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Last Chance for Crazy Box!

Sad news folks, the Christmas Crazy Box is coming to an end for another year!


The Crazy Box is the ultimate toy soldier collection and comes in two flavours: pure sci-fi or standard. Contents will vary!

What is the Christmas Crazy Box?

We ram as much cool stuff from across our entire range into a box as we can (about £50’s worth). This can be anything – Enforcers, Scenery sprues, vehicles, mercenaries, MVPs. We then stick a £24.99/$34.99 price tag on it, making it the perfect way to sample the Mantic range, or add to your existing collection.

Get yours before they’re gone (and if you’ve already got one, why not pick up another one?!) – offer ends Sunday 1st March at 11:59pm GMT.

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DreadBall Academy is back!

We love to get out and about and chat about our games. Recently Curis followed in the footsteps of the great James M. Hewitt and flew over to Ireland to record some videos with Warren and the guys at Beasts of War. The outcome was a new season of DreadBall Academy for 2015!

Here’s are the new Episodes:

If you’ve got a Backstage Pass (we highly recommend it for all of the extra bonus content you get), then you can also watch Curis take on Warren in both the glitzy arenas and underground hellholes these two distinct games are set. You can find those here in the DreadBall hub on Beasts of War.

Visit for more information or check out the Mantic Website for more futuristic sports goodness.

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