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Fall of Ironhold

Over the centuries, countless warriors and battle kings have fallen before the Undead Legions of Mhorgoth the Faceless, but perhaps none has been lamented more than the famed Dwarf hero King Thorrick Rockfist of the Free Clans, who fell during the Battle of Ironhold Bridge. His death occurred at the climax of the decisive battle in a war that was waged for almost two hundred years, mostly fought deep underground, far beneath the Ice Peak mountains.

For almost two centuries King Thorrick Rockfist held back the relentless advance of the Mhorgoth’s Undead legions. He was an inspiration to his people, a tireless and brilliant strategist who fought always in the front line of battle. He slew two of Mhorgoth’s chief lieutenants in personal combat – Azaroth the Black and the Lamenter – and won the decisive battle of Deep Chasm after fighting without rest for three solid days.


Enraged by the doughty mountain-folk who bared his advance into the Eastern Reaches, Mhorgoth threw his Legions against Thorrick time and again, slowly wearing down the Dwarf armies over the passing centuries through attrition. The final, climactic battle took place at the very gates of the mountain king’s subterranean city, upon the titanic Ironhold Bridge.

Ten-thousand Undead marched across the bridge to meet the battle king’s royal guard, and Mhorgoth himself stalked forward in the centre of the legions, determined to see the mountain king fall. Thousands of the living dead were destroyed as war machines and missile fire tore through their ranks, but so great was Mhorgoth’s power, enhanced by the Blood Stones that he had uncovered in the Deepening Paths, that the Undead rose again as quickly as they were destroyed.

The two armies clashed in the centre of the bridge, while superheated lava flowed hundreds of feet below. The armoured Revenant elite of the Mhorgoth’s force – the Immortals – were at the forefront of the battle, and they hammered at the Dwarf shield wall, hatred burning coldly in their hollow chests. And while few Dwarfs fell in those first hours of battle, every Dwarf lost was a cause of great mourning. Fuelled by hatred and uncaring of the losses his army was suffering, the dread Necromaner drove his forces against the Dwarf king again and again, all the while weathering the storm of missile fire that pummelled his army from the Dwarf city’s great walls.


The day seemed to be turning for the Dwarfs, and it seemed that yet another great victory was to be won by King Thorrik Rockfist. However, Mhorgoth’s hatred was bottomless, and he summoned all his strength for one terrible spell.
Arms outstretched, the twisted Necromancer rose into the air, energy sparking from his eyes and his fingertips. Reaching out with all his power, he closed it around the Dwarf army like a cage. The great braziers astride the bridge darkened, and even the hellish light from the lava flow far below seemed to dim.

As the foul sorcery gripped every Dwarf fighter, the army of King Thorrik began to age, slowly at first, but then with alarming speed. Every one of the mountain folk upon the bridge aged hundreds of years in seconds, their flesh wrinkling, their hair and beards turning white, and their bones turning brittle. Their muscles weakened, and their eyes grew milky and blind. Only King Thorrik himself was immune, protected as he was by the enchanted Crown of Stone, and he bellowed his fury and outrage as his loyal warriors withered and aged all around him. Mhorgoth ordered his army forward

However, the Dwarf King, ever the strategist, had one final and desperate ploy to save his city. With a rumble of thunder, explosions ripped along the underside of the ancient Ironhold Bridge, sending it, and over five thousand Undead warriors, plunging into the lava flow below.

Mhorgoth himself, however, did not fall. Held aloft by the power of his sorcery, he remained hovering in mid-air. A thousand crossbow quarrels were fired towards him, but all caught fire and were reduced to ash mere feet before striking him, and with hatred in his corrupt heart, he summoned his power for one final spell.


Though he could not harm King Thorrik directly through his sorcery, Mhorgoth reached out and forced the king’s dead bodyguard to stumble to their feet and turn upon their lord and king. They closed in around Thorrik, and while he felled a dozen of them with his rune-encrusted hammer, he was eventually overpowered. With Mhorgoth’s laughter booming through the cavern, the king was lifted from his feet and hurled into the lava flow. Thus was the battle of Ironhold Bridge won, and the Dwarf race mourned the passing of a great king.

In the days that followed, Mhorgoth summoned a bridge of bone to span the gap where the Ironhold Bridge once stood, and his depleted Legions sacked the great Dwarf city, killing every last inhabitant. Hundreds of years later, its once proud halls remain empty and haunted, filled only with bones, fading memories of better times, and lingering spirits.

NEXT WEEK: The Undead rise to do battle with the Dwarfs…

Containing all new tales of wars, updated rules and eleven complete force lists, Kings of War Second Edition is available to pre-order from your friendly local gaming store and the Mantic Games website.

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Kings of War Digital Edition

An enhanced edition of Kings of War for your mobile and tablet is being released on the 21st August from Mantic Digital.


