Mantic Open Day Special Website Offers

It’s the Mantic Open Day this weekend and we’re celebrating with some fantastic web deals, including The Walking Dead: All Out War, Warpath and we’ve had a dig around in the Mantic Archives to find some rare miniatures that we thought would never see the light of day again.

The big news is that the normally show exclusive Lee and Clementine booster for The Walking Dead: All Out War is available to purchase from the website from 5pm on Friday (May 5th). Stock is limited and we expect it to be very popular, so you’ll need to be quick to get yours!

celine bags

This weekend we’re also launching pre-orders for Wave Two of The Walking Dead: All Out War. Firstly here’s a bundle of the Wave Two retail exclusives (the Negan and Ezekiel boosters) which will be handy for those of you that backed the Kickstarter as these weren’t available during the campaign.

Meanwhile, for those that missed out on the Kickstarter, there’s the chance to pick up EVERYTHING from Wave Two, which includes: the Miles Behind Us expansion, Glenn Booster, Julie & Chris Booster, Maggie Booster, Tyreese Booster, Negan Booster and Ezekiel Booster. The boosters won’t be available to purchase individually until June onwards, so this is a great opportunity to pick everything up with just one click.


For those Mantic fans that like to get their hands on some rare pieces, we’ve been doing our best Indiana Jones impression this week and have been digging around in the Mantic Archives for some long-forgotten Dungeon Saga miniatures, which are now available to purchase from the site.


canada goose Although you can already pre-order the Enforcer, Forge Father, Veer-myn and Asterian armies from the website, this weekend we’re also putting up a limited number of the Plague and GCPS Battlegroups, which were previously only available as part of the Kickstarter.

You can check the web listings for more details but you’ll be getting a great deal and, in the case of the GCPS, they’re available on the website several months before their official release… but you’ll need to be quick because we’ve only got a handful. Buy now!

Also make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds tomorrow for live streams of the seminars and sneak peeks of new releases!


  1. I was hoping to actually get a hold of lee and Clemantine but I thought they would be added tomorrow instead of today, would have appreciated more of a heads up really, heres to hoping they come back around on sale at some point.

  2. Nicholas Hendley May 5, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Here we are 3 hours after posting and there’s no more in stock? Popular, yes, but PLEASE Mantic! Will more be posted? I eagerly await the email.

    Oh, and no crazy boxes this Mantic Open Day? (Not that I need any more.)

  3. Will Ezekiel be available in June as a standalone booster, bit gutted I got the Kickstarter exclusive boster on Amazon so I don’t need another negan…

  4. I dont understand why people couldn’t have had more of a heads up when these kits would be featured online, twice now I’ve missed out on Lee and Clementine getting a email notification after they’ve already sold out, between that and the fact that the “kickstarter exclusives” for the walking dead weren’t exclusive at all, this stuff is shady

  5. I finally got a restocking email for lee and clementine only for the item to be sold out from my cart while I was logging in. Trying to log in was a huge pain as I suspect they are getting hammered with people trying to do the same. I think having this as a convention exclusive was a bad idea to begin with. Make at sculpts for conventions. Not new products.

  6. Negan isn’t an alt sculpt. It’s the first actual sculpt accessible to the public. The first two were the kickstarter exclusive and the diorama version

  7. If that’s what you meant by alt sculpt

    • No, I mean don’t create a brand new product as an exclusive. It would be cooler to get alt sculpts if a character or something as opposed to just making a product to be sold on eBay by vultures while also not making it easy for people who are completists and want to support the game.

    • Matt’s got the right idea, like he said alt sculpts would be better, there’s already three different negan sculpts so far and as far as I can tell the character cards are completely the same for all of them (I have the kickstarter and diorama versions of negan) and even they werent as hard to get a hold of as these have been, making alt sculpts only available for exclusive events makes more sense than two unique characters only being available to a select few

  8. Darn missed it 🙁

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