Bad press will do neither company any help, I should imagine this one will run as smooth as Mars Attacks did.

    At £90 nearly 3x the amount of the game at retail, there is going to have to be a lot to bring it up to retail value.

    @Mantic – some more cool book boxes would fit really well with this KS seeing as it’s based on the WD graphic books. 😉

    • Check out the comments on the mars attacks kickstarter page. Same as all of mantics with people complaining about missing parts and mantic not responding in a reasonable time. check out the rules faq where people complain about tons of questions left unanswered.

    • Kazzigum Burning Skeletons January 26, 2016 at 5:59 am

      Mars Attacks went great for me. Most backers, in fact. Sure there were issues fir some people, but probably not more than 30-40 backers that posted. As for the FAQ, eh, GW and all that. Besides, it’s a tongue in cheek game, just smooth it over and move on. I don’t care what anyone says, MA is a high quality, great playing game.

    • Mars Attacks was licensed as well and those of us who backed seen how that went

  22. Any decision on doing ‘generic’ gangs etc? that was the impression i got from the discussion on beasts of war, but your later release said that its all based on just the ‘names’ from the comic.

    how is this going to work for replayability and campaign setting to allow people to build their own groups or warbands without having to only use the existing names?

  23. My KoW KS was sent missing items, I still believe you owe me some stretch goals (2 figures only at God of War level??) and the offered apology of the book with the new army lists has never arrived. Sorry but I won’t be touching this KS with a 10 foot pole, if I want this one I will buy it retail and consider myself ahead

  24. Well, to be honest I have read the comics, and started watching the tv series ( which I thoughg was rubbish because they did not stick to the comic ) and I am sooooo happy the game is following the comic, because if it was following the tv series I would not have bothered. In general I am pretth syked that this game is being released and look forward to the kickstarter, may even indulge but alot depends on stretch goals etc .
    Anyway, good luck with this new kickstarter guys, and wishing you (mantic) every success.

  25. Same as Greg. Missing a hardback rule book from my first KoW wave, missing the uncharted empires book we were promised by way of an apology, and now missing s figure from my Dungeon saga along with the half assed compendium. Do I really wanna trust you with another £90 or just wait and buy it at retail.

    • Hi Matt, I’m sorry to hear that you are missing some bits – I’ve passed your message onto Zak who will be in touch to resolve your issue.

  26. Retail at best for me, i wont touch a mantic KS again.

    I also wonder if it will be a ‘release and forget’ just like mars attacks, db extreme etc. Too many games and no support.

  27. I think people should realize Mantic is a small company compared to other game producers and at least they have made changes due to past mistakes and aim to please the fans of their games. In the last year they have made many changes from their previous ways and I think it has made them more appreciated with players. Look at Kings of War, it’s player base has really grown and that was during that KS with DS. They have so many staff members and Ronnie was hard trying to fulfill all pledges. The price is a steep start but if the add ons are there then the value looks good. Doing a base is the way pledges need to be with KS, with optional add one deliveries get all messed up. Just about every company that does it struggles with it so at least Mantic wants to improve it’s ability to get us the game with what we asked and paid for. I am very excited about this game as it’s sounds different from any other game play and we all love zombies. Give it another shot folks 8)

    • Been established since 2008 and have produced 10 kickstarters, 3 of which I have been a part of and all 3 have had issues some worse than others but never smooth, I have given up in believing, I was always a fan but you have to draw the line somewhere. Expectations of an established company such as this and have fallen short. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on Me, fool me 3 times and I am clearly an idiot. BTW anybody have any property for sale on the moon?

  28. I am greatly disappointed that I didn’t get all the book cases for all the expansions of Dungeon Saga when retail would have been cheaper and included them. Buying cases with plain slip covers is not worth it. This I like the £35 retail cost but not the $135 buy in so will wait for retail this time as not getting suckered in.

    • I’m sorry to hear that your were disappointed, outside of the boxed game our Kickstarters do not come shipped in retail packaging. The book box was conceived after the campaign and a free upgrade for backers (which cost us considerably more than the packaging we had budgeted for).

  29. Well firstly I was like “cool a 35£ kickstarter” and then it came to “meeeh why has it come to 125$” ?
    Seriously we have no idea of what the game will be in the end so paying more for maybe nothing ? … look at Zombicide : stretch goals included with only the boxed game. Is it too hard ?
    By the way, i’m still waiting for rules to play the zombies i ordered in my Dreadball xtreme pledge … any news about that ?

    • Hi Jérémie – The Walking Dead pledge level will include the core game and a number of additional rewards, just like Zombicide, which is not just the boxed game as a pledge level. And then lots of stretch goals will get added to it, just like Zombicide does. You will not pledge $135 and get just a $50 boxed game and hope for more stuff to get added. You will pledge for a starter package worth $125 for $125 (or get it at $115 if you get an early bird!) and then will get more stuff added to your pledge as funding goes on. The contents could be worth as much as twice or even three times the retail value by the time you are done.

