SALUTE 2018: The Bundle Deals & Bonus Models

Salute 2018, run by The South London Warlords, is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. [Their] aim is to promote the very best in the hobby. Held at ExCel London, there will be traders from all across the hobby along with plenty of demonstration and participation games to see and take part in.” – SALUTE 2018

Our blogs this week are covering what Mantic is doing at SALUTE 2018, culminating with our attendance at this, the UK’s largest one-day table-top gaming event. In today’s entry we are looking at our Bundle Deals, available from Mantic Games on Stand TH04.

We are running deals for four of our games:

  1. The Walking Dead: All Out War
  2. DreadBall
  3. Star Saga
  4. Warpath

The Walking Dead: All Out War Bundles

Any Expansion + 6 Survivor Boosters. This is an exceptional way to back-fill your collection as you can choose ANY Survivor Boosters! This is also a killer way to fill out any Survivor Gang for PVP games. Saving 17%
The Walking Dead: All Out War + any one Expansion. A perfect way to start your journey into the apocalypse. Saving 14%
The Walking Dead: All Out War + Scenery Booster + 2 Survivor Boosters. Get your favourite characters, a couple of supporting characters, and some terrific terrain (and Supply Counters) to fight over! Saving %11
The Walking Dead: All Out War + any 2 Expansions. Playing through the storyline is a massively enjoyable way to interact with this game. Saving 20%

Alongside the above deals we will have a limited quantity of the Collector’s Edition of The Walking Dead.

Collector’s Edition
This boxed set contains The Walking Dead: All Out War + Prelude to Woodbury + the Deluxe Mat for the Atlanta Suburbs + the following Boosters: Dale, Prison Advisor; Lee & Clementine; Scenery; and Equipment Saving 33%

DreadBall Bundles

DreadBall boxed game + Galactic Tour expansion + 1 Team (Matsudans or Revenants). A perfect way for friends to pick up three teams and the league rules – everything you need! Saving 17%
Collector’s rule book + DreadBall Game Deck. We’re bringing this web exclusive direct to you at SALUTE 2018! Saving %9

Alongside the above bundles we have the following offer on our Event Exclusive MVP:

MVP: Blaine FREE with purchase of the DreadBall boxed game (does not apply to THE DRAFT). Blaine: bringing the hurt to the neodurium …

Star Saga Bundles

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract + Nexus Screen + Dice Booster + Kira Nikolovski resin model. A perfect way for friends to pick up everything you need for many months of gaming! Saving 14%

Alongside the above,we will have a limited quantity of the Kickstarter Edition of Star Saga:

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract in a unique box + 5 Kickstarter exclusive models + a limited art print. This edition of the game is a great start for collectors. NOTE: Very Limited Stock.

Like MVP: Blaine for DreadBall, we have the following offer on another of our Event Exclusive models:

Kira Nikolovski FREE with purchase of the Star Saga boxed game (already included in the NEXUS BUNDLE). This Sphyr Medic is a terrific addition to your band of Merceneries.

Warpath Vehicle Bundles

2 Accuser Interceptors + 1 Arbiter Interceptor. Bringing aerial superiority to your game, the Arbiter clears the skies allowing your Accusers to safely disembark their Enforcers. After deployment, your wing will be free to terrorise your opponent’s infantry and vehicles with abandon. Saving 12%
3x Sturnhammer Battle Tanks + 4 exclusive Casualty Models. Bringing a mobile redoubt of steel, this spearhead aids your advance – and provides an indomitable bulwark in defence. This comes with 4 casualty models: Enforcer; Plague 3rd Gen.; Marauder Commando; and a Rebs Trooper. Saving 15%
3x Veer-myn Tunneller + 4 exclusive Casualty Models. The ground trembles, then erupts! Ramshackle burrowing machines toss your well deployed defence lines aside like matchwood. This comes with 4 casualty models: Enforcer; Plague 3rd Gen.; Marauder Commando; and a Rebs Trooper. Saving 15%

Check back tomorrow for the painting and gaming opportunities we’ll be hosting at SALUTE 2018. Read Monday’s blog for Event Exclusive models.

Andy is Mantic Games’ Events & Organised Play Coordinator. If he’s not talking about Mantic at a Show, or running an event for us, he can found plotting and planning the next iteration of the Gaming Hall, HQ Shop, Show Stand, or rallying our Pathfinders.


  1. How can those of us who aren’t attending get the casualty figures? Can we see them to covet, at least?

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