The Walking Dead Wave Two: Negan and Ezekiel Boosters

After looking at the Miles Behind Expansion yesterday, today we’re taking a closer look at the retail exclusive boosters you’ll find in Wave Two. Each Wave of The Walking Dead: All Out War features retail exclusives that weren’t part of the Kickstarter. For Wave Two, this means you’ll be able to pick up the new Negan booster and the Ezekiel booster.


So, let’s start off by taking a closer look at the Negan booster. Although Kickstarter backers already have a version of Negan, this is a new sculpt of the infamous baseball bat-wielding tyrant, although the abilities on the card will be familiar to those who have the Kickstarter exclusive variant.

As you can see Negan is a bit of a beast in combat and he also has a fairly brutal Leader Ability, which allows him to execute a fellow Survivor and give the rest of his gang more actions. Finally, we’ve got a decent use for Liam!

Also included in the booster is Negan’s pal Andy. Again, a little like Negan, Andy can use the other Survivors to his advantage by using them to attract roaming Walkers, rather than heading towards him. Cowardly, yes but certainly tactically sound… and yet another use for Liam!


The other retail exclusive for Wave Two is King Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom faction. This is a character that excels in defense and should certainly be able to hold his own against the Walkers. A little like Rick, Ezekiel is also skilled in controlling the Threat Level to stop everyone from panicking. This ability will also come in handy when you’re trying to squeeze an extra turn or two out of the game.

However, the star of the Ezekiel booster has got to be his pet tiger, Shiva! As a combo they work together fantastically in combat as they’ll both be able to add an extra red dice to their roll when engaged in the same combat group.

Shiva also helps to spread fear among the enemy survivors too and will actually lower their nerve value if she’s within their Kill Zone. For example, if Rick was near Shiva, his nerve value would drop from High to Medium, which means even the mighty Rick is capable of panicking when faced with Shiva.

We’ve also seen a couple of questions on Facebook about whether or not Shiva can collect items. We’ll be releasing an official FAQ update for this shortly but the short answer is ‘no’, Shiva cannot pick up supply tokens or carry equipment. She would probably just rip them to bits!

Next time, we’ll have a look at some of the new equipment you’ll find in Wave Two. Remember you can pre-order the Wave Two Mega Bundle right now to get all the new releases with just one click or they’ll be available in stores soon!


  1. Thinking about this wave has raised a couple questions I’d like to see in the next FAQ about combat.

    First is a combat group determined before or after combats are split for purposes of rules like Ezekiel’s Shiva and Tyrese’s Beatdown?

    Second the last FAQ’s combat order says to determine a winner as step 8 and apply rules for winning or losing as step 9. Do those rules apply even if the combat roll tied or is the winner determined only for purposes of knock back?

  2. Any chance we’ll see card protector sleeves for the character and equipment cards in the future? There’s a fair amount of cards just in the first wave alone and I’m already stuck for ideas as to where to store them in any way they won’t get damaged easily

  3. It’s a shame ‘a closer look’ at the Negan booster wasn’t taken earlier, before all the defective Andys got on the boat from China.

  4. Any chance of being able to purchase the boosters separately???

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