      All of the digital rules for DBX have been sent out via Mantic Digital to those who are supposed to have received them. If you believe you were meant to get them and have not please contact us through the Kickstarter messages.

  30. Jorge Martínez Izquierdo January 26, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Here in spain the shipping is about 35$, so the final value is almost retail value and in spanish. I hope the free stuff will be good enough to pay extra for it. The minis are heroic scale, so no zombicide crossover, so bad!!!

    • Hi Jorge – the shipping for The Walking Dead is nowhere near $35. It’s not even half that! 😀

  31. Mantic, if you have received this “fantastic” response to the upcomming Kickstarter, then I just dont get why you would make an early bird pledge. Those are for projects where you would need the cheaper prices to motivate people to back the project earlier. In a project like this, where every indication is that it will explode the moment i touches kickstarter, having an early bird will only annoy people. I’ve seen this happen in other kickstarters because what you will see is that those early birds are grabbed within minutes. They serve no purpose other than dividing up your backers.

    Please scrap the early birds. You could always consider lowering the pledge level for everyone instead.

  32. I have done a number of Mantic Kickstarters. I have always felt that I received awesome value for my money. Especially with Mars Attacks where my son and I have had countless hours of fun. Anxiously waiting for Deadzone to ship. I am also impressed that Mantic now has a rep visiting my FLGS and is encouraging organized play.

  33. “once we go over the $1m mark with huge and complicated ranges, such as with Deadzone and Dungeon Saga, it means it gets hard to keep the accuracy levels and customer service at the high standards both we and backers expect.”

    Heard of Excel spreadsheets? What is hard about tracking Ordered – Shipped = Still Owed?

    I was intrigued by the tease I read on this, but have never been a KS backer for mantic. The comments above on the page certainly give me pause.

    • We know what’s ordered and we know what’s shipped. What we don’t know is what parcels, after they are shipped, don’t arrive, or what address to send something to if the pledgemanager isn’t filled out 🙂 It isn’t the accuracy of what is dispatched we are referring to, some of our previous Kickstarter are juggernauts with thousands of components and we’re trying to make sure that every parcel goes out with every component, down to the last left arm, correctly.

    • “We know what’s ordered and we know what’s shipped. What we don’t know is what parcels, after they are shipped, don’t arrive, or what address to send something to if the pledgemanager isn’t filled out 🙂 ”

      No, you don’t. Mine was never shipped at all and it took multiple inquiries to establish that fact. First you said it was lost by the shipper, then it had something to do with the pledge manager, then finally you said it had never been shipped at all.

  34. If you are going to do an ‘Early Bird” can you at least give an early bird to ‘all backers within the first 24 hours’ rather than the first few who are awake when the project goes live?

    I have Zombicide and Dead of Winter so I am all good for Zombie games unless this one is going to be completely different.

    I wouldn’t mind playing with the characters from the TV show and if I can mix and match the miniatures with the Zombicide game then it is worth backing just for that. I wouldn’t mind some zombies in riot police gear from the prison and a few different sculpts wouldn’t hurt in my other games.

    Can we see some pictures showing size comparisons against other games like Zombicide?

    • We will do a limited number of early birds. The game is dramatically different to Zombicide, it’s head-to-head games rather than co-op for a start, which gives a very different experience straight away. Looking at the Dead of Winter, it’s very different to that too.

      We won’t be size comparisons with Zombicide, we don’t actually have of the figures. The average Walking Dead figure is 30mm tall to the eye.

  35. You took my money over a year ago (for the KOW2 KS) and I have received nothing.

    There’s no way I’ll be pledging on any future Mantic KS and I urge others not to do so. I say this with my regret (I was a huge Mantic fan). But over a year with no product, terrible communications, and refusal to provide tracking info for alleged shipments have caused me nothing but stress.

    • Hi Matt, I’m really very sorry to hear that. I’ve passed this message onto Zak who will be in touch to resolve your issue and get you your goods.

  36. So, one pledge level and then add-on expansions. Seems simple enough.
    How is that different from dungeon saga? Dungeon saga had one “value for money” pledge level and then add-on expansions sent separately, exactly like you’re saying will happen on this new kickstarter, and yet there seem to be lots and lots and lots of people missing items, missing pledges, and with broken items.
    So many of them, in fact, that you are taking weeks to respond to people asking about missing and broken things. The dungeon saga kickstarter comment board is flooded with people begging for responses and complaining about missing and broken game components.
    So how then is the walking dead going to somehow work better than dungeon saga when you’re using the exact same methods?

    • I have done a few Mantic Kickstarters and to be honest I have not had a real problem. They all attired in good time, Deadzone I had a month before the majority. Last one I had one issue with a figure, they said missing stuff would be started end of Jan and I got my missing piece last week. My only gripe is that for Dungeon Saga I paid for all the expansions but it didn’t include the nice book type boxes with slip sleeves (depicting expansion) like the retail version. Option to buy extra book boxes not worth it as they don’t get the slip sleeves for the expansions and end up more than retail. Also retail price went way down on this.

