Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest FAQ

There's a Drake's Fortune in here somewhere!

After some hard work from the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee, we’re please to announce that FAQ 1.1 is now available! Stuart Kerrigan and Ciaran Morris are here to explain more…

It may appear from our silent countenances, pallid complexions and aversion to sunlight that the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee have been buried in Mortibris’s darkest dungeons. In truth we’ve been using the valuable feedback from the amazing Dungeon Saga community to create the first in a series of FAQs for Dungeon Saga.

Our primary focus for this first release (Version 1.1 – June 2017) was for the Core Rules and on the areas that cause the most confusion for players or just didn’t appear clearly (Ed – that’s whole aim isn’t it?).

Examples of this in our Errata section are the Line of Sight rules that we have completely replaced with a more concise reflection of what the rules actually intended (but did a poor job of explaining originally).

Other examples of essential Errata were in areas of Feats and Raising Dead, really clarifying for players when and how often a Feat can be used and what options are (or are not) available when a new model is summoned to the board via a Raise Dead or equivalent effect.

There’s also been some clarity applied to the separation between Magical Attacks and Spells where we found that some printed rules conflated the two terms when in reality there are a lot of Spells whose effect is not attack related.

For the FAQ section itself we have prioritised those questions that really did get submitted over and over again – examples include providing clarity on the freedom to change facing as part of movement (but not actually moving any distance), whether summoned minions affect outnumbering modifiers and whether it’s possible to Fight through narrow diagonal gaps (it is!).

Other areas that we have removed ambiguity in terms of the questions asked was in the sphere of magic, the use of Energy Crystals and the Crystallize spell itself. With a lot of the focus in the game based around Danor or wizards of your own making, the ability to create crystals and how & when they are used is essential and there are a number of answers provided in this area alone.

The last key area that we focused on that needed quite a bit of input was in the general area of Overlord gameplay (is that Overlording, Overlordship…?). There are almost 2 pages dedicated to this facet of gameplay where we’ve endeavoured to lift the mist of ambiguity for any prospective evil masters out there. Some of the main topics in this part of the FAQ concentrate on the use of Command Cards, the multiple variations of the Raise Dead ability (Power, Card & Spell versions), playing Interrupts and a little more information on Bosses and some of their more intricate abilities or spells.
There’s more besides the topics and questions highlighted above, but you’ll need to look at the FAQ itself to find out what they are!

You can download a copy of the FAQ as well as free copy of the Dungeon Saga Rulebook over on the Mantic website. With these venerable documents in hand you should be able to spend more time in sweet dungeon delving bliss than arguing over interpretations of the rules.

This is the first in a series of releases from the Rules Committee, but please do sound off in the comments below or on the Mantic Forums or additionally over on BoardGameGeek and tell us what’s hampering your Dungeon Saga enjoyment and what you would like to see the Rules Committee do in the future.

All sensible suggestions are welcome, and some silly ones are welcome too!


  1. Any plans to incorporate the FAQ into the free rulebook as a “Living Rulebook”?

  2. good work chaps. Shall I assume this supercedes anything from the original Quirkworthy living FAQ?

    • Ciaran Morris June 23, 2017 at 5:42 pm

      Hi Ian, – in short Yes!
      Longer answer, we’ve taken the previous FAQ and it’s replies, revised the content, adjusted it where necessary and added further questions & answers that have since been asked and further errata needed. There’s also more to come 🙂

    • I agree, this is a damn good FAQ 🙂

  3. any chance of seeing adventurers companion getting fixed? thats so confusing its only been out of its box once.

    also, can we see the dungeon journal get some layout fixes. theres loads of map key things missing. no idea which heroes are which, which direction models are facing, to name a couple.

    • Ciaran Morris June 23, 2017 at 5:46 pm

      Hi SW,
      Adjustments and corrections to the AC are coming along the road too, but as you can imagine those are a little more involved and we’d like to broach some of it’s core topics in a little more detail, possibly as blog entries to grant them the time and discussion they deserve. But it is coming.

      We’re looking at general layout issues aswell as part of Errata entries, so the Dungeon Journal will get caught in our wide-ranging net too 😉

  4. “tell us what’s hampering your Dungeon Saga enjoyment”

    Played every adventure now. So more adventures on a more frequent release. Don’t care if they’re digital or not, just want something to play.

    Wouldn’t say no to a Ratkin campaign 😉

    • Ciaran Morris June 23, 2017 at 5:49 pm

      And you shall receive! The tie-in DS expansion for the KoW Summer Campaign has a swathe of adventures for Heroes new and old.

  5. I really want to like this game – spent $300 on it in the kickstarter! But my group just cannot get past Adventure 1 of the Dwarf Kings’ Quest. It takes a minimum of four or five turns to get someone to the door that can break it down, which takes a full turn, and then it’s just too easy for a competent Overlord to use his zombies to clog up the bottleneck of the 2×2 corridor. The wizard is needed to unlock the final door, and that is another full turn.

    This adventure is supposed to be introductory! Even if the characters just try to bypass all the enemies, an Overlord can use them to slow the adventurers down a bit and that’s game over.

    Nothing kills enthusiasm for a game group like hitting an impossible mission labeled “Adventure 1.”

