Dungeon Saga Rule Committee


Many thanks for everyone who submitted an application for the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee (RC). There were many strong applicants but the lucky (or unlucky) chosen few to make up the team are:

  • Glenn Allan
  • Stuart Kerrigan
  • Ciaran Morris
  • Brad Prall

We are now discussing how to organise the team and what the work and priority looks like. Updating the FAQ and any Errata will be the first task. The RC will be creating threads in a number of places such as the Mantic forums, Board Game Geek and Facebook  to capture questions and input to go into this project, so if there’s anything you need answering, use these threads to ask away!



  1. Hi there,
    Love dungeon saga! It’s become a favourite in my gaming group! I apologise in advance if this is something that is explored in expansions, but I’d really like to see levelling up and campaigning as part of the system to give it more depth??

    • Robert

      The adventurers companion expansion provides rules for making your own characters and leveling the up between adventures. There are some issues with how that is integrated into the existing campaigns that the rule committee will be looking into.

  2. First input: Discontinue the Adventurer’s Companion expansion and start over from scratch. We were sold on something like the “roleplay” book from Warhammer Quest, and that is not what was delivered.

    • Agree 100%. Only 5% of that book is OK to keep it.

    • Seconded. If nothing else it has garnered such a negative image that a complete rethink, and a subsequent renaming would be sensible.

    • I disagree, please keep the game light. There a tons of roleplaying games already on the market, just use them if you want something like that. Please keep Dungeon Saga the light cooperative game, or split the rules in basic and roleplay variants. I am quite happy the game and we love to play in our group on a regular basis.

    • @Der Gast: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the idea of an Adventurer’s Companion to introduce more levels to a game as long as it’s optional. Personally, while I aren’t too bothered with an RPG- I have pathfinder for that- I would have preferred something that added more depth to the overall game. Different classes, a bestiary that contained more than 3 species (rats, bats, spiders, oozes, snakes, rabid dogs, carnivorous plants etc), more coherent rules for building a new party to play the games and expansions, perhaps even a chapter of alternate parties. These are the things I would prioritise over RPG.

    • You can always put your suggestions in the mantic forum thread for the adventurer’s companion which is even divided into sections.

  3. When and where will the applications for rules committee for Warpath: firefight come up?

  4. Patrick Hartmann-Kjølhede October 29, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Dungeon Saga is very good but the adventurers companion seems just to put a lot of extra cards in the game and by the Tyrant expansion you have a box full of cards and it has become a bit overwhelming.

    Loot tables could be a great solution to that.

    Another thing I could use is a tested out guide on how many minions to place in a self-made dungeon.

    And lastly I would like stats like perception to notice if a door is magic or not.

  5. Could you present the members of the committee in a few words and describe the reasons why were they chosen? Are they all community volunteers or is there also someone from Mantic?

    • Glenn is the author of some of the digital missions and is a credited playtester.

      Stuart is active on the facebook group.

      Ciaran is the author of the Delver’s Tome website full of alternative rules.

      Brad is the notorious anti-mantic rabblerouser, eriochrome, who was also keeper of the unofficial FAQ, as well as assorted other DS info.

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