    • Mark they said the missing stuff would start shipping in the beginning of december after the dec 7the everyone should have their stuff date. That they still had over 500 hundred of missing pledges plus missing and broken reports ito process over a month later speaks to the issues. They have also admitted that they still have not finished shipping some rewards like black fortress tile sets to some backers that are not part of the missing items.

    • wasn’t the Black Fortress tiles in the main KS pledge? Its why I never went for them.

    • The Black Fortress tiles were not included in the main pledge, they were an add-on. The rules will be able digitally late 2016.

    • A mission set called Black Fortress(delayed and converted to digital for next christmas) was part of the core pledge but later they decide to make a custom tile set for it with a door furniature pack as an add on. It was pretty much vaporware for details through the pledge manager and most backers who have gotten it are underimpressed as it is art is not unique like original proposed (reused in Return of Valandor) and the tiles are not really two sided with just mirror image art on the back as opposed to another theme like most of the core and expansion tiles.

    • Dungeon Saga has more than one pledge and had a considerable number of add-ons. The Walking Dead has one main pledge, one retailer pledge and basically one limited high value pledge. The number of add-ons is considerablly lower, there may be two or three unlocked should the campaign reach the appropriate level. This in itself dramatically decreases the complexity of the project, coupled with everything else we are doing: a new customer service manager, a new customer service platform going live, two shipments for The Walking Dead, the pledge level shipping in trays and in one box etc all go to making The Walking Dead an improvement over Dungeon Saga.

      The number of backers who are missing a pledge – either from the pledgemanager not being filled out correctly or from the parcel not arriving in the post – was not a big number and is being reduced all the time. Similarly our customer service team are working hard on reducing the lead time between answering emails as well as sending peoples missing or broken items out. They are issues that in isolation are relatively straight forward to sort out that all at one compound the problem – but everyone has solving our customers queries and issues as their number one priority.

    • @Mantic Please stop blaming backers and the mail for the missing pledges. Just admit that the pledge manager had some issues. Nothing else explains the dungeon critters and many of the missing pledges. For the mail, you guys choose the carriers, you guys choose not to inform backers individually of shipments, and you guys decide not to use tracking numbers even when available so do not provide them to backers. If the missing pledges are such a small issue it is surprising that people will have to wait until March to get their full pledge. I honestly hope that mantic has learned many lessons from their recent kickstarters and will use those on seemingly equally complex Deadzone 2 and Warpath kickstarters to provide much better service and end results to the backers.

    • @Mantic: Dungeon Saga had one pledge, one retailer pledge, and two high value pledges. One of the high value pledges was to name a character, so people pledging at that level got the same thing as everyone else and there were only three of them. The other high value pledge was a painted set, and there were only five of them, and they get the same thing as everyone else, except painted… So that’s eight whole people who got a pledge other than the Dungeon Master pledge. Hardly statistically significant when you’ve got nearly 6000 backers.
      At least one of the painted pledges was completely cocked up and forgotten, so there’s one of the eight; and there are dozens of people complaining about missing items, broken items, and being ignored when they try to get the issues resolved. Most of those people seem to be missing items out of their base pledge and not even the add-ons.
      If you want to talk about fixing things, tell us you’re going to do some work in your fulfillment centres so people get the right items: don’t pretend that the DS KS was a fiasco because there were too many pledge levels. That’s simply not the case.

    • Honestly certain issues are related the to fufillment complexity. The dungeon critter add on had a pledge manager database corruption issue which generated a ton of cs requests that would not exist without that item. Similarly the product quality issue with the trap counters add on created a significant number of issues. The black fortress add on still being follow on after months is also creating cs issues. Add in the issues with the hardcover companion not being sent to people who spent the 200 dollars but were not carton b and the carton a/b split issues for people with multiple dm sets but not equal numbers of all expansions. That is a good number of cs issues that helped overload the system and prevent them from seeing the missing pledge issue initially. They Also slowed down the response the ordinary packing errors that do occur since people make mistakes.

  37. With respect, it can’t be the #1 priority, if time is being spent putting this campaign together BEFORE their issues are resolved.

  38. Any chance we can see the miniatures painted in black and white?

  39. The kickstarters Mantic has produced have all gotten better. Cut them some slack, they always do thier best to right any wrongs. I have backed multiple kickstarters and one thing is for sure they are a good company that truly does good by its supporters I’m definately down to back this one and others should do so as well with confidence cause knowing Mantic the will do well with this and for the price the product rexieved will most definately exceed a $125 basic pledge level. Now if only somehow Blaine could show up this would really get exciting but i understand that keeping in true theme to the comics is the focus and that I can really appreciate seeing is how the TV series is just rubbish.

  40. I had one question I had forgotten but not yet asked, will the existing walking dead miniatures Skybound produces be used in conjunction with this new game?

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