New Year, New Game: Dreadball 2

When we launched DreadBall back in 2012, it quickly became a firm favourite among tabletop gamers. Thanks to its super fast gameplay, simple rules and teams that were full of character, DreadBall was a great introduction to miniature gaming and Mantic products in general.

Then with the launch of DreadBall Xtreme in 2015, we looked at the dirty underbelly of DreadBall. This was a fantastic introduction to the Warpath Universe before people jumped into the more complex worlds of Deadzone or Warpath. It also introduced even more teams to the original DreadBall, taking the count up to 24!

However, over time it became clear that those teams released in season six were at a significant advantage over the teams released at the beginning, thanks to improved abilities and different stats.


So earlier this year we launched the DreadBall 2 Kickstarter to fund a brand new version of the greatest game in the galaxy, with improved rules, more balanced stats and expanded rules for league play.

DreadBall 2 will be launched at retail in late 2017 and we’re excited to see the new teams hitting the pitch. We’ll be keeping you updated throughout 2017 with more details about the launch and when pledges will be sent to Kickstarter backers… so stay tuned!

DreadBall 2 playtesting

The great thing is that, although DreadBall 2 is officially launching next year, we’ve already started playtesting the new teams, new rules and new stats.

Dreadball 2

You can download the latest playtest packet NOW and start playing at home with the updated rules. The feedback so far has been great and the gameplay experience is far more balanced for the various teams.

If there’s a team you like you look of in the playtest document, you can still pick them up from the Mantic store. Plus, we’ve currently reduced the price of the Gruba-tek VII Coliseum Deluxe DreadBall Pitch so you can play your games in style.

DreadBall Xtreme

While we’re busy fine tuning the rules for DreadBall 2, if you still fancy taking to the pitch to flex your strike-scoring muscles or just fancy slamming some hapless opponents, then we’re pleased to report that we’ve got a special Dreadball Xtreme bundle available on the website.


In DreadBall Xtreme you get enough miniatures for two full teams (which are also playable in the standard version of DreadBall), a deluxe gaming mat, free agents, sponsors and lots more! Plus, it’s all pre-assembled so you can start playing in next to no time.


  1. Looks like the forums have been down (since Xmas day). Any timeline on when they will be back up?

  2. Everything looks pretty interesting in general. Gonna need a while to digest all these tweaks and changes while looking forwards to it all.

    Only negative was that my favorite chaos bringers weren’t in the roster. As silly as the Martians are I am looking forwards to see how they fair when updated along with the other teams.

  3. New Dreadball Foul: Goal Tending
    The Coach places 3 models in front of a scoring zone blocking any attempt to score there. This makes the crowd (as well as the opposing coach) very grumpy. If a coach does that, then each model will have a foul called against them, and rolled accordingly. Therefore, if all there are sent off the pitch because of this foul, then you’re already down 3 players. (Note: that you can have 1 or 2 models still placed in front of the goal – and that isn’t a foul).
    New Dreadball Keeper Ability: Blocker
    The Keeper with this ability can block a throw at a scoring zone. How this is done is simple:
    • A Striker is attempting a 3-Point Score, and there is a Keeper in the Strike Zone as well with the Blocker ability. The Striker rolls a 3-Dice Skill test to score, and rolls a 2, 3, 5 (2 successes)
    • The Keeper with the Blocker ability rolls the same number of dice as the Striker (3-Dice) using their Agility Stat (for example a Greenmoon Smacker with an Agility stat of 4+), rolls a 4, 6, 1 (2 successes and ties) then the following would happen:
    o If a Block fails, the score happens as normal
    o If a Block ties or wins by one success, then it is blocked and the ball is scattered from the position of the Keeper (of course if it lands back with the Striker and they catch the ball, and double the catch attempt, they could attempt another strike)
    o If a Block doubles, then the Keeper generates a Fan Check (for being extra cool), then automatically punts it away (in a straight line), roll 2d6 for distance. If the ball lands on a player, and that player has the ability to catch the ball, they may attempt to do so, but at a -1-dice test. If they fail to catch the ball (no Dodge attempt allowed), then they have to make an Armor check – the ball using the normal 3-dice 4+ vs. Armor Check.
    o Not after the punt and if the ball has been caught, and that catch is doubled by an player, they get a free move, throw or strike. Even if all Actions have been played by that coach, they may continue play (as long as they double) – or they may choose to end their Rush. Therefore, if your teammate caught the ball, doubled, and scored on the opposing teams Rush, you still get the ball back on the next Rush attempt.
    o If the ball has not been caught after it has been punted then the Rush ends.
    A way to limit Blockers is to allow only one Blocker by team to allow only one use of the Blocker ability per game.
    Dreadball Coaches: I know the rules say that any Coach may call any play (Offensive, Defensive, or Support). I think this rule is a bit over-used. I think if a Coach is (let’s say) Offensive – then that is the only play then can call, same for Defensive and Support. Coaches have their specialties, and they should stick with them – even in Dreadball.

    Red Planets (Martians): I have 2 thoughts on this team. The first being the Guards. I would remove “Fragile” from them. The Martian Guards are supposed to be the toughest (i.e. Martian Marines).
    The other thought would be even though they are “Fragile” they should be allowed to buy “Martian Support” – kind of like “Depends” for Martians. This would allow them to remove “Fragile”. I mean they are armored, this could allow them to put some extra padding around to protect them better. I would even limit it to the “Jacks” (or Guards if you don’t remove Fragile from them). This way Strikers are still mobile. This doesn’t lower their Armor number, just lets them remove “Fragile” from their “Abilities”.

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