New Year, New Game: Deadzone

In May this year we officially launched the second edition of our sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone. The idea behind the second edition was simple – we already had a great range of miniatures but the gameplay needed to be streamlined to make it more accessible, faster and, most importantly, more fun!

If you’ve played the second edition then you’ll hopefully agree that we’ve achieved all those three things. If you haven’t played the second edition, then we’re pleased to announce that you can currently pick up the hardback rulebook for half price, which means you can give it a go at home! Oh, and if you need a new Deadzone mat, the Exham IV Deluxe Gaming Mat is currently half price too!

But what does 2017 and beyond hold for Deadzone?

GCPS Faction

In 2017 we’ll be releasing brand new GCPS units as part of the wider Warpath launch. You’ll be able to pick up new, highly detailed, hard plastic GCPS troops with various weapon options.


So, it seemed only right that the GCPS should get their own faction in Deadzone too. This means that in the summer, we’ll be releasing a GCPS Faction Starter and Faction Booster containing everything you need to get your troops on the table.

In fact, earlier this year we released the beta rules for the GCPS faction, to ensure the Deadzone community can test them to destruction before release! If you’ve got some existing GCPS troops or you’re one of the lucky Warpath Kickstarter backers, then you can use the beta rules and take them for a test drive right now!

Nameless Faction

If you followed the Star Saga Kickstarter, you’ll know that during the campaign we funded new, pre-assembled, plastic Nameless miniatures. The Nameless have always been one of the most popular teams in Dreadball, while the enigmatic Project Oberon has remained a firm favourite in Deadzone.


For Star Saga we’ll be producing a number of new Nameless minions, alongside some big bosses. Just like we’ve recently done with the GCPS beta lists, we’ll be working with the Deadzone Rules Committee to produce a list for a Nameless Deadzone faction.

The exact date is TBA but we’ll keep you updated throughout 2017. Plus, if you missed out on the Star Saga Kickstarter, late pledges will be available in early 2017, so you can pick up some Nameless miniatures in preparation for your Deadzone faction.


  1. Nameless Faction! yes! yes! yes! 😀

  2. Great info about Star Saga late pledges.
    Car trouble made me drop mine the last minute and i hav regreted it ever since
    Thank you Mantic 😀

  3. Excited about GCPS and Nameless, I’ll def be adding in some extra Nameless when the PM opens! Any chance that Martians will get some DZ love in 2017?

    • @ Matt Ballert – There is a fan-made but Mantic acknowledged Martian List for DZ2 out there… I believe on the Deadzone Fanatics Facebook page? Last I checked it was still missing some “elite” army lists and obviously is still under construction, but it was looking pretty good and I too have some Deadzone Martians Ack-ack looking to hit the table top soon!

  4. There’s a beta list including elite list from Mark Smith, DZ rules meister.

  5. When will the Deadzone offers end?

  6. Very cool, any idea when the GCPS will be hitting the store shelves?

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