Would you like to join the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee?

There's a Drake's Fortune in here somewhere!

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, a number of our games are supported by a hand-picked elite team of gamers from the community who form a group called “The Rules Committee”. For each game, it’s the RC’s role to help with (and suggest!) playtesting, new game content and rules, development of FAQs and more. These groups have proved invaluable in helping shape our games, acting as a bridge between us and the game’s players and ensuring our games are well supported.

We have some plans for Dungeon Saga and we now want to create a small Rules Committee for the game. If you would like to be a part of this unique group and be engaged in the ongoing support and development of your favourite Dungeon Crawler, please read on!

We are only looking for a small team so we need to make sure that team has the skills we need to make it a success. If you are interested in applying for the DS RC, please can you email [email protected] with the following details:
1.      A brief description about you and the games you play, why you want to join the RC and why you are the right person. 300 words max please!
2.      How long you have been playing Dungeon Saga for with your gaming group.
3.      Any fan-based material you have created (with links).
4.      A small example scenario you have created for the game as an example of your work. The scenario should have a narrative introduction of up to 250 words.

The closing date for application for the DS RC will be the 14th October 2016 and the successful applicants announced shortly afterwards.

And who knows – if the DS RC proves a success, its remit might expand into Star Saga too!

Good luck.



  1. Could take lots from Star Wars Imperial Assault. It flows so much better than Dungeon Saga. The board also fits together better.

  2. Just had to add that Star Saga bit at the end, didn’t ya?

  3. Will Jake Thornton, the author of the original rules, be a member of the committee? I’d also suggest you to contact Eriochrome, who maintains his own FAQ.

    BTW FAQ is strongly needed, it’s a shame that we don’t have one already!

    • Eriochrome also makes up his own rules, which seems to run counter to the idea of an RC member. I’m not saying he doesn’t know where the holes are, but an RC member should call it as written or FAQ’d, not be looking to remake the product to his own desires.

    • Blog post presents a different view on RC members:

      “For each game, it’s the RC’s role to help with (and suggest!) playtesting, new game content and rules”

    • Had Mantic stayed on top of Dungeon Saga, not overpromised, and delivered a timely FAQ then Eriochrome’s input would have been redundant. However, the company’s priority was to shut up shop and pretend the game was fine and in doing so created the vacuum. I am sure many if not most players would have preferred not to be dependent on Eriochrome’s FAQ to extend their game and to interpret a flawed advanced ruleset, but Mantic and Jake chose to pursue the next five kickstarters and pretend The Adventurer’s Companion never happened.

  4. Eriochrome would prefer to use the official rules and have an official faq. I do not think my of the rules depart from the true intent of the rules. I only generally throw out official rules unless they seem to directly contradict the way people expect the game to play for no reason.

  5. @Pinky, if making up your own stuff (rules included) was counter to the idea of a Rules Committee member, I wonder why the below 2 points are in the application requirements?

    3. Any fan-based material you have created (with links).
    4. A small example scenario you have created for the game as an example of your work. The scenario should have a narrative introduction of up to 250 words.

    • Making up your own material isn’t strictly the same as rewriting whole swathes of rules to suit what you think makes a better game. You could simply have made new adventures within the RAW rulesets as fan based material.

      Reinterpreting the AC will probably be a big part of the job, and no one knows the holes better than Eriochrome, but his writing is sloppy (VERY sloppy), his interpretations are often in the vein of throwing out the original material and rewriting it to suit the system he thinks it should be, and worse than all of that, he has a pretty big chip on his shoulder about the whole experience, I don’t think he’s a good choice.

      A little bit of poison goes a long way when it comes to attitudes.

    • I will totally give you sloppy writing. I could do a better job proof reading and I have a bad tendency to use the wrong form of homonyms. I will note that I did not get paid 1M dollars to produce a game and do not even run ads on my blog. So I am not so concerned about professional quality. I also will give you the chip. I think I voice the chip on the shoulder of many backers who did not feel properly treated in this kickstarter.

      The rest I really am not sure what you are talking about. If you feel that I am just throwing rules out like crazy, I just do not get the feeling you are reading my stuff with a fair mind. Perhaps you have a personal grievance clouding your judgement.

      I do not think anyone can claim that any of my stuff is less than well documented. If you disagree with anything you could leave a comment on the blog or anywhere of the many places I post.

  6. We’ve talked about it before on a couple of cases (BGG and maybe Jake’s blog?). Really, I’m not pressed about any of it though. I went back to WHQ (though I’m still enjoying KoW from Mantic quite regularly). If people who are still playing DS are interested in seeing you on the RC, then it’s a smart move I guess, but I personally don’t think it’s a wise business decision on Mantic’s part.

    • Most of those interactions I recall us disagreeing on what the rules said in the first place. Not the changes that need to be done. And actually trying to bring your most vocal critics on board (if they are rational actors which is up for debate) is a sound business decision. A “group think” mentality got Mantic into the issue in the first place. Maybe some external voices who actually read what they promised and what they produced and are willing to call them on it is what they need.

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