Kings of War Third Edition Coming October 2019

It’s Ronnie here and I have something very important to talk about. The planets have aligned, the Celestians have spoken… it is time for Kings of War Third Edition.

Since the Clash of Kings book 2019 we have been evaluating whether to maintain what was there for one more year, or go ahead with the Third Edition. Every conversation with the Rules Committee pointed in the direction of a full new version of the game being the preferred route.

What’s more, when we realised that September was the 10-year anniversary of the first Kings of War release, the urge became stronger.

Then we noticed that both the hard back and soft back books were running out of stock (they’re now both completely sold out), and we only had one space left on the UK Clash of Kings trophy. Plus we discussed all the cool armies and miniatures we wanted to make – well, that was it – Third Edition was coming!

There is a press release below that we’re sending out to the masses, and rest assured from what I have seen coming from the RC and Matt Gilbert’s office – you are going to be blown away by what they have planned.

The release does say that this will be the first time KoW hasn’t gone to Kickstarter, instead it’ll be released the old-fashioned way – on the Mantic web store and from your friendly local gaming store. This is possible thanks to the fantastic support we have received from the community over the years, and the growth in popularity of the game.

So, stay tuned for more info as we have it, and make sure you are signed up to the newsletter to keep getting the hot stories directly into your inbox – especially the limited edition… oh, wait what – am I not allowed to mention that yet??? 😉


Mantic Games releasing a new 380-page rulebook for the world’s best mass battle fantasy wargame straight to retail in 2019.

Mantic Games is pleased to announce that this October it will be releasing a brand-new edition for its best-selling mass battle fantasy wargame, Kings of War. Inside the 380-page tome, you’ll find expanded lore for the world of Pannithor, army lists for 14 factions and, of course, revamped and refreshed rules.

The new edition will be available directly via Mantic Games webstore and through all regular gaming and hobby stores around the world. This is the first time Kings of War has not been released via Kickstarter, highlighting the growth and popularity of the game. 

Alongside the book will be the brand-new Northern Alliance army, titanic monsters for some existing factions and a commemorative diorama. Plus, Mantic Games has a comprehensive selection of Kings of War releases planned throughout the rest of 2019, into 2020 and beyond, including a supplement with additional army lists – taking the total number to 26.

“2019 marks 10 years since we started Mantic Games and first released the Kings of War elves,” said Mantic Games CEO, Ronnie Renton. “As such, it seemed fitting to celebrate this important milestone with a new edition of the world’s best fantasy wargame.

“Kings of War is the jewel in our crown and we’ve been working tirelessly to make sure this new edition exceeds expectations. For fans it will make their favourite fantasy game even better, with improved rules for army creation, tighter, more competitive gameplay and lots more!”

Over the coming weeks and month Mantic Games will be releasing more information about Kings of War Third Edition so make sure you subscribe to the Mantic Games newsletter or keep checking the blog


  1. Chad Kanishock July 1, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    If the game is growing in popularity so much, then why take away the Mantic Forums? Facebook sucks.

  2. I have to agree with Chad. Bring back the FORUMS!!!!

  3. Exciting stuff mantic!
    A new edition sounds good, and some new releases and titanic monsters to be released too. You spoil us for sure.
    Maybe we can see a release for Sylph/Fae and Gnome units for Forces of Nature or maybe their own armies in the coming addition? To complete the elemental armies of nature (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth (Wood)) :3

  4. Hopefully the new vanguard models will be added to the army lists. Such as the brand new Winggit (Goblins is the best). Would love to see more units or re-sculpts for my favourite factions like abyssal dwarfs and goblins.
    Also @Phantom seems desperate for gnomes.

  5. Tom Remillard July 1, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    I hope that we’ll be able to get books in the US before the end of the year. Distribution beyond the UK has been problematic at best. Perhaps allow for pre-orders so we can get the rule book around the same time

  6. Hopefully we’ll see the release of the missing models for the current armies (Ogre siegebreakers etc), as well as the awesome Vanguard models getting released as units. Finally, those zombie orcs are so cool, how about some zombie and skeleton versions of some of the other races like dwarves?

  7. Can we finally get a Salamanders release? We’ve been waiting since uncharted empires. Come on Mantic, we want to see some lizards!

  8. Snazzola!
    You’se guys make the best games, hands down.
    Can’t wait to see what you have coming.

  9. Michal 'MiSiO' July 2, 2019 at 8:21 am

    You know me! I can not wait to see those amazing Dambuster models as a KoW unit!

    Amazing news. Can not wait.

  10. What will this mean for historical? Where this get a new book updated to match and stay compatible?

  11. Will we see Historicals get updated with any changes to the core rules? It would be a shame to see the two become incompatible, as it is it is great to play the two against one another, Romans Vs Undead!

  12. Historical they have said will be looked at later.

  13. Chad Kanishock July 2, 2019 at 11:40 pm

    BRING BACK THE FORUMS! Nobody should be forced to use Facebook to talk about your games. Facebook sucks. If Kings of War and mantic is doing so well- then re-open the forums.

  14. Michael Vercoe July 3, 2019 at 1:46 am

    Agred – bring back the forums

  15. Lol. Forums. Lots of companies are getting rid of them. They just don’t generate traffic like they did in the early 2000s.

  16. They man not attract traffic like before but they are quite valuable for a community, I got a lot of tactics and army building tips from the forum aswell as a place to look at and post your painted minis.
    Bring back the forums.

  17. Richard Richard July 3, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    Regarding the forum question. I would love to see a good Mantic forum as I HATE facebook with a passion. But I’m very sceptical that Mantic would officially remake the forums. Sooo… what about an unofficial Mantic forum! 🙂

  18. There are Mantic subforums in different hobby forums e.g. on DakkaDakka, Yaktribe and other well known ones 🙂

    A forum means a lot of work with a bunch of moderators and so on…

    Back to topic! Iam curious to see what the changes for the 3rd edition of KoW will bring to us and what new models/factions we will hopefully get also 😀 !?

  19. yeah there is lots of forums out there that don’t require the company spend money and time on one for little if any gain. I’d rather they use those resources for the actual games they produce.

  20. Andrew Becker July 3, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    One thing for sure, need more info…….getting going and keep it coming.

  21. As long as the army lists aren’t released in piecemeal only if you buy the figures. You ruined Vanguard for me and my gaming buds with your X-wing style release schedule. That was one KS I now wished I’d never gone into (As an undead and Orcs player, I’ll have to rebuy loads of models I already have from you just to get the cards, or wait months and print some dodgy ones out from a website).
    KoW is awesome – please keep it that way!

  22. Looking forward to it. However I have to agree with the sentiment about the forums. I really liked the official forums. I really did. As a source of information and a place to ask questions and share stories and painted minis … and no there’s nothing comparable available right now, not even close to it.

    Listen to your fans, bring them back. 🙂 Especially with such a big release on the horizon.

  23. Nice to hear about the 3rd Edition. Are there any plans that you will provide your fans with different languages of the rules? German, French, Spanish for example?

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