The Walking Dead: Call to Arms – pre-orders now LIVE!

After a week of sneak peeks and previews, we’re delighted to say that pre-orders for The Walking Dead: Call to Arms are available NOW on the Mantic website – or pop in to your FLGS and ask them to get their orders in pronto.

The good news is that over on the website, we’ve made it super easy for veterans and newcomers to get on board the Call to Arms hype train.


The Survivor Bundle is perfect for veterans of All Out War. It comes with everything you’ll need to get your existing mini collection ready for action in Call to Arms. Included in this collection, you get the rulebook, Lawful character cards, Ruthless character cards and equipment cards.


If you’re relatively new to the world of The Walking Dead, then don’t worry! The two-player bundle is a great intro for newcomers. You’ll get two gangs, rulebook, loads of dice, equipment cards and measuring sticks/tokens. The only thing you might need are some Walkers.

However, if you prefer to pick and choose your purchases, you can see the full list of releases below!


This is the backbone of the Call to Arms releases – the awesome new rulebook by All Out War designer, Mark Latham. Inside you’ll find all the new rules, seven scenarios and lists for two starter factions (Rick’s gang and The Governor’s Woodbury).


Just like All Out War, characters in Call to Arms have their own stat cards. This makes it much easier to see their various stats and special abilities – rather than having to flick through a rulebook. If you’re a goody-goody survivor, then you’ll need to pick up the Lawful Faction Cards. Check the website for a full list of what characters are included in this set.


If you prefer to rule through fear, then you’ll definitely need to get the Ruthless Faction Cards. Or you’ll just beat up one of your minions and tell them to buy you one. Again, you can see a full list of who is included in this deck over on the website.


Equipment has changed compared to All Out War (to take out some of those particularly nasty combos) and that means it’s time to pick up a new equipment deck to use as a handy reference when creating your gangs. Don’t worry, all the equipment is listed in the rulebook too.


Fancy starting a new gang? Rick’s Group contains a selection of survivors to get your faction up and running.


Don’t fancy playing as the good guys? The Governor’s Woodbury Army is here to crush the opposition.


You can boost your chosen gang with the addition of the Prisoner Booster Pack. Luckily the Prisoners aren’t fussy who they work for, so they’ll make perfect allies for Rick or the Governor.


One of the terrifying additions to Call to Arms is the concept of the Walker Herd. Although not a threat on their own, if Walkers group together they form a formidable (and almost unstoppable) Herd. This pack includes a selection of Walkers and a 90mm x 60mm movement tray.

So there you have a quick run down of all the Call to Arms releases. This is really only the start of our Call to Arms journey and over the coming weeks we’ll have plenty more blogs and guides about how to get into the game.


  1. Do the lawful and/or ruthless faction card decks come with neutral character cards? If not, is this something that will be available separately later?

  2. So will that “credit in the book” thing from
    happen… or not?
    A free survivor bundle would be an alternative 😀.

  3. Will the card of all the minis released for All Out War be available for purchase without buying the minis again (Rick in Riot Armor, the prisonners etc)?

  4. @Simon- If you look at the faction card boxes on their website they give you a list of all of the character cards in each box. It seems to include just about everyone between the two boxes except for some of the Kickstarter exclusive stuff and here’s Negan. Hopefully that means a Savior team box won’t be that far behind.

  5. Mmh, I noticed that there are equipment cards in the new figure boosters as well – I hope that we don’t have to buy this boosters just to get all the cards. I really like the miniatures, but with all the figures I have at home, I can paint until I am old and grey already.. But nice to get Chris, finally. Was he ever announced somewhere? I only know him because he was on pre-order in some US webshop.. And wasn’t there a new Rick as well? Anyhow, I am looking forward to see what will happen with this new start. Hope that “All out war” is not dead now, but this looks like fun as well.

  6. … And will we get “all put war” character cards and equipment cards for new models as well? Maybe new saviors or whisperer do not fit to the skirmish setting, but it would be nice. Mmh, to install a whisperer mechanic might be complicated anyhow..

  7. Guys just keep up all your great work but can you please let me know how this fits in with the waves and here’s negan set (are there likely to be double models if you buy both sets)

  8. marcelo collar July 1, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    Damn. Just bought All Out War Collector’s Edition. =(

  9. I just bought All Out War Collector’s Edition, too.
    But I think It’s better buy first All Out War Collector Edition then Call to Arms: You’ve got a lot of figurine then you have just to buy rule book and one faction card to start to play with Call to Arms.
    I am really happy with the formul founded by Mantic.
    But now I want to buy the Rick’s group figurines Call to Arms but I’m not sure that inside there are the cards to play at All out War with that figurines.

  10. Well, the Lawful and Ruthless faction card boxes don’t seem to contain the cards from the Rick’s Group or Woodbury Army boxes.
    Will there be the way to get the profile and equipment cards of the faction boxes, including the prisoners, without buying figures I already have?
    If not, that’s a pity and a serious drawback.

  11. Having dropped a ton of cash on the KS and add-ons, I’m both excited and dismayed by this new game/version/add-on. It seems at a minimum, I’m looking at having to buy the rules, two different decks plus equipment cards and that’s even before I start adding the faction sets.

    I know you are in the business of making money just like any business but it would be nice if all-in KS backers had some sort of break on this based on their loyalty or support.



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