Firefight Spotlight – Joe Neet

In the second of our articles focusing on American Warpath players, Joe Neet talks about taking his monstrous Plague Strike Team for Deadzone and turning it in a full Firefight army.

Warpath has been around longer than some realize, and I am very excited to see this fantastic game being revitalized! Deadzone has been a great system for fast, fun and furious skirmishes across the war torn universe. However, I for one cannot wait for larger battles filled with tanks and scores of infantry.

Warpath and Firefight have combined what I love from Kings of War, smooth gameplay on a large scale, and have added some unique mechanics like Strategic Assets and Command Dice. These mechanics add a whole new dimension to the game, not only is there your miniatures and scenery, but now you as the player have decisions and actions that can affect the outcome of the game.

Let’s quickly look at what Commands are and show an example. Commanders are able to influence their army to go above and beyond their normal limits. Certain units and characters will have a Command Value that will determine what and how well then command their troops. Your command pool is all of the dice added together from these units and characters (1 die per Command value). From there you can activate and use certain orders as you deem necessary, but beware, these dice are not unlimited and must be used cautiously.

Here is an example character, and order:

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Knowing that Command dice and Orders will have a big influence on the game, I wanted to take one of the best (1st Gen Mutant pictured above), and build my list around him……. maybe two of him.

My current Deadzone Plague list looks something like this:

Stage 1A                                  36pts

readme Stage 2A                                  16pts

Stage 2A                                  16pts

Stage 3Z                                   6pts

Stage 3Z                                   6pts

Stage 3Z                                   6pts

Plague Teraton                     24pts

Aberration                             40pts

I like to call this my “Monster Mash” list, just as many big guys as I can fit in! Moving this to Firefight was not hard at all, in fact the units listed here are all being moved up to my initial 1,000pt Firefight army.

1st Gen Mutant                    150pts

1st Gen Mutant                    150pts

18 Plague Zombies             118pts

18 Plague Zombies             118pts

5 2nd Gen Leapers              156pts

5 2nd Gen Leapers              156pts

out site Aberration                              75pts

Aberration                              75pts


Are you seeing double? I like my lists to be redundant, if one of something is good, then two is obviously better! Seriously though, this allows for my army to be split into half and still function, bringing versatility in scenario gameplay. We can cover this at a later date, but for now you can see just how simple it is to jump from Deadzone into Warpath or Fire Fight.

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