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Forgin’ On

Faction Focus: Forge Guard

The armour worn by the elite warriors known as the Forge Guard epitomises the qualities that set the Forge Fathers apart from other races. Fully enclosing its wearer, the armour provides a complete suite of life support, targeting and environmental data systems and combines them with the strength and protection of an armoured vehicle. The armour is capable of protecting its occupant from extremes of temperature and environment, and its sophisticated onboard systems will even allow them to operate underwater or in the hard vacuum of deep space for limited periods. The original design was for miners operating in frontier environments, but has been modified heavily to make the warplate seen today.


Forge Guard painted by Curis Webb

Forge Guard painted by Curis Webb


A variety of weapon systems are employed, depending on the tactical requirements of the given mission. Standard armament is a Hailstorm rifle – capable of discharging a volley of shells at a high enough velocity to shred durasteel, and a Forge Hammer – a weapon which discharges a seismic pulse on impact, shattering armour and pulping organic matter. The rifle is physically bonded to the armour at the wrist, allowing the wearer to fire using impulse-based systems, whilst leaving the hand free if required. The armour’s capacity allows it to carry sufficient rounds for prolonged firing, ensuring that the wearer need never worry about running out of ammunition in the middle of a firefight.


Developing the Forge Guard


As we mentioned with the Asterians, what we wanted to do with Deadzone is really hone in one some of the details of the races in the Warpath universe. The Forge Fathers perhaps have the biggest range and with Deadzone there was an opportunity to do a hard plastic kit that can fulfill the nature of Deadzone as a skirmish game, but provide enough options to make units for Warpath, with tons of weapon options and bits.


Forge Guard Concepts by Roberto Cirillo


It’s a subtlety that some people miss – what can be used in Deadzone can also be used in Warpath.


With that in mind we started with the Forge Father army list and looked at the options available before the miniatures started being designed. Once again they were digitally and being a dwarf-nut Curis quickly stole the models off Dave and painted them himself. He even did an early prototype in his own Nethyr’s Edge Forge Father colour scheme, though was keen to show off the studio models in a more robust and military colour scheme. Gone is the blue of the Forge Fathers from Warpath.


A sprue of hard plastic Forge Guard are included in the Forge Father Faction Starter alongside the Brokkrs. There’s also a 6th figure on the frame – the Huscarl.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Black Magic – the final rune

Your final quest has presented itself, adventurer.

Hordin Goldstone’s bar is closed when you return today, and the streets are empty.  Twilight fell an hour ago, and the long shadows are sinister and inky.  When one touches your foot, a chill passes over you.  There is a small note in the window, saying ‘knock twice on the rear door for deliveries’.  After all of the work you’ve put in uncovering the runes, you feel cheated, so you slip down the alleyway and down to the back door.
You slink down the alleyway, not sure why you’re so nervous, avoiding each and every shadow.  When the dark splotches approach you – and you’re sure they’re moving towards you deliberately – you shift away, and move a little bit faster.
Finally, you reach the door, and knock twice, as rapidly as you can.  Hordin opens the door and pulls you in as quickly as he can.

“Did you see her?” he hissed. “She might be out there!” he added.

For our final rune, we’d like you to share on ANY network, 150  times.  We have to reach this by 1pm GMT Friday, so that it and the other runes can be translated into a useable password.


This is obviously one of our baddies – what do you guys think?

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Rune Six nearly there – share this post for rune Seven!

It’s great that so many people are excited about #DKQ – I can’t wait to introduce you to the next part, which is coming very soon!  So, if you’d like to help us get the next part of the password, which is rune six, please head on over to our Pinterest post.  We’ve dropped the pins to unlock rune six to 40, and from now on, the rune progress will be in the sidebar!

For Rune seven, the second to last rune, we’d like you to share this post.  A total of 100 shares over all networks, based on the buttons below, will unlock this.

Now, I’ll hand over to Hordin Goldstone, and he can introduce you to one of our amazing heroes….

When I was small, I was told stories about a dwarf called Rordin. His quests are many and varied – I’m sure you’ll have heard the bard sing songs about his many and various exploits.

 I think we need to summon him now – he and his companions are the only ones that can save us.Rordin

Share this wherever you like.  100 shares total over all of the buttons will unlock rune seven.  Rune six is almost unlocked too – if you’d like to help, please head to this post and pin it.


