Would you like to join the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee?

Hi everyone, As some of you may know, a number of our games are supported by a hand-picked elite team of gamers from the community who form a group called “The Rules Committee”. For each game, it’s the RC’s role to help with (and suggest!) playtesting, new game content and rules, development of FAQs and more. These groups have proved invaluable in helping shape our games, acting as a bridge between us and the game’s players and ensuring our games are well supported. We have some plans for Dungeon Saga and we now want to create a small Rules Committee for the game. If you would like to be a part of this unique group and be engaged in the ongoing support and development of your favourite Dungeon Crawler, please read on! We are only looking for a small team so we need to make sure that team has the skills we need to make it a success. If you are interested in applying for the DS RC, please can you email [email protected] with the following details: 1.      A brief description about you and the games you play, why you want to join the RC and why you are the … Continue reading Would you like to join the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee?