What’s in the Mantic Crazy Box 2017?

After a serious meeting using stats, graphs and complicated mathematical algorithms we came to the conclusion that last year’s Crazy Boxes were only 85.4% crazy enough. That meant only thing: get Crazy Bobby back in to consult on the Crazy Box 2017 and ensure it reached 100% CRAZY.


In light of this we’re happy to announce the launch of the Mega Crazy Box (you can see an example above). This £100 box of unbridled joy is the biggest Crazy Box we’ve ever done and includes an insane selection of items from our Kings of War, Warpath, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks and Dungeon Saga ranges.

Even better, you are GUARANTEED to get ONE super value item in your Mega Crazy Box. Among the possible super value items are a resin Tree Herder (RRP £29.99), a Walking Dead: All Out War core game (RRP £34.99), resin Steel Behemoth (RRP £29.99), Dungeon Saga: Eye of the Abyss expansion (worth £34.99), Warpath rulebook collection (RRP £29.99), Mars Attacks Game (RRP £49.99), and lots, lots more.


But that’s not all! Crazy Bobby is adding even more random fun into the Mega Crazy Boxes, thanks to his five Golden Tickets and the mega super amazing Platinum Ticket. Each of the Golden Tickets are worth £100 in store credit on the Mantic website – so you’re basically getting your Mega Crazy Box for FREE!

What’s more, whomever finds Crazy Bobby’s Platinum Ticket will have a super special one-off prize! We will sculpt the person that finds the Platinum Ticket as a GCPS marine. That’s right, you can potentially become a member of the GCPS. We will sculpt the winner as a GCPS marine and send them the 3D print of the miniature.


Along with the Mega Crazy box, you can also pick up the £25 Fantasy Crazy or the £25 Sci-Fi Crazy Box. Again, these will have a mix of core items but we’ll also be putting some special random pieces in a selection of the mini Crazy Boxes.

In the Fantasy Crazy Box you could get a Kings of War Gamer’s Edition or a Kings of War Historical Rulebook… among other exciting items. Meanwhile the Sci-Fi Crazy Box could contain a Tunnel Runner, Deadzone 2.0 rulebook and more!

The Crazy Boxes go on sale from 8am on Black Friday. Will you find one of Crazy Bobby’s special tickets? You’ll also be able to pick up your Crazy Box at the Mantic Open Day this Saturday!


  1. I want a walking dead crazy box!!!!! Even if it’s just mars attacks terrain and vehicles

  2. I wish the 100mega box had a fantasy/sci-fi option too. I’d hate to spend that amount and get a bunch of sci-fi stuff I’ll literally never touch.

    Please think about that Mantic!!

  3. Do we know how long they might be on sale? Pay day and all that…

  4. I’m a little unsure about the megabox.

    I can always use more models, but getting a duplicate of a game or rulebook I already own, especially if it’s a substantial part of the value?

  5. Ebay people, if you get something you don’t like/need pop it on eBay. Or find someone who wants the other half. If you’re into fantasy find someone who’s into sci-fi and split the bill/contents, whether of one or two boxes.

  6. It sucks: the website doesn’t work with a time out… So no early Christmas presents! 🙁

  7. I was all excited for the Mega box… until I saw the added “American” tax to the USD rates on the website.
    I know most European companies don’t charge exactly to current exchange rates, but this was to much for me.
    Way to pull a GW, Mantic.

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