DreadBall 2nd Edition Development Diary: First Renders and Pledge Level Contents

Wow, so only 2 days until DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game hits Kickstarter. PANIC! PANIC!

Just kidding.

As promised, in today’s development diary we’re taking a closer look at what we’re doing with this Friday’s DreadBall Kickstarter.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game on Kickstarter

Launching at 1:30pm BST on Friday 22nd July and running for just two weeks, the DreadBall Kickstarter is designed around one main pledge level that gets you:

DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game core set


It includes:

  • Core Rulebook: with everything you need to know to play plus League System and advanced rules for cheerleaders, coaches and more.
  • New Teams: the Draconis All-Stars robot team and Ninth Moon Tree Sharks Yndij team.

Very Very Early Work in Progress Yndij Sculpt. Lots of work still to be done!

  • DreadBall Pitch: with new artwork and location zones for cards, action tokens, discard pile and an in-built scatter diagram (as requested by the community!) The hexes on the pitch are a little bigger at 28mm rather than 25mm to give some room for arms and tails.


The pledge level also includes:

DreadBall Team Guide

Containing all the rules, background and stats for every team, team captain and MVP.

DreadBall Ultimate

DBU-Logo-WebThis expansions allows up to 6 players to play DreadBall at the same time and includes rules booklet, counters, and card deck.

There’s even a newly artworked pitch design (mock-up ‘sketch’ below), included on the reverse side of the standard pitch. Now you’ll only need to carry one pitch around!


Early Mock-up DreadBall Ultimate design. The updated shape is designed for enhanced gameplay and allows 3-6 players to play ball at the same time. There are rules included for the 1st edition Ultimate pitch design so that older pitches are not invalidated too.


We like to include exclusives to our pledge levels to say thank you for backing the project and DreadBall comes with two from the off: Fergus, an offensive coach and Tracer, a Support coach.

  • Fergus

Fergus comes from the spaceship yards of Plutos, where a Plutosian gets a thick skin and a loud voice or is never heard. Fergus takes that philosophy and applies it to the pitch. He plays to win by any means, and if a call goes against him then shouting at 150 decibels canโ€™t hurt.


  • Tracer

Once one of the G-Netโ€™s most popular superstars, Tracer believes that once a team is on the pitch there is little they can’t do if encouraged appropriately. She whips up the crowd with skills learnt from the stage, starting chants so catchy even the other teams sometime join in, and drives her team onto greater feats of athleticism.


As you can see, both have very distinctive looks and will look great in any hobbyist’s collection.

The pledge level will be available for $100 and contains items worth over $150 MSRP from the start – and, should we break our funding goal, the pledge level will get even better value as we break stretch goals and throw in free stuff. We’ve had some great ideas from the community – from miniatures representing the Eye in the Sky to DreadBall’s own Commentary Team event card holder – that we hope to see become reality.

Until Friday ‘ballers. I hope that you’ll join us for a fun campaign.


  1. Mike Zebrowski July 20, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    What is the pitch made out of?

    • Card Board, like the original ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It will remain card board until we meet a goalClay,I suspect.

    • Hi Clay – it will remain cardboard throughout as it is double-sided.

    • Does DB2 take over the rule form edtion 1 or are they a continuation of them.

    • Hi Paul – the original game and rules are out of print. DreadBall 2nd Edition will replace them, like Kings of War 2nd Edition and Deadzone 2nd Edition replaced their original rulebooks/games ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hope it can, at least, be folded in a way that makes it easy to transport, unlike the previous one.

  2. Would love to see Gruba Tek VII as a stretch goal! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Will there be an upgrade pledge for those not in a financial position to go all in?

    • Thereโ€™s two school of thoughts on how we service those we only want the upgrade components: one is that we can offer the books and cards separately on our website. The alternative is that we add a smaller pledge level somewhere between $50 and $75 which has the book in. However, when youโ€™re getting at least 2 $30 teams,pitch, ultimate 2 exclusives and lots more in the $100 pledge level, we would thoroughly recommend going for the main pledge level. Weโ€™re really hoping to fund this updated core boxed game, and this $100 level will get all the stretch goals added to it as well. It really is the way to go!

    • Matt McDonough July 20, 2016 at 5:39 pm

      I was thinking more like access to the Rulebook PDF.

    • Unfortunately that doesn’t really help us fund the project ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Like the idea of a $40/50 upgrade pledge for just what has changed – like you have the $50 Warfare pledge on the Warpath KS.

  4. Will the zombie and sumo teams be part of the $100 pledge? Stretch Goals? Add-ons? How are they obtained?

    Also, I’d also like to see news on the upgrade pledge.

  5. Meh I liked Felixo’s Reavers for the yndij some one mentioned it on the facebook dreadball fanatics page clever cool and slightly funny perfect name ah well btw i hope the yndij wont be bald/furless

    • I don’t get the joke sorry!

