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  1. For comparison: Mantic’s twitter is ~5000 followers, D6G is ~4000 and Beasts of War is ~10000.
    So, Mantic and D6G have medium followings and Beasts of War has a large following.

  2. What about a blog that is still a project but is about to get launched?
    Here in Brazil we do not have many blog that cover wargames, so I’m starting a project that is called Meu Turno (My Turn in portuguese) and I would really love to have news and previews from Mantic (that is a company that I have so much respect for all the great games and great people that makes this company) to post as soon as my blog goes to air. Can I apply or this is only for blogs that is already making content?
    Thanks in advance!

    • You’re more than welcome to apply 🙂 I like building relationships with bloggers, so please do apply, whether you’re in setup or established!

    • Thank you very much!
      I will be very proud to be a member of the Mantic Blog Family!

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