Mantic North America Ep. 13: Blaine Needs A Hug.

Aaaaannnnnndddd we’re back.  Sorry for the lack of content last year. It was a busy time and things got away from me.  Regardless we’re back and we’re joined again with Rob Harper from Deadzone the Podcast.  Sit back and learn all about the Summer of Deadzone and the new book Deadzone: Outbreak.  We also chat about what you can expect at Gen Con as well as the fun that’s going to be Mantic Open Night at Gen Con so get your tickets.

00:00 – 13:53             Intro/Kings of War

13:54 – 30:05             Dreadball

30:06 – 37:15             Star Saga

37:16 – 47:06             The Walking Dead: All Out War

47:07 – 56:35              Hellboy

56:36 – 01:02:37         Warpath

01:02:38 – 01:30:00    Wrap up/Outro

Pat “Chopper” Lewis

Chopper is the North American Community Manager for Mantic. He can usually be found wandering the city of Chicago looking for a game of Deadzone or Dreadball.


  1. I apologized to all for my opinions (especially Mars Attacks fans)

  2. daisuke serizawa June 20, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Great Cast!
    Btw: Is there any chance to get rules for the many many eventgames?
    I know an old version Mekwars, Jetbikeracing and Mawbeast Madness is availible for download through ironwatch. But Doomball and the 3 on 3 Dreadball variant sound really interesting. How many Actioncounters for a 3 on 3 game? What about the Walking dead Event-game?

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