Containing all of the rules, background and eleven army lists for Kings of War, the digital edition is fully interactive, with an easy-search glossary to find rule definitions quickly and a handy global header search for flicking between sections.

It works on a range of devices, including Apple, Android, Nook and Kindle, and is kept up to date with FAQs, Errata – and even digital exclusives. More on that soon!

Take Kings of War with you wherever you go – pre-order it now and it’ll download to your Mantic Digital account automatically on the 21st August.

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Conquering Kings of War: Dwarfs versus Undead Demo Game

Big Armies, Big Battles come to Beasts of War in this month’s Conquering Kings of War videos.

Mantic’s Rich “Stretch” Armstrong takes on BoW’s Justin in an epic clash on the tabletop. Watch it here:

If you want more, check out the backstage pass XLBS episode and watch the rematch between these two titans here.

We’re going back to Beasts of War to record the next couple of episodes for this series – let us know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see get covered.

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Mantic at Gen Con 2015

Hey guys! Community Pat here. Just wanted to reach out to everyone and let everyone know that we’re at Gen Con from Thursday 30th July at stand 1637.

Here’s what’s happening!

This year we’re running events for all the games that Mantic makes! Here’s the schedule of events! If you want to get in on one register at the Gen Con Website or stop by with some generic tickets and our awesome Pathfinders will get your situated.


Learn and Play events for Deadzone, Dreadball and Kings of War throughout the day. All models are provided all you have to do is just bring your enthusiasm! All events start at 2pm and run for an hour.



Learn and Play events for Deadzone, Mars Attacks and Kings of War throughout the day as before. These events start at 10am.

Also on Friday we will see the 3rd annual General Control Games tournament or Gen Con Cup!


This tournament is sold out but Tournament Organizer Mike Muller is positive that he can make room for you so come and play in the Regional Qualifier in the NADC circuit. The winner of this tournament will win a spot in the NADC finals at Adepticon 2016 and our awesome Blaine Trophy. This event starts at 9am.


Friday night we bring you to the lands of Mantica and a giant mega battle! Bring a 1000 point list (2nd edition) to the table and participate in a 14000 battle! Pathfinder Mike Carter will have some armies available if you don’t have your models there and want to play!


Learn and play events continue for Dreadball and Mars Attack starting at 10am.

Starting at 9am we will have the Battle for Indian Polis! This event is a Deadzone tournament! Come bring your favorite faction and see if you can win control of the planet, Indian Polis.

We have 2 great events that will happen Saturday night! The first is Mantic Open Night. We at Mantic would love to meet all our customers and fans so come to the Colt’s Grill and have a some food, play some games and have a drink with Ronnie, myself, Joe and Jonny P from Mantic North America podcast and Zlrurpcast! Highlight at this event will be that we will be showing people how to play Dungeon Saga as well as all our games! All the fun starts at 8pm!

Saturday we will also be holding the Clash of Kings for Kings of War! This is a regional qualifier for the Kings of War Clash circuit. The winner of this event will not only win a free spot for the Championship at Adepticon but they will also receive a fabulous Blaine Trophy! This event starts at 5pm and will be using the Kings of War 1st edition rules.


Sunday is our light day and we will be holding a Dreadball Learn and Play event and as special Zombie scenario for Deadzone. Both these events will start at 10pm.

At the booth all the great Mantic Product will be available as well as some pre-release books for the 2nd edition Kings of War. There will be small demos being run at the booth but if you want to really learn all the bells and whistles of the game get in on a Learn and Play event. Demos of Dungeon Saga will be happening at the booth.

Rob Chandler will be at the booth showing people how to construct and paint our Battlezone tiles!

Show Specials

We’re are running some show specials!

Whilst we won’t have stock there, Dungeon Saga is available to pre-order and if you pick it up at at the booth, you will still qualify for the Legendary Mortibris figure.

If you’ve played in any of the ticketed events your friendly Pathfinder will be giving you a coupon for 10% off at the booth on any product. If you’ve played a quick demo at the booth, you’ll get 10% off the core set of the game you demoed.

Legendary MortibrisSo we have a big show put together this year! Stop by booth 1637 and say hi and grab some Kings of War, DreadBall or Deadzone models!

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Legendary Mortibris

Dungeon Saga is coming later this year, and in Friday’s newsletter we showed off this exclusive miniature – a special Legendary Mortibris figure included free if you pre-order the game before the 31st July, or via Mantic Points from September.

Here it is, with an exquisite paintjob:

Legendary Mortibris

Get your limited edition Legendary Mortibris figure when you pre-order Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest before the 31st July.

Dungeon Saga Kickstarter Backers – find out more about Mortibris and how you can get him via Mantic Points in this week’s update.

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