12 Days of Christmas: The Walking Dead

When it all comes crashing down, will you be a survivor?

While there are lots of cool IPs out there, very few offer the range and depth for both board games AND wargaming… and almost none in a Wargaming genre that isn’t already dominated by a big player. Yeah, sure Star Wars is huge – but there is a certain OTHER Sci-fi Wargaming out there covering the Wargaming space. And forget about skirmish sci-fi – that belongs to DEADZONE 😉

Fantasy Wargaming, you say? Nope, we are declaring that for Kings of War and Vanguard!

So while there are lots of IPs that make great board games, and a few more that make good dungeon crawlers, there are very that can scale up to multi faction wargames.

If that game also occupies the contemporary, post-apocalyptic space – with a huge cast of competing factions, compelling narrative – and a 3rd force on the battlefield that’s trying to bite your face off, then I think you have the recipe for one of the most awesome wargames imaginable. Well, we might just have a game that fits the bill!

The Walking Dead: All Out War

We have now got a really great range of plastic minis out for the Walking Dead. Wave 5 hit in September with the Hunters – and Negan’s faction got released via the most awesome Here’s Negan game

The initial waves both built the cast of characters, and also allowed gamers and fans to play through the narrative straight form the books, basically offering you a chance to do it better than Rick.

However, there were limited options for really solid PvP play – both because there weren’t enough models to choose from – and also the narrative was mostly about staying alive, finding resources and out of reach of the Walkers!

Here's Negan

Now we are through 6 waves (including Here’s Negan and a few specials) there is a superb selection of both goodies, baddies and neutrals to choose from. This gives a real choice when it comes to selecting a force.
We have also started to see some fantastic organised (PvP) play for TWD starting to break out, using the 2 player scenarios scattered throughout the first expansions, such as Woodbury and Fear the Hunters. And these events have been fantastic – both gaming and visually.

That time is now…

Once Rick and the gang hit Alexandria the whole narrative shifts from survival, to war between the competing ideologies.
We feel it’s time to reflect those development in our releases!
I’ve mentioned it briefly before but work is already well underway on a fully blown PvP skirmish game set in the world of the Walking Dead 

It’s gang warfare out there…

You’ll be able to pick your gang, based around your leader (whose outlook and skills will be reflected in their leadership abilities on the table) and then team up lethal combos of characters – to make your gang a killing force to be reckoned with. This means you can pick Rick, or Negan, or Ezekiel, or the Governor, or several others… then add their key lieutenants. You then bulk out their force with some grunts. And off you go.

The Governor - Walking Dead

Each leader will have unique abilities, and each sub group has special abilities, so you can work your models in pairs or threes to take down enemies or create space for clear shots.

You’ll be able to add appropriate allies (so good with good and neutral, and the same for evil) and these will come with their own combos – so the Hunters, or the Prisoners, will each have their own unique combo moves – and you can add those to any faction with evil or neutral alignment – but never to Rick’s crusading crew.

And then you can layer it up with equipment too. But we have been watching – and while I’m sure you’ll all find some hard core choices to add to your list, we have been balancing out the most obvious excesses – both gaming spam and being more specific about what equipment can be added to which weapons.

Game changers…

We will be kicking off with 6 scenarios to fight over, so every game will be a different objective, but also different scoring possibilities to keep every game dynamic – and no force type (elite, horde etc.) will be able to dominate every mission.

Abraham - the Walking Dead

And of course there will be those damn Walkers – just getting in the way! We are streamlining some of the mechanics from the narrative style play to allow more actions from each player, but the Walkers will still be there to stop your match-winning attack, or biting your sniper, just when they are about to take out your enemy’s leader.

I need this in my life, tell me more…

We have already got the alpha rules together and we have been playing them internally and with the RC. We are planning an alpha play day in January (so if you can travel to HQ and can play TWD to a good level, feel free to message us via [email protected]). We will have something to share in the next few weeks after that, so if you fancy getting involved then make sure you are signed up for the newsletter.

We will be launching the wargaming book (any ideas for a name welcome in the comments below, and a credit in the book for a winner) in the middle of the year, so everyone can get their models painted and ready – then see how they will cope once the zombie apocalypse hits!

Have a great year of gaming, best wishes,



  1. “call to arms”

  2. The walking dead – apocalypse
    The walking dead – all out war – Apocalypse
    The walking dead – Warzone
    The walking dead – Endgame
    The walking dead – War!

  3. The Walking Dead: Survival Kit

  4. Will the existing sculpts be repackaged into “faction boxes” for this new skirmish game? Because it would be problematic to cherry pick old boosters and narrative expansions just to put together new forces for the skirmish game.

  5. All Out War: Aftermath

  6. It seems too perfect that, in the comic series, the volume title that directly follows “All Out War” is “A New Beginning” (and with this being the start of a new era for TWD miniature game it’d seem fitting)

    It seems the volume names are being reserved for expansions, so if the new book was treated as an ‘expansion’ it could work?

    Either “A New Beginning” or “March to War” could work (both are either side of the “All out War” story arc).

