12 Days of Christmas: Ronnie’s Review of 2017

This is what happens when you ask Ronnie to send a 'festive' picture!

This is what happens when you ask Ronnie to send a ‘festive’ picture!

2017 – Well that happened fast!

Life just seems to be rushing past faster and faster – it’s either because I’m getting old or things are getting busier… probably a heap of both!

Putting aside my decrepit state, let’s look at what keeps us so busy. Well first up. The Walking Dead caused quite the stir! With hugely positive responses to the game play (and the fact that EVERYONE dies!) and our fantastic minis, we released the first few waves of the story line. Everyone seems to be having real fun with all the styles of play: both the hard core PvP and playing through the narrative stories in the expansions.

2018 will see the last of the KS waves hitting retail, and other fantastic show exclusive (Walker Rick anyone). Next year will also see the first full wave of releases direct to retail… make sure you let us know what you’d like to see in the comments below. Also be sure to get a gang ready for a PvP campaign we will be running sometime in 2018, to find out if you are the best survivor in the world (or at least Atlanta).

Kings of War continues to go from strength to strength as the global community keeps growing. We had a superb Clash of Kings down in Cardiff, and both the US, Oz and European tournaments scenes continue to grow – and more and more players are sporting all-Mantic armies! 🙂

We released the first of the Clash of Kings books (now an annual publication – new one in Jan!), some FANTASTIC new resin big monsters from our shiny new resin production facility, and ‘The Edge of the Abyss’ – a huge summer campaign with the Dwarfs (plus a few weaker allies!) winning the day. And we can all look forward to welcoming a whole new crowd – and give ourselves opportunity to try out a few new races with Vanguard, the new KoW skirmish game, hitting the shelves later in the year. Oh, and do watch out for a BIG announcement about an upcoming event in the USA in 2018…

Warpath has landed – with not 1 but 2 battle games:  Firefight and Warpath itself. Plus the already classic sci-fi dungeon crawler – Star Saga! The game universe has seen vehicles with big guns for the Enforcers, Forge Fathers and the space rats – the ever expandable Veer-myn Tunneller. The Star Saga release also includes more of the plastic terrain that was much loved in Dungeon Saga.

In fact, it was loved so much that we did a heap more of it for Dungeons, Battlefields and Townscapes – and if anyone managed to jump on board the KS for Terrain crate they will be very happy with the big box of scenery currently in tooling – and the rest of us will be able to get it around May or June!

Next year we will also be running a summer Deadzone campaign – giving everyone an excuse to build that box of scenery they have (or get one if they don’t!) and finally finish assembling and painting a nice little faction to rain death on their enemy.

So there are lots of great things coming up, and as ever thank you so much for supporting Mantic in 2017 – be it buying models, playing our games, or coming to an event or commenting online. The community we have – which is truly now a global one – makes what we do so much fun and worthwhile.

And boys and girls – please keep coming back to the blog for the next 12 days – when we will have info, stories, previews, Christmas deals and bundles, and some big announcements!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. Stoked to hear about TWD developments. I would love to see a Paul “Jesus” Monroe figure get developed and potentially scenarios inside each character booster. In the case of “Jesus”, he could defend himself from a hostile group he’s been scoping.

  2. For TWD, I would love to see a few things.
    1. I would like to see survivor packs with blank survivor cards so the community can make full use of the survivor creation rules. It could be a pack of 3 female and 3 male survivors. Maybe even expand the character creation rules.
    2. I would like to see more official terrain for TWD.
    3. I would like to see more deluxe gaming mats that align with each other to make a full urban community.
    4. I would like to see U.S. distribution issues resolved. My store orders Mantic products through Alliance and they still have not received TWD wave 3 Glenn, Maggie, Morgan, and Andrea boosters yet.

  3. I would love a walking dead two player starter set. Saviors vs hilltop.

    I would also love some walking dead terrain.

    And some walking dead events in Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse New York. I need motivation to get this stuff painted

  4. I’d love to see the following for The Walking Dead:

    1. More regular characters from the Telltale games to go alongside Lee and Clem,

    2. More resin sets like Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe – but with more useable/playable miniatures (not just alternate cards).

    3. More official terrain

    4. Expanded/adjusted campaign rules with options to allow players to quit out of a game if it’s going badly.

  5. I’ve spent a lot of time checking gamivo.com. The testing went well. I had no issues with this new marketplace. The only annoying thing was the need to confirm your identity when using different devices, but I guess that’s a safety procedure.

  6. For TWD I still hope that I get to make an appearance!


  7. TWD things I’d like to see

    1. Some more gaming mats
    2. Terrain and scatter scenery. You could do a terrain crate thing like your fantasy one
    3. An event card add on
    4. Expanded rules for campaigns. Based around camps where you can use selected camp members to go on missions. Collect resources like fuel to travel on a larger map.

  8. A Deadzone campaign sounds great. However, I’ll repost my comment from https://manticblog.com/2017/08/18/edge-abyss-kings-war-campaign-starts-monday/

    Please make the campaign universe specific, not game specific. People could play deadzone, firefight or warpath or even star saga or dreadball!

    Maybe a big battle of warpath leads to a situation where a smaller game of deadzone is inevitable. A dreadball game causes the losing side to start rioting, and a firefight squad would be send to the rescue.. Possibilities are endless! This way people wouldn’t need a specific game to participate.

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