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Brokkr, Brokkr, Brokkr

In this focus on the Forge Fathers, we take a look at the Brokkrs in the upcoming Faction Starter. Of course, there’s still the Forge Guard to explore as well…

The Forge Fathers most often encountered by humans are those known as ‘Brokkrs’. These individuals merit the following entry in the vast datastacks of Corporation Central:

 “The lowest caste of Forge Father society, Brokkrs are a working class made up of miners and scrappers. Brash and uncouth, they are looked down upon by the more civilised elements of their race.”

Where this information was gleaned is unclear; potential possibilities include a deliberate attempt at misinformation by agents of the Forge Father race, or a simple misunderstanding of a drunken conversation in a bar of ill-repute. Whatever the source, this statement is very far from the truth. Though it is indeed the case that Forge Father society is highly stratified, with various levels and ‘castes’, Brokkrs are not in fact one of them.

As the generations have passed, the Brokkrs have become that which every clan needs in an ever-evolving galactic order. They are the merchants and scrappers. They are explorers and adventurers, always looking for a new enterprise, always willing to take a chance on a new territory. As much as Forge Father society needs its engineers, warriors and Huscarls, it also needs pioneers, now more than ever. The ferocious and rapid expansionism of the GCPS has meant that the Forge Fathers must now recognise the need to compete for resources more than ever before. Occasionally, they must even cross swords with the GCPS in order to do so, and this is where the Brokkrs are most useful.




Since the first contact between the GCPS and the Star Realm, a tense state of détente has existed. It is in the interests of neither party to declare war upon the other – the Forge Fathers are a relatively small civilisation compared to the GCPS, and have no real interest in Empire-Building, only mining and resource acquisition. The GCPS, for its part, covets the extremely advanced technology and weaponry that the Forge Fathers produce, while simultaneously being mindful of the heavy losses it would incur in direct conflict with the owners of those weapons. In a galaxy of countless alien civilisations brought to heel by humanity through military might, trickery or simple colonialism, the Forge Fathers retain a unique position, being neither at war with the GCPS, nor enfolded within it.


Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Monday – Stargazers

Deadzone: Incursion goes up for pre-order later this week.
As we’ve already explored, the new book is packed full of great new content for Deadzone, including:

  • Faction Focus – discover the history and background of two brand new factions – the Forge Fathers and the Asterians, as well as the details behind new Enforcer specialists and powerful new vehicles.
  • New Rules – Introducing new special abilities, as well as scenery and environmental items that bring more depth to your games PLUS the new Divide and Conquer scenario.
  • Bigger Games – Rules for multimat and multiplayers games, reflecting the increased scale of conflict as the battle for Nexus Psi continues.

Today we’re going to delve a little into the Asterians and the upcoming new models for this most mysterious of races…

An Asterian Faction Starter

An Asterian Faction Starter

One of the more enigmatic races encountered within the galaxy, the Asterians remain distant from other races, resisting overtures of peace and unity from the GCPS with an attitude which borders on arrogance.  None can say what the goals of these most mysterious of aliens are, and the sophisticated stealth technology they routinely employ means that it is difficult to know where they are unless they want you to.

Faction Focus: Cyphers
A Cypher is a biomechanical construct – a sophisticated combat chassis with certain biological components which assist with the interface process required for its operation. Each cypher is remotely controlled – usually from low orbit – by a pilot through a total immersion interface which allows the pilot to see, hear and act through the Cypher as if it were his or her own body.Cyphers are the main battle troops for Asterians operating on Nexus Psi

Cyphers are the main battle troops for Asterians operating on Nexus Psi
The Asterians’ natural affinity for technology is such that Cyphers themselves are very easy to reproduce, though the process of bonding between pilot and Cypher – known as the Sokuru – is one that takes time and patience if it is to be truly effective.
Developing the Asterians
The Asterians are a prime example of why we wanted to do Deadzone: it gave us the opportunity to piece together the races of the Warpath galaxy little by little, focusing right in at a detail level whilst also providing some of the overarching background behind a race.
The concept for the Cypher originally hailed from that of the Praetorian – a DreadBall MVP. We knew we wanted to do the charge glove concept and we needed something suitable to go with it.


At the time we didn’t know the Praetorian was a Cypher, but as we came to design the Asterians, it was evident that the concept suited the nature of this race.
From there we looked at what we wanted the Faction to have. Support weapons with multiple options, special energy-based weapons and mobility were some of the key themes we conceived and we tasked Roberto Cirillo to take our brief and make it real… and this is what he came back with!

Asterian Heavy Drone
Stunning, aren’t they?
From there the concepts were digitally sculpted and printed before being painted by Dave Neild.
They also get a jetbike as well, which is only a few pieces and does actually go together without glue. It wasn’t designed that way but hey, happy coincidence!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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