Enter the Deadzone: Containment

Deadzones are dangerous environments. Filled with hostile aliens, deadly contagions and desperate raiders, only the best can survive for any length of time within one. This is why only the best from each faction are found there. In the current galactic climate, seven different factions are encountered most commonly in Deadzones, but there is never a shortage of those who would brave the dangers of Containment Protocol for their own gain.

The Enforcers



The Enforcers are the Council of Seven’s dedicated army. They are unquestionably loyal and almost dogmatic in their execution of orders. The Enforcers aren’t bound by law of any kind and will go to any means to see their mission objectives achieved. This can be anything from the liquidation of an errant corporation, to the strike and seizure of vital assets for the Council. One of the Enforcer’s most important duties is establishing Containment protocols. Wyverns and Drakons, craft exclusively built for the Enforcer fleets, are used to blockade a quarantined world and ensure that nothing gets in, or, more importantly, nothing leaves.


When deployed into a Deadzone, their sophisticated armour protects them from alien contagions or hazardous environments, not to mention enemy fire. The more lightly equipped Pathfinders are used as forward scouts, identifying and tagging vital targets, or reconnoitering enemy forces and terrain. With advanced, built-in thrusters and additional support in the form of Striders and Jetbikes, the Enforcers are an elite, highly mobile force, able to operate in any Deadzone.

The Forge Fathers


One of the so-called ‘Elder races’, the Forge Fathers are one of the few races who surpass the GCPS’ level of technology. They are long-lived and slow to act, but stubborn and dedicated to a fault. Shrewd capitalists, they will trade their technology and resources with anyone – at a high price. They are secretive and insular and take precautions to ensure that while others may use their technology, they retain both the engineering knowledge and best pieces for themselves. All traded devices are fitted with safeguards to ensure that any attempt to access their inner workings will result in the devices’ destruction.


Humanity and the Forge Fathers have an uneasy alliance. They will just as soon fire on each other as they would willingly trade and while there are constant border skirmishes, neither the Council of Seven, nor the Forge Father Star Realm can risk open war for now. Planets under Containment Protocol are often rich in mineral wealth – which the Forge Fathers will exploit if they can. Enterprising Brokkrs will risk the dangers of a Deadzone to run a profit and whilst the Star Realm doesn’t officially condone these actions, neither does it deny them. These are rogue operatives,  working without the permission of their commanders. It’s highly unlikely that the rumours about them being backed up by armoured troops or an Iron Ancestor are true…

The Asterians


The enigmatic beings known as Asterians are ancient. They see themselves as the galaxy’s caretakers, striving for balance in all things. Mankind’s aggressive and thoughtless expansion into the galaxy has driven the Asterians to take action, especially with the outbreak of the Plague. Their motives are always hidden, favouring ploys and cat’s paws rather than acting directly. When they must, they will deploy with technology far beyond the GCPS’ understanding, striking with precision and efficiency.


With the infectious Plague or disease-ridden Veer-myn present in many Deadzones, the Asterians are unwilling to deploy in the flesh. They operate through remotely-controlled droids known as ‘Cyphers’. These are highly advanced, bio-mechanical constructs with nervous systems capable of replicating the movements of a real body. Coupled with devastating weaponry and AI-controlled drones, the Cypher Clades are well equipped to tackle the worse threats. For some, however, the thrill of combat is too strong to resist. The ferocious Kalyshi, fighting with what they perceive as traditional Asterian methods, are less detached than their brethren. They prefer direct action and intervention, bringing them into more conflicts with the other races in the galaxy.

Check back tomorrow for a look at the Veer-myn, Rebs, Plague and Marauders.


  1. No words: Fantastic!!!

  2. What’s the base size for the Asterian figures?


  3. What base color is used for the Forge Fathers’ tan/brown?

    • I’ve been wondering that myself

    • According to our painter:

      Basecoat of Rakarth Flesh mixed with a touch of Coat d’Arms Dark Earth
      Army Painter Strongtone in the recesses
      Fade shadows in with Charadon Granite
      Highlight with neat Rakarth Flesh
      Highlight with Space Wolf Grey/ Blue Horror / Coat d’Arms Lupine Grey (any will do)

      Personally I’m going to try my own version of it using GW Baneblade Brown and AP Strong Tone.

  4. Having looked through the new rule book at Adepticon and with the Enforcer photo above, are the sentry guns still in the game? Why the change from white to grey in the armor, other than ease of painting?

  5. I was expecting the Deadzone releases to be Veer Myn and Enforcers primarily, so was a little taken back when I saw the game was closer to the contents I’d have expected for Warpath in terms of factions. A few questions?
    When will the various plastic kits be sold individually or in squads, pairs (however your marketing them). Got no interest in the various faction sets but I would like to pick up some path finders, jet bikes, forge father steel warriors, likely some veer myn and so on at some point.
    I’m very interested in the Industrial Battlezones and wanted to know when I should expect to see them being available online. Will you be selling the various add on sprue’s separately again or are they going to be limited to the Industrial Battle Zone sets (I’m assuming that’s what your calling them).

    What caused the change of direction on the Deadzone 2.0 boxed sets away from infestation (rats) as I was completely taken aback by this.

    • So, the basic idea is that Infestation is it’s own campaign pack – KS backers will be getting these in their pledges. That will look similar to this box, but with pathfinders and veermyn, but that meant that we had to have different contents for the Deadzone Core box. This is a meant to be a starter set for the second edition of Deadzone, so we’ve built it with that in mind, whilst still letting infestation be it’s own thing. In the future, we may revisit Nexus Psi or look at other Deadzones.

      The Industrial scenery will be released in the next few months, along with the rest of the Deadzone releases, although I’m not up to date on on the specific contents. As for the new units, for the moment, the starters will be the only way to get them, but we will be putting together squads in the future when Warpath is released. I’ll look into if it would be possible to put individual sprues on the site in a similar way to KoW.

      Hope that helps!

    • Does this mean that the new plague starter will have the new plastic 3rd gens in them?

    • Yep.

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