Edge of the Abyss Kings of War Campaign Starts Monday

Something is stirring in the east… the Abyss is opening. The denizens of this terrible place are spewing forth across Mantica, wreaking havoc wherever their foul touch is felt. Meanwhile, those who worship the Abyss or revel in madness, have been emboldened by its awful energy and are striking throughout the land.

Yet, all is not lost. Sensing the affront to Nature, the enigmatic Green Lady has issued a rallying cry throughout the land. Those who wish to stop the spread of the Abyss must put aside their differences and join together. Will the alliance hold or will it crumble under the threat of Evil? Only you can decide!

We’re finally here! The Edge of the Abyss campaign starts Monday, August 21st. This is a chance for YOU to shape the narrative in Kings of War. Will you strike fear into its inhabitants as an army of darkness? Or will you protect the innocent from being enslaved by the wicked fiends emerging from the Abyss? From Monday we’re going to start collecting the results of your Kings of War battles and they will be used to decide what happens next!

The guys at Beasts of War are currently busy putting the final touches to a super slick campaign hub where you’ll be able to upload battle reports, unlock achievements, create a profile page for your store or club and lots, lots more! The Edge of the Abyss campaign hub will be ready September 4th and you can see a preview below.

To make sure that the campaign hub launches with a bang (and you can immediately see what factions are winning different locations), we will be gathering the results of your battles from Monday! We can then upload all this data to Beasts of War to ensure there are already plenty of battle results from day one.

Simply email your results to [email protected] from Monday and we’ll begin tracking the battles. In your report, make sure you clearly state:

  • Location of the battle
  • Armies that took part
  • Points size of each side
  • Which side won
  • Victory points/attrition points at the end of the game
  • Three pictures of the game in action

For those playing as The Brotherhood or when using Jarvis to front a ‘good’ Undead army, your results will count towards victories or losses for The Kingdoms of Men. That’s right, The Brotherhood may have taken a beating, but these plucky underdogs are fighting back under the banner of the Kingdoms of Men. Hoo-hah!

Also, please feel free to send in more detailed battle reports that include more pictures and we’ll start sharing those on the Mantic Blog from next week. So, we’ll see you Monday ready for six weeks of Kings of War madness!


  1. Rob,
    I’m little disappointed that after promoting the Summer campaign at my local club and creating a blog-page to support it, that the beasts of war campaign hub is going to be late, two weeks into a six week campaign!

    • We’re also very disappointed. However, it turned out to more complex than BoW had anticipated. However, we have started collecting battle results (and have already had almost a dozen sent in today) so that once the hub opens, we’ll be off to a flying start.

  2. Is there any chance we could extend the campaign due to this delay? It seems as though that makes the campaign a lot shorter than what it should be, and it really hurts the campaign overall, because people aren’t going to want to have 2 blind weeks where they have no idea where their factions stand, I’m rather miffed myself about how the campaign seems to have been handled thus far already. It feels more and more like an afterthought that was thrown together and wasn’t planned out very well at all…

    I love Mantic, but this is a little disheartening, honestly. When is KoW going to get the same kind of loving attention as the Walking Dead continuously seems to get?

    • We’ll keep updating people via the blog and social media about where the fations stand so far. We’re really sorry about the campaign site not being live. It was unfortunately due to some last minutes problems that we couldn’t have predicted. Rest assured this campaign was never an afterthought and we’re just as disappointed that the campaign site isn’t ready yet.

  3. Waits a few years for summer campaign…

    Campaign book full of typos.

    Kill off brotherhood.

    Fail to launch the campaign on time.

    Oh mantic…

    • We’re sorry about the problems experienced so far. The Brotherhood haven’t been killed off entirely, so don’t worry about that and you can still use your army. The campaign page was unfortuately a last minute hiccup that we couldn’t have predicted.

  4. Are there any plans for a similar campaign for the Warpath universe? I’d personally be doing all I can for the Plague to hit First Sphere!

    All the best with your technical troubles. Please, people, just play the game. Fog of war will fade very quickly.

    • We’re talking about the next campaign being Sci-fi, possibly Deadzone. Not concrete yet, but could be done.

  5. Please make the campaign universe specific, not game specific. People could play deadzone, firefight or warpath or even star saga or dreadball!

    Maybe a big battle of warpath leads to a situation where a smaller game of deadzone is inevitable. A dreadball game causes the losing side to start rioting, and a firefight squad would be send to the rescue.. Possibilities are endless! This way people wouldn’t need a specific game to participate.

    • +1 for this. You have Warpath, Firefight and Deadzone (and even Star Saga) in the same universe, having the same factions and using the same miniatures. It would be great if all these games could contribute somehow to the campaign. Might even get a Deadzone player who has enough miniatures to try his hands on Firefight or vice versa.

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