Brush With Death

Andy introduces a new series of painting competitions that we’re launching this month.

Until now, Mantic Games’ painting competition has been limited to our tournaments and the Open Day painting competitions. We are pleased to announce that the scope is widening to include an ongoing series, online.

Each competition will focus on a different game system and category. This allows you to vary your painting, and provides different challenges and learning opportunities.

For example, our first competition is a Kings of War Monster, and our next a Warpath Universe Vehicle. The next time Kings of War appears, the category will change to a Regiment, or perhaps War Machine.

To whet your appetite – and wet your brushes – here are the categories for the first four competitions:




August 4th September Kings of War Monster*
September 2nd October Warpath Universe Vehicle
October 6th November The Walking Dead: All Out War 60/60**
November 4th December Dungeon Saga Hero

More categories will be announced on the Mantic Blog and on the Mantic Games Facebook Group as we proceed.

Here’s a great Kickstarter exclusive Negan, as painted by Paul Welsh.

How to Enter

Simply take 1-3 photos of your completed entry and send it to [email protected] before 5pm UK time on the deadline date.

There are plenty of guides to miniatures photography online, so take your time and capture that ‘golden angle’.

Empire of Dust Hero, as painted by Ryan Peterson.

And The Winner Is…

A handpicked selection of our staff will judge the entries and we’ll notify the winner by email to arrange shipping of their prize.

In addition we will display the winning entry and – select other entries – through our Social Media channels the first Monday after the deadline (#ManticMonday).

Finally, we will select the most appropriate images to be used as alternate images on our online shop!

Thanks for reading – and we look forward to seeing your Monsters, soon!


*- with rider or not: your choice

*- 60/60 is 60 points of Survivors (including equipment) in addition to 60 points of Walkers (i.e. 4 Walker models) displayed as you choose.

Any questions, then please add them onto the Comments below, or email [email protected]

Pat “Chopper” Lewis

Chopper is the North American Community Manager for Mantic. He can usually be found wandering the city of Chicago looking for a game of Deadzone or Dreadball.


  1. One question about the Dungeon Hero contest: are the heroes from the Kings of War also available for this contest (as far as they can be used in the game) or only the heroes from the Dungeon Saga part of the online store at are allowed there?

    • Only heroes from the Dungeon Saga line and those Kings of War models that have official published rules. We want to be able to use a selection of entries as alternate photos on the web store.

      The kings of War Heroes category will be along in 2018.

  2. So happy about this only one I can not enter is the Walking Dead as I do not collect that game, Thanks, Mantic

    • We hope to have something for everyone over the coming months. As said in the blog post, different game systems and categories provides different challenges and learning opportunities.

  3. I assume only Mantic models are allowed?

  4. Does the Inferno Drill Weapons Platform count as a Warpath Universe vehicle?

  5. What about conversions? Are they permitted?
    I was going to do the Greater Earth Elemental, re-posing it and possibly add a tree model or sculpt an old tree trunk on it – would that still be valid for the comp and to show on the website (if it were deemed good enough)?

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