Kings of War Third Edition: Shadows in the North

Have you recovered from the excitement of yesterday’s rulebook tease? We’ve had a fantastic response so far from the Kings of War community and we’ve still got plenty more to reveal. Oh, and just in case you want more rulebook peeks, head over to OnTabletop for some additional pages. Anyway, on to today’s blog, which is covering the brand-new two-player starter set: Shadows in the North.

Two-player starter sets are always a great introduction to a game, and we’ve had fantastic success with previous sets, such as Battle for the Glades and Battle for Iron Hold. With a two-player set, you can share the cost with a friend and get two great starter armies, ready to learn the game. Or, of course, you can keep all the wonderful minis for yourself!

With Third Edition, we want as many people as possible to get into Kings of War, so we’ve put together a very exciting set that’s packed with the new hotness: Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance! Shadows in the North tells the story of a Nightstalker incursion into the Winterlands. Inside the set, you’ll get a booklet that gives some background on the story, details about each faction and a mini campaign to help you learn the ropes.


Of course, the most exciting element of Shadows in the North is all the sweet, sweet miniatures – and we’ve picked out a fantastic selection to get you started with two armies. Inside the box, you’ll find:


  • 20 Hard Plastic Clansmen*
  • 20 Hard Plastic Pack Hunters*
  • 3 PVC Plastic Snow Trolls
  • PVC Plastic Ice Kin Master Hunter


  • 20 Hard Plastic Scarecrows**
  • 20 Hard Plastic Spectres**
  • 3 PVC Plastic Butchers
  • PVC Plastic Horror

That’s right, for the Northern Alliance we’ve got a brand-new hard plastic kit that can be used to build either Clansmen or Pack Hunters, plus we’ll have upgrade kits to give them two-handed weapons and bows. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the new Northern Alliance releases, and we’ll have a full run down on Friday.


The two-player starter set is packed full of lovely plastic miniatures, which we would hate to crush with a massive 400-page hardback tome. So, with that in mind, Shadows in the North will come with a 200-page softback rulebook, rather than the limited-edition hardback rulebook we spoke about yesterday.

Well, hope you enjoyed today’s chat about the two-player starter set. Will you be picking it up? And what army will you be playing?

* these can be built as Clansmen or Pack Hunters

** these can be built as Scarecrows or Spectres


  1. Guys you are knocking it out of the park! Unbelievable amazing and reeeeally impressiing stuff! I definitely will get the Starter Set and the Collectors Edition of the Rulebook also! Freakin awesome! 😀

  2. Mantic I <3 you! Those humans!

  3. Roll on Fridays Northern Alliance rundown 🙂

  4. Are there any major changes to the dwarves or abyssal armies? I don’t need another army but would like some new figures for the two I have.

  5. Very smart move by Mantic. Pair one of their most unique races with something familiar. That way you kinda get the best of both worlds, and it sets the game apart.

  6. Ok I pissed! Looks like the kids will get no Christmas this year as I will be completely broke before December……

  7. Of Great Importance: Is that 200 page rule book the gamers rulebook? That is the one I want to pick up. I am not interested in that 5000 page hardback monstrosity (as lovely a monstrosity as it might be). Hope to learn more soon

  8. This is starting to look a lot more competitive with Games Workshop now. I look forward to seeing the release.

  9. Looking good, but is that 40 infantry per side or just 20 you can assemble either way?

  10. Wolfgang Kuwaldt August 7, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    IT’s 40 plastic infantry per side.

  11. Fantasitc looking minis.

  12. How much does this cost? What will NOT be included in the minus 200 page rulebook?

  13. Dare we hope for hard plastic Elf and Dwarf Clansmen for the Northern Alliance?

  14. And will we finally see mammoths and maybe some new figures, like a dedicated Grokagamok, for the ogres?

  15. Well played team *claps* Well Played!

  16. So excited about this, and two new armies for me to dig into!

  17. DWARVES! I need some info on anything NEW for Dwarves.

  18. Looks great, very polished!

  19. Looks so awsome but honestly i am a little bit scared, that mantic is becoming a second gamesworkshop. Superlative after Superlative and more and more expensiv. Im looking forward for the 3rd but there is a strange feeling, which i cant push aside.

  20. Just take my money 💸

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