Kings of War: Vanguard – Character Cards

Kings of War: Vanguard will be launching on Kickstarter soon. Throughout this week, we’ll be exploring the game in more detail and giving you a taste of the rules. In today’s blog, we’re looking at an example of a character card.

A little like The Walking Dead: All Out War, Vanguard will feature character cards that include all the stats you’ll need to play. Each of the heroes, special characters and warriors will come with their own cards, giving players a great reference during the game. When you’re playing a campaign, we’ll also be making a roster sheet, so you can track upgrades/new abilities/xp.

In today’s blog, we’re going to breakdown an example card to explain all the various elements, which will also give you a brief insight into some of the key mechanics of Vanguard. So, without further ado, let’s crack on…

  1. NAME – if they’re a named character, this will be their name, e.g. Grekle Cacklemaster, or if they’re a standard miniature it’ll be the name of the unit.
  2. RACE/TYPE – first up you can see what Race the model is. The model’s Race is also a keyword that may interact with other rules, e.g. a unit could receive a bonus when attacking a Race they particularly despise. Next, models will be one (or more) of the following Types: Grunt, Warrior, Support, Command, Spellcaster, and Large. Type is important when building a Warband and, once again, the Type is a keyword that may interact with other rules.
  3. POINTS – this is how many points it costs to add the model to your warband.
  4. STATS – this is where you can find all the stats for the model.

Speed (SP)

This value shows the distance the model can move in inches.

Ranged (Ra)

This is the target number the model needs to roll to hit a target when using a Ranged attack, typically as part of a Shoot or Cast action.

Melee (Me)

This is the target number the model needs to roll to hit an opponent when making a Melee attack.

Armour (Ar)

This is the target number a model needs to roll to avoid taking damage and suffering wounds.

Nerve (Ne)

This is the target number for any Nerve tests the model needs to take. This will come into play if the Warband is broken or if something unnerving happens.

Wounds (Wn)

This shows the number of wounds the model can suffer before it is removed from play as a casualty. The larger the number, the more resilient (or stupid!) the model is.

Height (H)

The height of a model affects how it interacts with other models and terrain for line of sight and visibility of targets.

5. SPECIAL RULES – here you can see any special rules the model has. Some of these will be similar to those seen in Kings of War, while others will be completely new.

6. POWER DICE – this indicates how many Power Dice the model generates. The Power Dice work a little like the Command Dice in Deadzone and we’ll have a closer look at Power Dice in a future blog.

7. RANGED & MELEE – this shows how many D8s the model rolls during combat. That’s right, we’ll be using D8s for Vanguard, rather than standard D6s. Even better we’ve got exploding D8s during combat to help create some crazy cinematic moments.

8. EQUIPMENT – equipment will play a large part in Vanguard, as warbands uncover and buy new items during a campaign. Some models will come equipped with weapons/items as standard and they’ll be listed here.

9. SPELLS – spellcasters will have their spells listed here. We’ll be expanding the number of spells available, compared to Kings of War. Also, you may notice it says (short) after the spell name. Just like Deadzone, models will be able to perform two short actions or one long action. Some spells will be long actions, while others will be short. What’s more you’ll be able to boost spells to make them more powerful. As spellcasters gain experience in a campaign, they will also get the chance to learn new spells from an advanced spellbook or faction-specific magic.

10. SPECIAL ABILITIES and RULES – if the model has any special abilities they’ll be listed here. Special Abilities use the Power Dice mentioned earlier, so we’ll go into specifics in a future blog.

So, what do you reckon? The card breakdown has given you a little tease of the rules so far and tomorrow we’ll jump into the topic of Power Dice and how they work in Vanguard.


  1. Very cool stuff! You’ve got my support/money as soon as the KS goes live!

  2. Love the design/layout of the card – now can you show us some new toys? 🙂

  3. Very cool! Really looking forward to this. You have my money (as neither sword, bow, or axe would be very helpful to you). Any chance customizable templates can be provided for player-created original characters? Looking forward to helping Mantic out financially, as most of my miniatures are still from that other game…

  4. Michael Johnson October 17, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    And the figure actually looks really cool.

  5. If you have the art for it… I’d strongly consider using art for the picture on the card instead of the painted mini.

    • I agree 🙂

    • Was just about to say the same thing. Highly prefer a nice art profile instead of a painted mini.

    • I dunno. I like the painted mini.

      What would be cool is to release the card artwork with a blank background – they you can paste in the mini you are using (Night Goblin mushroom wizard with the puppet on a stick).

  6. Thanks for the new and very informative blog entry. Iam really looking forward to Vanguard! Iam a fan of good and tactical skirmish Tabletops and especially those with a detailed campaign system :)! Everything sounds good so far. I really wanna see more of Vanguard! You can count me in for the Kickstarter to :)!
    Best regards

  7. I’m getting more excited about KoW Vanguard with every news :).
    Two points come to my mind when I look at the card:
    – the spell field seems to me a very large space that will most of time not be used. Why not having a merged Spell & Special abilities field?
    – I fear the ‘Mordheim syndrom’ caused by a too low number of Melee/Ranged attacks. Fighters used to spend more time missing than hitting themselves in Mordheim, which was highly boring and made a victory to be mainly a matter of luck. We usually throw a large number of dices in KoW, which smoothes the statistics. I hope the same logic will be kept in Vanguard (all proportions kept, of course)

    • There are ways to boost the number of dice, which we’ll be covering tomorrow.

    • Slow combats and models not dying has certainly not been a problem in testing so far!

    • Now that Matt has mentioned testing – none of that rubbing models against each other hoping someone lucks out like Mordheim.

      Vanguard is a brisk pace even with less killy lists and the Basilean mirror match was like throwing each other’s crews into a blender. One Paladin survived wading through a sea of severed limbs. Good for an alpha strike list. Dwarfs and Gobbos hang around a bit more but their specialists used right can get quite killy in particular situations.

  8. I also day art over painted minis.
    Your paint jobs are pretty all over the place in terms of quality while your art is usually spot on!

  9. All looks good so far! I’ll be all over the Kickstarter.

    Is the move to D8 a hint of things to come in Kings 3rd edition, I wonder?

    I’m also liking the idea of combined KoW / Vanguard events starting to appear. It would give a lot of narrative options if there was a wide spread of scenarios.

  10. I was actually really hoping you’d stick to 6 sides dice. There’s something so delightfully simple about it. And familiar for people who are new to gaming.

    I really hope 8sided doesn’t show up in 3rd Ed. I’ll live with it in Vanguard

  11. This looks very promising. I am looking forward to seeing what the Kickstarter will offer.

  12. D8 are more Deadzone thing rather than KoW 3rd Ed. They work really well in Deadzone, allowing greater variety in terms of race/hero differences.

    If fight mechanics is similar to Deadzone, than system of adding additional dice to the pull is going to be great and we shouldn’t be worried about stale combats.

    It will be bloody!

  13. So how will we be getting these cards, especially in light of cross-compatibility with KoW and Dungeon Saga?
    Will they come one per model that is released specifically for Vanguard? Will there be packs to buy to bring in your Kings of War/Dungeon Saga models? Will there be blank card sheets so we can fill them out from listings in a book for KoW/DS models?

  14. How about you fulfil your commitments to the Dreadball 2 backers before embarking on new projects ? Just a thought

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