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DreadBall Fanatics

Sports Fans!

There’s loads of great DreadBall hobby going on in the community, and in this blog I’m going to talk a little about the DreadBall Fanatics…

Who are the DreadBall Fanatics?

The DreadBall Fanatics is an unofficial fan group for DreadBall, where users can post questions on rules, share pictures, conversions, paint jobs, news, tactics, and anything else related to DreadBall.

The group has over 1800 members from across the world showcasing their hobby. Here’s just a sample:

Michael Carter recently ran the NADC – NashCorp Cup where the prize is the coveted Blaine trophy.


Want to win one? Check out upcoming North American DreadBall Circuit events, and UK DreadBall Regionals and Kings of War events.

Running an event and want support? Contact for US events and for everywhere else.

Barricade, DreadBall Giant MVP by Paul Asterley

In celebration of the Open Day, Paul Asterley painted up this fantastic Barricade miniature in a hot red.


Looks great!

Light-up DreadBall Table?

Oh go on then!


And Eugene Kenney has been active showing off not only his bonkers DreadBall Xtreme pitch set-up…


… but the (Ultimate)Quarter 2 for the Arizona Dreadball Cactus League.


He capped that by congratulating the “Lucky” Ladies coached by Susan, the winners of the Quarter 2 Finals.

Send an email to if you want to show off your Mantic hobby here.

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Three Laws Safe!

The Ro-Tek Brutes on the rampage!

The Ro-Tek Brutes on the rampage!

June sees the Ro-Tek Brutes taking to the Neodurium pitches. Unlike your normal Dreadball team, these can be built to meet coaches’ exacting specifications, although the DGB tries to limit the crazier builds!

The rules for the team allow you to build each player individually. You start with Basic Programming – Jack, Guard or Striker – then add optional upgrades from there to either suit your player’s role, or allow them to diversify. Each of the selections has an associated cost, which you total up at the end to meet the right size for the game you are playing; to match your opponent’s team cost. There are no minimum or maximum requirement beyond this, so no two teams will play the same, or even look the same!

The new kit itself is multi-part plastic. Each robotic player consists of two separate arms, a head, a torso and a set of legs, with optional armour plates to be added. These terms are used as loosely as possible – for example, ‘legs’ could mean Quad Wheels, a Mono wheel, a spindly set of four legs, or just the bog standard bipedal sort.

This player has a wrecking ball and a powerful claw arm.

This player has a wrecking ball and a powerful claw arm.

Arms come as a wide variety of weapons, including wrecking balls, piston rams, grabbing claws and ball launchers. The options get quite dizzying, so I would plan your robots using the Season Five rules before gluing the models together.

Long live the mono-wheel!

Long live the mono-wheel!

The models sound complex to build, but they fit together with just a tiny amount of glue on the joints. With a little work, you can achieve some really dynamic or clunky poses – whichever takes your fancy!

My favourite aspect of the new team is the ability to theme each of your players to their role. You can not only buy the right player for the role with your credits, but also build a model that looks exactly as you’d want it to. There’s a dizzying amount of variety to go for, so what are you waiting for? Build your Dream Team!

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DreadBall Season Five: Bringing the Pain

What do you look forward to in a new Season book?

Is it the four new teams? The new rules that expand the amount of different gameplay options?

Or is it the new crop of characterful MVPs that add unique abilities and skills to your team?

All of the MVPs in Season Five are Guards, each adding some extra muscle to proceedings. Let’s meet the first two.

Brickbat’ Vognar –

Not many DreadBall players get given a second chance. Even fewer get a third. But then Brickbat Vognar is no ordinary player. He didn’t get that nickname for no reason after all.

Uzud Vognar used to be a true DreadBall hero. He gave up a life of piracy among the Marauder fleets, accepting the DGB’s offer of amnesty to join their first wave of Orc players, and was rostered on with the Mazon Manglers. He had a promising career as a Guard ahead of him, but that all changed when he fouled Yurik “The Painmaster” Yurikson. Yurikson’s retaliation almost a year later triggered a chain of events that spiralled out of control and culminated in Vognar receiving a lifetime ban from the sport.

But this is the new, Xtreme-flavoured DGB, and they figured that they needed a little bit of that old Brickbat controversy to really stir the pot! In his time away, Vognar has learned several new tricks, and is quite happy to make his living as a Free Agent, moving from one team to another, no longer really bothered wo he works for as long as he gets to play.



Her kind used to be the keepers of their civilisation, teaching, nurturing and using their wisdom to guide the Kalyshi on their own path. Nobody is quite sure why Kailasa chose to leave all that behind and play DreadBall instead, but with the displays that she puts on, neither the fans nor the DGB are complaining. The players who have to face her however…

Kailasa is an exciting player in that one of her special rules is Backstab, making her adept at causing maximum damage to vulnerable areas. Ouch!

What backstab means is that if Kailasa slams an opposing player that doesn’t project a threat on her, then she adds an extra dice to the slam. Couple that with a the extra dice she might receive for a run-up and for being a guard, plus movement 5 and a strength of 4, and she’s going to be really dishing out the pain!

Let us know what you think of the MVPs and the figures in the comments.

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DreadBall Season Five: Arena Xtreme Teams

First seen in Xtreme, DreadBall Season Five contains all of the rules and stats you need to play the Asterian Kalyshi and the Convict Teams in original DreadBall games, as well as new teams like the Kovossian Mutants and Mechanites.

Hang on – plague, pirates and convicts in DreadBall? Well, sort of…

Coloured-Concept---ConvictThese “Xtreme” teams are cleaned up, sanitised versions of the real thing, with carefully torn and dirtied costumes to give them the air of lovable rogues. They are presented as the bad guys of the pantomime, and booed by the crowds. In short, they put on an act.

Underneath the stage makeup they are professional DreadBall players through and through and will give any of the big names a run for their money. As is common in the world of entertainment of which DreadBall is a part, there is a universe of difference between the advert and the reality…


When the Long Rock Lifers made their debut appearance playing the Trontek 29ers, the setup was simple. The cheerleading team of the 29ers would be ‘kidnapped’ prior to the game by the dastardly Lifers’ head coach and then vids of their torment would be broadcast over the big screens at key points in the game to distract the 29ers players. They would eventually overcome this disadvantage and clinch the game in the dying seconds, before heroically saving the cheerleaders to the roar of the crowd.

The first issue came when the Lifers’ ‘head coach’ decided that it might be more fun to just get the ladies drunk and have a party. The shots that were broadcast through the stadium of the increasingly intoxicated group and their bizarre antics actually did serve to distract the players and coaching staff of the 29ers, and their plays became increasingly erratic. Coupled with this, the Lifers players got rather carried away and started actually playing, running rings around the increasingly bewildered 29ers players. By half time, with the score at 5pts in favour of the Lifers, the DGB were ready to pull the plug and save themselves from further embarrassment.

Then they looked at the viewing figures.

It turned out that however well their script had seemed to them, the crowds – and more importantly the vidscreen viewers across the GCPS – were enthralled with this new style of match where it seemed anything could and would happen. By the end of the game – which came a mere three rushes after the half time break – the match had become the third most watched in DreadBall history. By the following week, its highlights reel was the most watched vid on every network.

The DGB learned the most important lesson possible that day – scripted violence and sport was no match for the genuine chaos that could ensue if they just turned loose the ‘Xtreme’ teams and let them make it up as they went along. They’ve never looked back.


You can now pre-order DreadBall Season Five from your local gaming store or the Mantic Website.

We’ve put together a great value deal on the website too, where you get the Convicts, Kaylshi, Mechanites and Mutant Teams plus the Strike Zone Stunner MVPs and a FREE copy of DreadBall Season Five Rulebook in our complete collection bundle. Go now to check it out!

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A Taste of the Xtreme – DreadBall Season Five now available to pre-order!

As Season FIVE kick-offs in June, all this week on the blog is dedicated to DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game.

And we’ve got great news – following last week’s first look you can now pre-order DreadBall Season Five from your local gaming store or the Mantic Website.

We’ve put together a great value deal on the website too, where you get the Convicts, Kaylshi, Mechanites and Mutant Teams plus the Strike Zone Stunner MVPs and a FREE copy of DreadBall Season Five Rulebook in our complete collection bundle. Go now to check it out!


Forget what you think you know! The X-citement of Xtreme comes to the DGB – sort of!

New teams, new rules and a whole lot of fresh havoc can only mean one thing – it’s new season time for the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport ™
The regs get relaxed for the first time ever to allow modified organics, tailor made robots and even experimental limb grafts in the ongoing search for the perfect DreadBall player.

Exhibition Matches allow coaches to go wild, drafting in players of any shape, size or species for one off matches where anything goes. Think you could create the perfect combination of Guards, Jacks and Strikers? Now’s the time to prove it.

Free Agents arrive to lend their arms, tentacles and teeth to the highest bidder.

New teams bring the Xtreme edge – or do they?

Check back later for more on DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game!

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