New Units for Vanguard Available NOW!

Trident Realms

Since Vanguard launched in late October, we’ve already seen plenty of people creating their warband, battling it out and even starting a campaign. In fact, Vanguard was one of our most successful launches ever and we’re already close to re-printing the core rulebook.

As you probably know, we launched with four full warbands: Abyssals, Basileans, Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance. These releases came with a warband starter set and booster, which also included new unit cards to increase the options available when creating a warband. Meanwhile, in the core rulebook we had basic warband lists for the remaining factions: dwarfs, goblins, Trident Realm, orcs, Abyssal Dwarfs, elves, Forces of Nature, Empire of Dust, undead and ogres. Each of these had eight unit entries that could then be customised with extra equipment to make them even more unique.

Trident Realms

Across all these factions (alongside the Abyssals, Basileans, Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance) there are actually 121 unit entries in the rulebook that all had to be tested and balanced ahead of release – which is no mean feat. Of course, we’ve got plans to increase the number of unit entries for all the factions in the rulebook and eventually we’ll have extra units for everyone. In early 2019 we’ll be kicking off with dwarfs, before moving to the goblins and undead. Along the way, we might also dabble with Trident Realm and Forces of Nature too.

However, we don’t want you to be waiting around until then to get some sweet new Vanguard action, so today we’re adding new unit options to the following factions:

  • Dwarfs – Battle Driller
  • Elves – Silverbreeze Gladewarden and Sea Guard
  • Forces of Nature – Gladewalker Druid and Fire Elemental
  • Ogres – Ogre Sergeant and Hunter
  • The Trident Realm – Giga and Riverguard Sentinel
  • Abyssal Dwarfs – Iron-caster and Immortal Guard
  • Empire of Dust – Mummy and High Priest
  • Orcs – Skulk and Krusher
  • Undead – Skeleton Archer and Vampire Bat Swarm

The stats for all of these units are available to download from the Mantic website here.


Matt Gilbert is very cruel and wouldn’t let me (Rob) have any new goblin units for the moment. However, we are planning something very special for the goblins next year…


Don’t worry Uncharted Empires fans! The likes of Ratkin, Salamanders and Brotherhood, etc. (plus Kingdoms of Men) are going to be released as a downloadable PDF this December. They’re currently in final playtesting and we’ll let everyone know when they’re available. They’ll also be uploaded to EasyArmy once they’re live too, which should help with army building.

We hope you enjoy the new units and we’ll continue to occasionally make new units available via the website or EasyArmy throughout 2019 – perhaps an online campaign would provide a good excuse?!


While we’ve got your attention – if you fancy taking part in the first ever Vanguard tournament, head over to Weight of Fire’s Cry Havoc event page, where you can sign up for the event. 27 people are already taking part – including Rob and Martin from Mantic – and the prize list is already looking spectacular. Hopefully we’ll see you there.


  1. They’re not up yet on the mantic page! 🙁

  2. Looking forward to some Goblins ;-D

  3. Good! For me, lack of units was the main reason for not starting a Vanguard army. Now that there’s enough variety in the game I only need more storage space for the minis. Too bad that now there’s so many of them…

  4. Awesome Mantic! You guys rock!!

  5. Can I also add there will be a Vanguard tournament at Scrooge Con 2018 this year? December 29th in Lincoln, NE.

  6. I’d also like to insist at being the second or third to test the goblin stuff.

  7. Unfortunately no Kingdoms of Men.

    I mean, I understand that because you do not have a range for them and also because… what would be their “Large” unit (hint: an Ogre Mercenary).
    But thanks to my Kickstarter Giant Pledge I have more than enough to play and do not need to take out my old models from your large competitor 😉


  8. Okay I’m dumb …. what is Easyarmy?

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