  7. The Warring Dead

  8. William Cuthbertson January 4, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    The Walking Dead – Factions
    The Walking Dead – The Road Ahead
    The Walking Dead – The Way Forward

    Couple of suggestions: As FFG did when they went to X-Wing 2.0 and with some of their other games, please consider making a “conversion kit” for fans who have been supporting the narrative game for a long time and want a go at solid PvP. It’d be great to get involved without having to go back to buying Rick, Michonne, Negan, etc., all over again.

    Also, please, please consider selling the Survivors from Here’s Negan as a WD:AOW booster — or including their WD:AOW cards as standard additions to the box game. This is first I’ve read of Here’s Negan as WD:AOW’s Wave 6 — I was expecting another traditional wave, and so those All Out War character cards for the Negan pre-order seem a lot more valuable now.

    Thanks for considering, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s ahead!

  9. The walking dead, the survivor life
    The walking dead, survivor live

  10. This is awesome. How long do we have? I have some ideas brewing nicely and would like to finalise them first.

  11. The Walking Dead: Battle In The Carnal House.

    Or TWD: BITC…oh

  12. Always keen on any news of The Walking Dead and willing to pitch in ideas, too! The Walking Dead: Survivor’s Compendium is my idea for a title.

  13. Really amazing news and I can’t wait for a TWD skirmish game, with a 3rd faction, that will give the players another layer to think about, beside their own warband, the enemy one, terrain and equipment! …So what about this title for the book/game:

    The Walking Dead – Gang Wars
    The Walking Dead – Fight for Power
    The Walking Dead – Intrigues of War
    The Walking Dead – War of the Apocalypse
    The Walking Dead – End Times
    The Walking Dead – Age of War
    The Walking Dead – Civil War
    The Walking Dead – Outbreak of War

    • P.S. Just two more suggestions 😀 …

      The Walking Dead – Clash of Gangs
      The Walking Dead – Game of Power

    • Okay the last one for today ^^ …

      The Walking Dead – ‘Power Games’ or ‘Power Play’

  14. You used “All Out War” as a title, why not use another story arc title for this version? I suggest.
    The Walking Dead Call to Arms

  15. Inspiration comes from Volume 16 when we begin to discover there are many other communities outside of Alexandria (Issues 91-96). The game gets much bigger…

    The Walking Dead All Out War: A Larger World

  16. Walking Dead: No Mercy
    Walking Dead: Splintered
    Walking Dead: Confrontation
    Walking Dead: Into the Fray
    Walking Dead: No Contest
    Walking Dead: Showdown in the South
    Walking Dead: Free for All

  17. TWD AoW Escalation
    TWD AoW Safe Zones
    TWD AoW Under Orders
    TWD AoW Raiding Parties
    TWD AoW Battlegrounds
    TWD AoW Modern Warfare (you have good lawyers amiright?)
    TWD AoW Military Orders
    TWD AoW Breakout
    TWD AoW Storm Breaks
    TWD AoW The Play Book.

  18. Hendrik van den Berkmortel January 6, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    All out war: 187 (murder,death, kill)

  19. On the 12th of November the Mantic blog claimed:
    Here’s Negan: The Board Game is available to pre-order now. All pre-orders come with FREE character cards to use Negan’s lieutenants in All Out War.

    In the Mantic news letter sent on the 17th of November the following text was included:

    We’re just letting you know that Here’s Negan will now be shipping December 3rd. The upside of this slight delay is that if you were after the exclusive Character Cards for The Walking Dead: All Out War, fret not! You have a little extra time to pre-order the game, either through your local retailer or the Mantic Webstore!

    I ordered “Here’s Negan” from Waylandgames.co.uk on the 26th of November, which was advertised as the pre order version.

    This version did not include the pre-order items. Both Mantic and Wayland have refused to honour the pre-order bonus that they both advertised.

    Also my copy of “Here’s Negan” did not come with a rule book or any cards at all. The game is completely unplayable without these.

    This is not an isolated incident. See the comments on the following Mantic blog article:


    Nevertheless I preordered this game in July it arrived only today (20th December 2018) and with missing components: cards, player reference sheets and rulebook are missing!

    The Mantic free speech police have now shut down comments on the above blog.

    I would advise anyone who is reading this to not buy “Here’s Negan”. Because you can’t play a board game that doesn’t have a rule book. And both Mantic and Wayland have refused despite multiple emails from me to honor the pre order bonus that they advertised.

  20. “The Walking Dead: The Age of Blood and Tears.

  21. The Walking Dead – Neighbors, bullets and knives.
    The Walking Dead – Gore to come!

  22. TWD War footing.
    TWD how to survive

  23. On another topic, because the Here’s Negan topic is closed:
    In case you do a FAQ for HN, maybe you’d like to include the number/name of tiles one uses for each scenario.
    The tiles are numbered, but which to use is not mentioned in the scenario discription. I found it a bit of a pain to look for them 🙁

  24. « Tribes at war »
    « Tribal war »
    « Embush! »
    « Gunner’s politics »
    « The blood march »
    « A call to supremacy »
    « The others »
    « From Fire and ashes »

    I really like Josua’s « call to arms » too.

  25. The Walking Dead All Out War
    March to War

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