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5 Easy Ways (2022): How to Clean Motherboard

how to clean motherboard

Typically, the motherboards are the most critical part of computers. Even minor issues with motherboards can affect the system’s performance and stability. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea for motherboards not to need maintenance. Eventually, sand and debris accumulate on motherboards.can

If not cleaned properly, the motherboard may cause overheating malfunctioning or even stall its performance entirely because of short circuits. Now we can clean it.

Cleaning the computer’s motherboard can be challenging since even slight damage can cause problems. No worries at all. Let us find a solution!

Best ways to clean A motherboard regularly.

Cleaning the motherboard should be done using either compressed air or blowers. Isopropyl alcohol is also recommended. Other methods such as vacuuming and clothes shouldn’t be used.

You should strictly avoid using a vacuum cleaner or any ordinary cloth that is not specifically meant for motherboard cleaning. You may accidentally bump your vacuum into your motherboard and damage it. Clothes not designed for cleaning motherboards may leave a lot of fibres behind, leading to scratches. Any excessive pressure in the process of cleaning using a cloth also damages the motherboard.

How To Clean Motherboard Using Compressed Air

Compressed air or a blower is one of the highly recommended way to clean the motherboard. This method is time-intensive, yet you can safely clean your motherboard without damage. It is available easily online as a keyboard cleaner or air blower. 

Steps to clean motherboard using compressed Air

  • To reach the motherboard, you have to shut down the laptop and dismantle it completely.
  • Now use the compressed air to remove any dirt and dust particles on your motherboard.
  • If you find some stubborn dust particles, they may take a long time to clean.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the motherboard if you still find the dust after using compressed air.
  • The soft bristle brush helps in loosening these dust particles.
  • Apply the compressed air again to remove any dust leftovers. 

Motherboard Cleaning Using Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol should be used as a last resort when cleaning a motherboard. Using liquid to clean your motherboard can be dangerous. Hence, you must be highly cautious while performing this task. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Keep in mind that these solutions must be 90% isopropyl alcohol or 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. These can break down the sticky and challenging particles. These solutions are non-conductive and can completely dry very fast to avoid damage to your motherboard.

Motherboard Cleaning With Alcohol

There are several recommendations on the internet for using alcohol to clean the motherboard. While some people will recommend not to adopt this method, some people believe that it is an easy way to clean the motherboard by using a cotton swab, dipping into alcohol, and applying the liquid precisely.

However, this is not the ‘right’ technique to clean your motherboard using a cotton swab. It would help if you used the cotton swab for alcohol application to ensure that the dust particles are removed.

For too sticky substances, you may go for an alcohol bath. If your motherboard is completely dead or not functioning correctly due to a lot of dust, then you can use this method.

Steps to clean a motherboard

1. Before cleaning the motherboard, you must shut down the computer completely to avoid any damage. Unplug all the wires and switch off all the mains. Remove the computer wire from the power supply source. 

2. Now, remove the motherboard gently by dissembling the computer. Do not try to pull apart anything in the process of dissembling. Else you may end up with significant damage to your computer.

3. Now, take the blower or compressed air to clean the motherboard by removing the dust and debris. In the case of the blower, maintain a significant distance between the blower and motherboard to avoid any damage due to excessive heat.

4. You may also use the soft brush to remove stubborn or sticky grease-like dust particles.

5. Isopropyl alcohol is used for deep cleaning your motherboard. A cotton swab is handy to clean the motherboard using alcohol. Avoid complicated cleaning as it may damage the motherboard.

6. If you find that the motherboard is not clean yet, you can put isopropyl alcohol to give it a rinse. It is a bit risky, and hence you should be careful while pouring the alcohol.

7. Keep aside the motherboard after cleaning to let it dry completely. Ensure that there is no moisture when you are reinstalling the motherboard back to your computer.

8. You can use compressed air if the weather is humid. 

9. Now assemble back the computer and ensure that all the parts are reinstalled in the right place. 

What are the cautions one should take into mind while cleaning the motherboard?

Cleaning the motherboard isn’t easy. However, you can clean the motherboard effectively without any damage with the right know-how. Here are some cleaning tips that can help you to excel in the task:

  1. It would help if you cleaned the motherboard at least once a year to avoid excessive accumulation of dirt and debris
  2. Before using any liquid, always consult your manufacturer (if the laptop is in warranty period) to prevent any warranty due to the usage of isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Before you start the process of cleaning,  make sure to shut down the computer properly by removing all the wires from the power source.
  4. Never exceed 50 PSI for the compressed air cleaning process.
  5. Eliminate static electricity by using a commercial electrostatic discharging wrist strap or touching the computer’s metal chassis.
  6. Always use 99% isopropyl alcohol for motherboard cleaning.
  7. Please wait till the motherboard is entirely dried after cleaning to reinstall it back.
  8. You can seek the help of a professional if you are not sure about the cleaning process.
  9. You must take a lot of care in cleaning your motherboard and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash a motherboard?

You can clean your motherboards with compressed air. You can even vacuum the room using the blow-out machine. Immediately shut the computer, remove the dust, and use the brush. Bring compressed air to motherboards to remove dust.

Can I use alcohol to clean the motherboard?

In cases where motherboards have sticky parts or solder junk, removing the solvent with alcohol is a better solution. Use a one-litre bottle of Isolated Alcohol 99%.


You need to maintain a clean motherboard. It can have several ports for different devices. The engine performs many other functions that can be hindered when dirty. Dust and other debris can damage motherboards or even prevent your computer’s performance, primarily because this increases heat. It should be part of your daily tasks. Clean your motherboard and the other hardware components. Often, people need to clean out the motherboard to operate correctly.

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