    • I had a similar experience but Adventure 1 should be straight forward – if you get the rules correct. Which my Overlord didn’t, so getting past his version of Adventure 1 was a matter of pride.

      Are you definitely playing with these rules:-

      You can’t move undead that have been raised that round.
      You only need to get 1 successful hit on the locked door to open it (so you can move and open it in theory – send the Barbarian to do this).
      The Wizard can burn crystals to cast an extra Break Ward spell in his turn.

    • “Your wizard can use a crystal to cast an extra breakward spell in a turn.”

      – haven’t read this FAQ yet but pretty sure you can only cast a spell once per turn. Says that in multiple places.

      Personally, I hate the timer mechanic. On the odd mission it is good but personally I feel like too much of the balance of the game gets tied up in how many turns you can beat a mission in. The overlord for the most part only needs to learn one tactic. How to stall. Heroes are often better off not killing skeletons but leaving them behind as the overlord can only make so many commands and have so many skeletons in play. Not killing a skeleton now means not having to fight one later. I suggested to Quirkworthy that the overlord can turn a skeleton to a pile of bones in order to raise another one somewhere else more convenient on the map (from an existing pile of bones).

      In my experience, outside of tactical error (most often caused by a heroes desire to try to kill everything, or misplaying turn order blocking yourself in a corridor – or thinking that there is actually something useful in a chest(hint there almost never is anything worth the time it takes to go and open one) or just really unlucky dice rolls the game is very heavily slanted in the heroes favour.

      I’m still in the process of rewriting house rules to fix a lot of my bugbears with the game. I can see what Quirkworthy was going for in his rules design but after having played the game and read his blog I don’t think I’d be rushing out to grab a game with rules designed by him again – we just have different philosophies on balance and fun.

    • A spellcaster can cast 2 minor spells, which includes Break Ward. You can then use a crystal to untap the Break Ward spell and use it as your 2nd minor spell.

      I’d be interested to hear/see one of your playthroughs @Leperflesh – with a slight misunderstanding of the rules the game can go from reasonable to impossible.

      Also remember each successful hit from a monster can only deal 1 point of damage to a hero, so even the mage should last a short while.

    • You can’t cast the same spell twice in a turn however you achieve it, that’s in the rules and faq.

    • Er… yes. Bad 2am posting! Bad!

    • Yeah, never post late at night when you’ve been on a nature ramble to search for your missing cat… the FAQ makes this crystal clear that you cannot use crystals in such a manner.

  6. My suggestions for fixing that adventure (or the game generally) – give the dwarf better movement; give characters more options for opening doors (it really shouldn’t take a bunch of dice rolls because a single failed turn of attacks on a door can torpedo the whole adventure); give the adventurers a way of earning an extra turn or two; or just add a couple more cards to the Overlord command deck for that adventure.

    As an aside, my players found it odd that they cannot reproduce the starting characters using the rules in the Adventurers’ Companion.

  7. Wonderful work! I love that this is still supported thanks to everyone for their efforts!

  8. Ciaran Morris, it’s great that the summer campaign book is coming out, but one thing that really needs to happen is more constant adventures. I’m not talking about a campaign book every month, but just the odd adventure to keep people interested. With the amount of board games that have come out since Black Fortress it’s hard to keep people interested. A new adventure every now and then would do it. I’m not talking free either. I’d pay for just one if it meant I had a fun night with friends and kept them into the game. I’m bought tabletop gaming magazine and the mantic compedium just for 1 adventure, so why not do one off adventures for a few quid online? I’m sure there’s time to design and edit the adventures, but this is the kind of thing that needs to happen or it gets shelved for other games, so they’ll need to invest this to keep the game relevant in such a packed market.

  9. At minimum I would like to see a campaign that is designed on using Adventure Companion’s custom heroes and locations. Actually rather a 2nd Edition or upgrade kit that incorporates random loot and a shop system. Having previously played more meaty/complex systems (Descent and Imperial Assault), I’m not sure whether my play group wants to get back to basics anymore. As an overlord player, I also would want to build my Overlord deck and level up monsters with skill cards while campaign progress. A simple descent like travel deck and map would be sweet upgrades.

  10. I have played Dungeon Saga from the Dawn of Dwarf King’s Hold the miniatures and all the physical goodies are fantastic and a joy to paint as for the rule set I have really had to make it up as I went along making my own campaigns and introducing outdoor quests to include village/town encounters I know you have finished selling all the Kickstarter items on Retail now but please do another The Deeper Dungeons or something need more Dungeon Saga, Thanks, to everyone for caring about this game and the Free Download

  11. This weekend we played Adventure 6 ‘Turned around’. Despite the randomness of the adveture we had the best time so far with this game. High tension and excitement. Noone in my group minds the timer. We sitll hav A LOT of scenarios to go through but still it’s always nice to see new stuff coming up.
    I’d love to see a campaign (of prescripted adventures) designed for custom heroes making use of a revised downtime and leveling system from the AC.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter June 28, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    We play the advanced campaign setting but are using the printed adventures from the normal expansions and some of it needs looking at.
    After the players have levelled up a bit it becomes incredibly easy for them to walk through unchallenged.
    I need to tweek what I can do to balance the missions.

    • Friendly Eriochrome July 6, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      I would be interested in hearing more details of how you ran this. Can you email me at eriochrome at hotmail dot com.

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