Warpath FAQ & Errata – June 2019

Today we’re handing over to the members of the Warpath RC to explain what’s been changed in the brand-new FAQ and errata. Over to you Michael Kaup, with Jared Fulcher and Tyler Schultz. Plus, make sure you read to the end of the article for a great offer on the Warpath rulebook and armies.

New errata is now available for Warpath: the futuristic battle game.  Mantic tasked the Rules Committee, Jared Fulcher, Tyler Schulz, and Michael Kaup, with writing errata to create a more balanced, fun gaming experience.  We have endeavoured to make minimal changes that produce maximum impact upon the game while keeping everything players love about it.

The changes implemented in this errata are significant, and include changes to Mission set-up, Strategic Assets and Secondary Objectives, Orders, Cover, Point Costs, and structure of Picking a Force.  This blog introduces and explains the most significant changes made.  For those who love Warpath already, we hope the errata makes the game better.  For those who have been less enthused by Warpath in the past, we hope this errata inspires you to reconsider, and try to play this more balanced more fun iteration of Warpath. 

In creating a more balanced and fun Warpath, we modified Strategic Asset set-up, removed the Refresh Order, streamlined terrain bonuses to cover and defensible terrain, adjusted Unit point costs for the largest offenders, removed orbital commanders, and created more structure in building army lists.


The procedure for placing Strategic Assets now occurs as follows: “At the start of the game, after rolling for Initiative the winner rolls D3+2 and splits that many Strategic Asset counters with the opponent. If there are an odd number of Strategic Counters, the player with initiative takes the final counter.”  This change reduces the number of Strategic assets by half.  As a result each has more impact on the game, and will draw Forces to each other creating more conflict.  The larger number of Strategic Assets incentivized players to pursue uncontested objectives, and combined with the destructive power of Units, there were often more strategic assets than Units on the table could hold or contest.  This is why reducing their number increase their impact on the game. 

Having adjusted game set-up and missions, units, point costs, and orders, they must now work in concert with the missions, assets, and secondary objectives.  In  particular, the destructive power of units and abilities should function at a pace that works with the structure and victory points for missions and secondary objectives. 


The largest single change in this vein is that we removed the Refresh Order from the game.  Players, naturally, used Refresh on their best units, and on units that are strongest.  This makes the most broken and overpowered units 2 or 3 times as broken and overpowered.  It makes the worst part of any matchup 2 times as bad, and does so for both players.  It also speeds up the pace of destruction such that secondary objectives and strategic assets too often become irrelevant. 

With Refresh removed, there are now more opportunities to gain and use Command Dice, Warpath now features the same Command dice recovery that Firefight does, “At the start of each turn (except for the first) both players roll any used Command dice they have at the side of the board. Any that role a + are returned to the pool.”


Cover bonuses have been streamlined to just Cover, and Defensible Terrain.  Furthermore the benefits of Defensible Terrain have been scaled back to confer Headstrong, which allows a unit to remove 1 suppression token at the beginning of its activation, rather than Unflinching which also ignores initial suppression when the unit is hit by shooting.  This keeps more of the suppression created on the board, which makes using suppression as a tactic more powerful, and increases the importance of dealing with supression through actions and orders.  See the official Errata for the complete changes to Cover and terrain. 

In an effort to make the game less lethal, Shooting units can now only destroy Eligible Targets.  This is a new game term and rule, “You may only remove Teams from the targeted Unit that are Eligible Targets.  An Eligible Target is a team in a unit to which the shooting unit has line of sight.  Units to which line of sight cannot be drawn are never eligible target for casualty removal.  When removing casualties, if you still have damage to apply after removing all Eligible Targets, that damage is ignored and no further casualties may be removed.”  This change eliminates the daisy chain effect that allowed a shooting unit to kill all teams in a unit even if it only has LOS to some.

A few new factors give further structure to force composition.  Forces now require 25% of a force to be regular infantry, “At Least 25% of your force’s points must be spent on non-HVA Regular Infantry units.”   We added HVA values to a number of units in order to restrict the impact of the most powerful units, and lead players to make careful choices about which HVA units they choose and how many of each they will field.  These changes were implemented rather than a more formal force organization chart or unlocking system such as those seen in Deadzone, or Kings of War.   


We removed Orbital Commanders from the game.  These units, while thematic, create initial bombardments that detract from careful gameplay on the tabletop.  Removing Orbital commanders places more emphasis upon using your units on the board.  Furthemore, as a miniatures game, Orbital Commanders are not represented as miniatures on the board, and this runs counter to the aesthetic and style of gameplay of a miniatures wargame. 

Finally, we changed many Unit’s Point Costs to be commensurate with other similar types of Units.  All Flyers and Tanks now have point costs closer to 220pts.  Artillery, vehicle destroying Units, and particularly effective troop killing units cost about 150pts.  In general, we sought to raise the costs of overperforming units, and decrease the costs of underperforming units. 

Between compulsory infantry, more HVA values, and point costs changes, we see Forces that are more balanced with each other, and are better suited to Warpath’s missions and objectives.  We hope this errata leads to better, and more fun games. 

In an era where corporate power rivals that of governments, commerce sets the boundaries which violence must disrupt. 

Now is the time to disrupt those boundaries which have set galactic forces against you.  Prepare your troops, set sights on your objective, and bring to bear all that you can upon this Warpath.



  1. Alasdair McMillan June 25, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Whilst it is commendable that you have updated the game in this way, this is way too late to deploy some incredibly obvious fixes. Myself and a friend went in deep on the Kickstarter and were incredibly disappointed with just how poor the balance was between factions. In fairness, points adjustments can take a while to work out, but I cannot understand why Orbital Commanders and Refresh made it past playtesting and why it wasn’t fixed within weeks of launching the game.

    In reality, the game was so poorly balanced that it wasn’t playable and most off my stuff is still grey plastic. There may be some people still playing but honestly this is just way to late to make a difference guys.

  2. Nice, need more warpath love, both systems, Firefight and Warpath. Really would love for these systems to become a staple in wargaming circles.

  3. this works just for warpath,, or firefight too?… (just to be sure)

    we are huge Firefight lovers,, so please give us more news and updates 😛

  4. This is specific for Warpath. That being said, many of these changes can be easily implemented into Firefight. For now you would have to “House Rules” them over, but there are talks of trying to make future updates more cumulative so that they reflect the changes in both systems at the same time. STAY TUNED!

  5. Excellent news. I love Firefight and look forward to similar adjustments being made here too. Much simpler and streamlined than other games out there. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jeff Thompson June 30, 2019 at 4:36 am

    Is the ERRATA20 discount over already? I went to buy a starter but the code did not appear to work. Thanks for any info!

  7. Jeff Thompson July 2, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    I figured out my issue. The discount did not apply to the Heracles set on the army deal page.

  8. Glad you figured it out. 🙂

  9. terrainaholic July 8, 2019 at 12:01 am

    Hey Buddy any chance you might do a coach like overview of the faq? I’m happy its for warpath I think I’m one of the only fans of the system sometimes but I LOVE the squad system as its so easy. Take care Big Guy!!!!!

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