Event Report: American Team Championships 2017

July 15th-16th saw the second annual American Team Championship put on by Mantic Games and Dicehead Games in Chattanooga, TN.  6 teams of 3 players competed for the title of the American Team Champion.

The basic formula for the ATC is a team of 3 player play individual games and their total score determines the winner. This years format was a little different from last years.  This time around each team member was given a coin denoting whether they were Captain, Lieutenant, or Ensign.  Once both teams chose their roles, their coins were revealed.  Games were decided on Capt. vs Capt., Lt. vs Lt., and Ens vs Ens. These roles were decided at the beginning of every round.  While teams could play another team again the players might not necessarily play the same opponent.

Round 1 saw the Georgia Boys playing against Team McFlurry and the Extra Oreos.  Georgia Boys played Salamanders and 2 Dwarf armies.  Team McFlurry consisted of Elves, Undead and Basileans.  On the next group of tables, Rotgut Manglers played against Team Fun and Games.  Rotgut Manglers were made up of Abyssals, Abyssal Dwarfs and Empire of Dust.  Team Fun and Games ran Abyssal Dwarfs, Undead, and Brotherhood.  The last set of table was Blood, Bath and Beyond vs Sons of Vulkan.  Blood, Bath and Beyond played Forces of Nature, Ogres and Ratkin while the Sons of Vulkan were Goblins, Empire of Dust and Undead.

Round 2 pairings were Georgia Boys vs Rotgut Manglers, Blood, Bath and Beyond vs Team Fun and Games, and Sons of Vulkan vs Team McFlurry.

Round 3 pairings were Rotgut Manglers vs Sons of Vulkan, Georgia Boys vs Team Fun and Games, and Blood, Bath and Beyond vs Team McFlurry.

Round 4 pairings were Georgia Boys vs Sons of Vulkan, Blood, Bath and Beyond vs Team Fun and Games, and Team McFlurry vs Rotgut Manglers.

The end of day results can be found here.

Sunday found us playing the last 2 rounds with Sons of Vulkan with a healthy lead but the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th was a tight race!

Round 5 pairing were Georgia Boys vs Team Fun and Games, Team McFlurry vs Sons of Vulkan, and Rotgut Manglers vs Blood, Bath and Beyond.

Round 6 pairing were Georgia Boys vs Team McFlurry, Rotgut Manglers vs Team Fun and Games and Blood, Bath and Beyond vs Sons of Vulkan.

At the end of the day here were the final standings.

1st:  Sons of Vulkan

2nd: Rotgut Manglers

3rd: Blood, Bath and Beyond

A margin of 1 point seperated 2nd and 3rd place.  Other awards were:

Best Individual Score:  Shawn Williams

Best Sportsman: Ben Bower

Best Painted Army: Jakob Malot

All scores can be found at this link.  A special shoutout to Dicehead Games for making the first place trophy and Ironheart Artisans for handing out wound dice holders for all players.

Blood, Bath & Beyond – Forces of Nature

Blood, Bath & Beyond – Ogres

Blood, Bath & Beyond – Ratkin

Georgia Boys – Dwarfs 2

Georgia Boys – Salamanders

Georgia Boys – Dwarfs

Rotgut Manglers – Abyssal Dwarfs

Rotgut Manglers – Empire of Dust

Rotgut Manglers – Abyssals

Sons of Vulkan – Empire of Dust

Sons of Vulkan – Goblins

Sons of Vulkan – Undead

Team Fun & Games – Abyssal Dwarfs

Team Fun & Games – Brotherhood

Team Fun & Games – Undead

Team McFlurry & the Extra Oreos – Basileans

Team McFlurry & the Extra Oreos – Elves

Team McFlurry & the Extra Oreos – Undead

Pat “Chopper” Lewis

Chopper is the North American Community Manager for Mantic. He can usually be found wandering the city of Chicago looking for a game of Deadzone or Dreadball.


  1. Great report!

  2. Second tournament list i saw and no ORc armies participation.

    Think of that…

    • True, I think this might be more because in both their fantasy and sci fi games they are kinda of a shoe horned in faction and not very interesting. I mean, they are orcs, and we have seen them over and over again. Would have been cool to take the Orcs and mix them with some Bronze Age culture with a little bit of sophisticated Conan demon worshipers/enslavers, or heck make them into good guys fighting to bring light to a dark world. Or to get them out of Deadzone all together. I love many of the factions with both games (heck, Enforcers, Plague, and Rebels are super interesting and Abyssal Dwarves rock me), but some that either fluff wise, appear too shallow or are an odd fit need to go. There are some successful fantasy miniature games out there that don’t use orcs at all.

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