About Us

Hi Everyone!

My name is Mac, and I am a computer engineer. The world of computers always enticed me, and I started working on computers early. However, I realized the need for a dedicated website to deliver up-to-date information for all the PC components. It is how the Mantic Blog evolved. You can find many detailed guides listed on this blog that helps you in choosing the Best Components for your PC.

Whether you own a gaming laptop or a business laptop, I have covered a wide range of components such as motherboards, graphic card, lighting, processor, graphics card, and processor that helps you to make the most out of your laptop.

So what Mantic Blog has for you?

As I love to explore the newest technology in the market, I try to upgrade my PC and laptop often with the latest components. And this motivated me to review these components to help out fellow gamers and other individuals looking for genuine reviews for these components.

IF you are a gamer or a casual user, we have got you covered with the best of products that will help you upgrade your PC with some not-notch quality products.

What’s more?

I understand the importance of genuine review as I have been duped many times for making bad choices. I have spent hours and hours researching the best products for you to get complete information on every product.

So, Are you ready to explore Mantic Blog to make the prudent decision?