      Yndij above are a WIP and won’t be bald.

    • ah well the guy who felixo said it wasa company that engineers pets and pets suppliesand is a change from from felix as in felix catfood?

  6. I’d echo the requests for info on an upgrade pledge. Thanks.

  7. Stephen Winwood July 20, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Coventry team event card holder! Fantastic, thanks for listening guys. This is what make mantic great.

  8. If you don’t make an upgrade level, please make sure you order enough game decks and ultimate decks to keep us players able to get new people involved. It’s been almost impossible to get a deck of the event cards for a really long time.

    • We will overprint them for sure. It’s something that we didn’t do first time!

  9. Another question. I provide most of the boards and cards for my league. Will it be possible to buy additional new card decks as add-ons?

    • There will be a ‘clubs’ pack that will include multiple card decks. We’re not overly keen on throwing up lots of little add-ons like individual card decks as that complicated the shipping operation.

  10. If there isn’t an upgrade option I can confidently state that nobody I know will be backing this. There are a lot of us in my local gaming scene who went in big on the original kickstarter and will not be impressed if we’re expected to re-buy the entire game to make all our existing stuff playable again. Once bitten and all that.

    Also, can you please proof read the new rulebook properly this time. The amount of army list erratas needed for the deadzone 2 rulebook was an embarrassment.

    • Hi Bob – that’s totally fine, if people don’t want to back the kickstarter that’s completely ok with us, the pledge level is a great deal and full of exclusive stuff but the bits and pieces you’ll need will be available at retail anyway.

      Thing is, we’ve been asked by the community to support the game more and provide an update. The league system needs overhauling, the teams need rebalancing. And we want to introduce new blood into the community. So we’re creating a new boxed game, with revamped books that make your existing collection better. We’re all about choice and there will be multiple ways to get that content.

      For the Kickstarter, the one to get it is the main pledge level – offers a great discount from the off, some exclusive stuff to say thank you for backing the Kickstarter and we’ll add stretch goals like more teams and team captains. It’s going to be good fun and I do hope that those you play with will consider diving in.

  11. Mark BALKHAM-SMITH July 20, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Why can’t there be a pledge just for the second edition core set, for those that don’t care for ultimate. Why haven’t you produced the new pitch as a mat?

    • The pitch is not a mat because of weight and we wanted to make it double-sided. It is card board which I feel is better suited to a board game product. They will however be a deluxe mat (the Gruba-tek one) available on the Kickstarter for those who want one ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Where will the new dreradball put all of the season books that we have previously purchased? Will they be obsolete? Will all the races/teams from those books be included in the new DB2 rules?

    • The rules from the 6 season books are being streamlined and condensed into one DreadBall core rulebook that will be included in the new boxed game. This will replace the existing season books, many of which are out of print and present a mildly convoluted route into the game for new players.

      All of the teams (every team!) will get their rules, stats and background included in a DreadBall Team Guide book.

  13. I backed all the previous kickstarters and so have 15+ teams, standard pitch, ultimate pitch, second pitch, dice cards, expansions etc. I also run the league at my local club, run intro games, ultimate games, lend bits to people who don’t have the full set etc. If I have to tell everyone (many of whome already backed previous kickstarters) they will have to buy the whole game again, I won’t have a league.

    Dreadball is really good already, no cheap upgrade path will mean we are likely to stay with the current system (we generally ignore most of the rule expansions beyond the second book unless they refer to a team being played).

    I would seriously suggest you consider a pdf and card deck pledge.

    • Hi Tim – thanks for your support and it’s great that you share this hobby with so many other people!

      We don’t want to leave any one out and it’s highly likely that we’ll simply offer the rulebooks and card decks separately on the website/retail next year when the game is due to be released. That’s the affordable upgrade path and easiest thing for us to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. This will be my last comment on wanting Dreadball Xtreme to have its rules updated as well to be compatible. If it is being orphaned, I would like to hear why.
    And I too would like an upgrade pledge level offered.

    • DreadBall Xtreme is and always has been it’s own standalone game that shares a miniatures range with DreadBall. We will not be updating the rules for DreadBall Xtreme for the forseeable future. However we will add rules for the new teams funded by the 2nd Ed DreadBall Kickstarter so that you can use those teams in Xtreme ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry guys but that *really* sucks.
      You won’t touch the rules but you’ll add extra stats in an attempt to get folks to buy more teams? instantly puts me off buying anything.

      I’m not saying you need to touch the rules because I don’t know what changes are being made, but to have two standalone games sharing 95% of the same rules, and to then intentionally fork them for no reason at all is bloody stupid.

  15. Will we get hard plastic minis for the KS as well? The assembly is much easier… The other plastic requires glue which does not stick as well as the plastic glue/hard plastic combo. Would be a pledge trigger for me.

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